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The Online Cell Phone Games Became the Newest Methods for Teens to Buy the Illegal Substances

This is, worrisome all right!  How the illegal substances are, being, traded in this, current day and age, from the Front Page Sections, translated… The mixed drug satchels had, caused dozens to die of overdoes each year, and the conditions … Continue reading

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“It’s Not the First Time, It’s Okay”, Both the Parents of a Young Boy Were in Jail for Drug-Related Charges, He’d Waved Goodbye to Them Bravely

A child who was pushed and SHOVED around the systems, and he’d turned around, to console the adults??? Wow, they are, becoming, more and more mature, quicker and quicker here, aren’t they??? From the Front Page Sections, translated… A man, … Continue reading

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The Promises of “It Won’t Happen Again”…

If you fall for this, then, you’re, drawn BACK in, to that vicious cycle of never-ending abuse, and, look how L-O-N-G it’s taken you, to get back out that last time, and, all that hard work, was still, for naught, … Continue reading

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