Rock n’ Roll Grandparents Shared Their Wisdom, on How Not to Fear Aging

As the population ages fast, there would be, needs for enterprises like this one, that focused on the elderly population as their “target audience”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Silvery Hair Generation Tell Their Stories Across Taiwan, Opening Up the Doors of Imagination in the Elderly Years, Finding Back the Self-Worths

“The Education Here Doesn’t Teach Us How to Age, But, We Can Slowly Learn it Through the Interactions of the Creativities of the Elderly and Younger Generations”, the Founder of the Rock-n’-Roll Grandparents, Lin Took Along Almost Fifty Grayed Haired Elderly, Touring Across Taiwan, Singing and Dancing to the Rock-n’-Roll Tunes, to Tell the Stories. He’d Stated, that this “Silvery Hair Combatant” Not Only “Opened Up the Imagination of the Audiences to the Elderly in the Population”, it’d also, Encouraged the Younger Generations, to Not Fear Growing Older.

Lin originally operated a story group tour for children, one day he’d read the statistics, showing that nearly a quarter of suicides in Taiwan were elderly, with the primary cause being depression. “Why aren’t the elderly happy?” He’d decided, to make over his business, and set up the “Rock ‘n Roll Grandparents”, to get the elderly out of their homes, to get involved into the community, using a cheerful way.

He’d first set up a book club, leading the elderly population, to talk about their worth, their dreams, as well as deaths, even took them to design their own graves, to find that last photo to be hung up. Then, he’d, found the fitting individuals from the group, to join in the “Rock n’ Roll Grandparents” storytelling team, and toured around Taiwan to tell the tales.

The ages of the audiences ranged from one to ninety-nine, spreading across Taiwan. Lin said, the “Rock n’ Roll Grandparents” isn’t focused on the professional storytelling, but in helping to open up that door of imagination of the elderly years, from the interactions of the elderly and the members of the audience; at the time, “activate the human resources of the elderly population”, to help the elderly population return back to work, to find back their own values.

A lot of the elderly worried about not finding the fitting products, but, with the changes of makeup in the population, there are, more and more products and services, set up, especially for the members of the elderly population. The Grey Whale Designs senior user project design manager, Hus had once set up the “Memory Monopoly” games, to change the familiar board game, into the board games the elderly can use, to remember their pasts; and through the games, helped connected the home caretakers, the social workers, the elderly, and their family members too. She’d pointed out these designs weren’t just for the elderly in the populations right now, but for “you and I, who will become the elderly in the population in the future too.”

And so, this, is a social enterprise, that focused on helping the elderly stay more active as they age, and, there’s a need, for enterprises such as this one, as the population is aging too fast right now, and there would be, more needs of the elderly generations.

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Greatness in the Ordinary

The stories of everyday people, that’s touching, and, most of the amazing stories, come from the ordinariness of life, translated…

That morning, I’d gone to exercise at the construction site of the Shuinan Economic Trades Park, and bumped into my neighbor, Chiu-Hsiang who was picking up the cans of the drinks the workers finished; and so, I’d, slowed my paces down, helped her with it, and struck up a conversation with her.

Chiu-Hsiang’s fate was unkind, she was given up for adoption, after she’d graduated elementary school, she’d started making a living, to support her family. After she was wed, before the birth of her youngest son, her husband passed away, and she can only, raise up her two sons on her own, other than working in the printing factory, she’d gotten up early, to collect the recycling materials, and she’s also needed to drop her kids off at school and pick them up afterwards.

As I’d focused on picking up the cans and bottles I’d found, her voice shattered the temporary silence, she’d asked me if I were still, submitting my articles, and hoped that I can write a story on the gynecologist who took care of her births. turns out, fourteen years ago as she had a caesarian section for her youngest son, she’d lost a lot of blood, the gynecologist, Dr. Huang learned of the trying circumstances in her household economics, he’d not only gave her a $2000N.T. worth of iron shots, and, he’d helped her reduced the fees for her hospitalization too.

“Dr. Huang is a lifesaver to me, every New Year’s, I’d taken some gifts to visit him, but, Dr. Huang always told me to just bring the kids by, and not spend any money. This year, I’d wanted to buy something to take to him when I visit him, but unfortunately, I couldn’t write, so, if you can help me pen down the story of him helping me, it should be, a unique sort of a gift.” I’d smiled and told her, even if my article was printed out, I will give her the money I received for my submission, but Chiu-Hsiang shook her head, “I won’t take your money, that was what you’d earned, with your mind, the present I bought with my wages, that, would be, from me!”

As Chiu-Hsiang spoke, she’d, swiftly, packed up the recycling materials onto her bicycle, before she’d left, she’d told me optimistically, “Look! I’d trained my physiques, and, did something for the environment, I’d, killed two birds with one stone here!”

I saw her leave, and my vision became, blurred, I’m sure, that there are, still many heartwarming stories, which are, hidden, in the overlooked and forgotten corners of, this world.

And so, this, is the story, of an ordinary person, and, her tale is inspiring, as she’d, shown gratitude, to people who’d done what they could, to help her through the hardships of her life, and these are the stories, we should be hoping more for, especially right now.

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The Barber in the Park

His father didn’t just go to the barber in the park because of the price, it’s because of the socialization with people his age that he receives from the trips that mattered more, translated…

My father is close to ninety, and he’d started, needing help on his daily living routines from me, but, his head of reduced strands of hair, isn’t mine to worry over, because he can, still take care of it. There had been a period of time, he’d, gone to the $100N.T. salon by the wholesales mart, I’d only known, that he’d, followed the trends of the young people, but later, he’d, started going to the park, to get his trims, from a mobile barber, even as there was a barbershop with the shampooing that’s opened up close to his home, he’d, still, gone to the parks to get his hair done.

This aroused my curiosities, the elderly is frugal, and, he’d, selected this barber who’d set up shop in the parks, it must’ve been the prices that’s attracted him, but, he’d told me, that the haircuts he’d received, was also $100N.T.s, and so, I’d, analyzed for him, how it would fit him best, to choose, but, he’d not offered any other explanations, and still, kept at his choice.

illustration from the papers online…圖/豆寶

Once, he’d wanted me to head over to the park on my way, to see if the barber was working, because he’d, missed him several times. I’d, gone and tried to find the barber he was talking about, I’d, walked around the park repeatedly, but, no sign of the barber he spoke of. Later, I saw an elderly man sitting on the park benches, chit chatting with someone, with a duffle bag, seemed, to have the items he used, to make a living with inside, I’d gone up to ask him, and, turned out, that this man WAS the barber in the park my father talked about.

Turns out, this was, the services, offered from elderly to elderly,, so, that elderly barber, must have, extraordinary skills then? But my dad told me, it wasn’t, necessarily so, there was awhile, when his hands shook, as he held the scissors, because he had cataracts, and couldn’t see clearly.

“Holy! And you still allowed him to give you a haircut?”, “So, I’d consoled him to get his cataracts removed, and, there’d been a long time when I’d not seen him, that was when I’d gone to the $100N.T. shop at the wholesales mart, and, later, his hands became steady again, and he’d, thanked me for the reminders too!” My dad was, speaking so self-righteously, but, would the specialty barbers, pale by comparison to the elderly man? “It’s different! The elderly may not be as agile, but, he’s very careful, if you hurried him, he’d tell you, that his business is guided by credibility, that he wouldn’t, just do it so carelessly, besides, it’d also cost $100N.T.s, if you pay the machines at the $100N.T. quick barbers, the machine only spits out a slip to you, but, as I’d, handed him his earnings, the elderly barber would thank me repeatedly!”

As the mystery was, no longer a mystery anymore, at first, I’d felt, a bit, disappointed, thinking that there may have been, a more interesting story. But, thinking close on it, the two elderly men, they were, both, keeping their eras’ values intact, and enjoying the exchanges in interacting with one another. The elder barker insisted on using the traditional ways of hair cutting, the quality weighed more than speed. In my father’s elderly years, he had the opportunity, to be take care of by a barber who knew him, although, it wasn’t in a shopfront, but, the park is open, and the simple interactions with the elderly barber was his rare-to-come-by interactions. Sometimes, the behaviors that seemed off to others, may have sentimental values attached, and so, these persistency, deserved our respects, this, was what I’d, learned from the two elders.

And so, this elderly man craved the one-on-one attention, the less mechanical way of getting his haircuts, that was why, he’d selected to go to the park, to get the elderly barber, and, through the trips to the parks to get his haircut, he’d, found someone he could, socialize with regularly.

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The Educational Reforms Conducted by Non-Experts, Satisfied Public Opinion, But, Who Had This Benefitted?

When politics, DIPS into higher ed, that, is what’s happened here, in this country, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In 1990, Taiwan had done away with the general college entrance exams, and added more universities and colleges, on the surface, it’s the applications of giving everyone an opportunity to get into universities and colleges………This reform of education pushed forth by non-experts had, created a number of degrees in excess, and, the popular opinions were only satisfied, temporarily. But, nobody ever analyzed that is this policy really, beneficial, to the general mass public, including the college students?

The economy grew at a slower pace after the education reforms, and, the GDP of this country was the lowest, of the four countries of Asia, and, China took the lead, and went from the 30:1 ratio from back then to just 3:1 ratio. But, what about the college students?

In my own curiosities, I’d, analyzed the wages earned from the college graduates in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and U.S. In comparing, it’d, helped the better understanding of how much college students weighed in the eyes of the working class, and, by this way of comparison, I was able to, not worry about how the results would be altered, due to the differences of spending in the various nations.

And, it’d, shocked me. The starting wages of the Taiwanese college graduates, are not only the lowest of the four top nations in Asia, comparing the earnings on average per person, it’s also, the lowest among the top four nations in Asia, plus Japan, America, and China. Between 1996 to 2017, the rate dropped steadily in Taiwan, and now, we’re only, half of South Korea!

Democracy can increase the living standards of the people, but, that wasn’t happening in Taiwan. The younger generations, the original hopes of the society, but, the college students now all, lost hope. There’s, an influx in the number of universities and colleges, education was, tainted by politics. The president of N.T.U. was still, not found, and, we’d, mixed up politics and education now. And, there’s an increase in number of high school grads who’d applied to universities in China, Hong Kong, and all of this, I’d taken in, as a sort, of a peaceful revolution. And, there’s still, the cause and effects of all of this, if only, you look, closely.

And so, this just showed, how the current politics here, is SCREWING over the education here, because there’s the oh, I want a man from my political party to be the president of whatever university, so I can, exert more control of the students’ belief systems, and that, is why, the quality of students are, lowered, compared to from before, and now, a ton of college students are following the EXODUS, out of here, and Taiwan has NOBODY to blame, but itself!

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The Populists’ Rise & Politicians without Former Experiences, is This, the Rebirth of Democracy?

A “dissection” of the current political governments, on how electing those who had NO prior experiences in politics, or governing, can affect a country’s future, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The leaders of the world without any prior political experiences, along with public opinions, had spread throughout the world right now, but, the fact is, that this only happened, in the democratic countries of the world right now.  Meaning that, although the history from years before didn’t have this trend, however, the democratic elections that started, from before, had made the twins of public opinions and leaders with no prior experiences in governing of a country.

The “classic” system of populists’ government in Latin America offered a comparative in politics in the field of populist research.  Based off of the examinations of the governing bodies in Latin America, the basic concepts of populist rule showed the following: 1. a socialist head of the government, through agricultural, labor, and social policies, to make sure that the leaders gained the supports from the general public, thus, gaining the right to rule.  2. with the above power as a backup, pushing forth, and forming the economical bodies based off of that.  Meaning, that the classic populist belief meant, “those leaders with a special charm, to comply with the opinions of the major public, to help the economic growths, to make politics, into a movement of the masses”.

It’s just, that as we try to apply this method that worked in only Latin American countries, it’s, actually, quite difficult.  On one side, as the militant rules of the Latin American countries were, overthrown, the new populist systems, which utilized the new classic’s free economy policies, this trend makes it hard, for the researchers, to categorize the characteristics of the systems.

At the same time, we see recently, that Western European countries had, shifted from the developmentalism’s post developing countries, and there are the, extremist right “race=nationality” belief’s populist governments, it’d shocked the researchers, at the same time, it’d, captured the variety and showed how ordinary the populist governments are, becoming.  Today, the populism can no longer get defined by the social economic or specific politic’s, at the same time, it’s, also, no longer a transition of the countries modernization process.

The populist and amateur politicians is not, closely connected to democracy.  Because, in the modern day constitutions, there’s, a close link between the power struggles for balance, and the weighing of the pros and cons of the systems, which caused the complications of the political systems in the world.

So, the writer of this article believed, that the populist rules and the amateur politics are only, the internalization of democracy.  And, there’s no need to get upset by it, or get excited by it.

And so, this, is how the world’s leadership is heading towards, we are now, electing those with, absolutely, NO prior governing experiences, like the world’s major leaders right now (not mentioning any names here!!!), and it’s because, the citizens voted for these people, because, maybe they’re, drawn to believe, that hey, s/he used to be one of us, ordinary citizens, and, if we vote for her/him, s/he may, have our (the working class???) best interests in mind, but, do they?  Of course N-O-T!  Because, this world will always be governed by what benefitted ME the most!!!

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The Physically Handicapped Woman Stabbed Her Abusive Father to Death, Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Using Excessive Force to Protect Oneself

This woman, finally HAD enough, of her own father’s physical abuse, and, killed him, family tragedy, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Hou, who was registered as a handicapped person, couldn’t withstand how his father got drunk, and had, long-term, physically abused her mother and her family, at the start of the year, she’d stepped up to him, he’d, beaten her up, she’d, lost it, and, picked up the broken pieces of glass from the shattered bottles, and started, stabbing her father until he’d died; the Kaohsiung District Court believed that she had reasons to do what she’d done, that she’d, lost her judgment at the time of the stabbing, and, found her guilty of involuntary manslaughter of one’s own kin, sentenced her to ten years of prison, the case can be appealed.

The verdict pointed out, that Hou (age 64) has a son and three daughters with his wife, because he didn’t have a stable job, and was a drunk, and had beaten his wife and children up because he was drunk, or because they refused to give him any money, or used ashtray, or hard things, to smash his families with. Hou’s wife was hospitalized because of it for three months. Their son testified, “My father beats us like he were, beating down animals!”; Hou’s older brother also testified, that even if he’d beaten someone to the ground, he’d still, grabbed the person by the hair, and kept beating.

Hou (age 39), who’s the third child in the family, had a hard time finding a job, due to her disability, still lived with her parents; on the night of January 4th last year at around ten, Hou got violent with his wife, because the cable T.V. channels didn’t work, as his daughter stepped between him from beating his own wife, she was, slapped by him, beaten, kicked, and he’d, chased her with an electric fan too, she was, beaten to the ground, suddenly, she’d, lost it, and picked up the broken glass from the tea stand of about 26 centimeters, and stabbed her own father on the chest, and the back of his left shoulders, he’d died, on the way to the hospital.

The Collectivist Courts believed, that as it’d happened, Hou was in immediate danger, she’d picked up the broken glass, to defend herself, but it’d, caused her father to die, they’d considered that she’d shown signs of PTSD, that she was in a state of diminished capacity, they’d, reduced her sentence.

And this still just showed, how if you’d been abused long-term, it’s, only a matter of time that you’d, cracked, and, this family’s not reporting the abuse to the police just, made the father think he could keep on, beating his children and wife up, and, this handicapped woman finally snapped, and this is still, a build up, from years, and years, and years on end.

Imagine that if it were you, being physically abused for so long, how can you, NOT lose control???

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His Girlfriend Gave Him Her Four-Year-Old Daughter to Look After, He’d Abused the Child to Death, Sentenced to Death Penalty

This LOSER should get the DEATH penalty, but, maybe, life in prison, served him BEST, because now, he will be, TORTURED by his own, GUILTY conscience for the rest of his years! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chuang, was asked by his girlfriend who’s serving a jail sentence, to care for her four-year-old young daughter, and was suspected of brutally beaten her up, and dumping her at the hospital and leaving her, the Hsinbei District Courts found him guilty of murdering a minor, sentenced him to death; Chuang’s mother, also received a life sentence, for being an accomplice in the case.

The courts pointed out, that although the human rights activists groups are fighting to do away with the death penalty, but most of the citizens, along with the scholars, are all against it, and, before the nation as a whole reached consensus on the matter, and an amendment was written, the courts still need to follow the judgments of the severity of the crimes, and pass down a fitting sentence.

The Collectivist Courts pointed out, that the twenty-five year-old Chuang although in the process of interrogations, had admitted to murder, but since the start, he’d not apologized to the child’s family, admitted wrongdoing, and had claimed, it was because the young child refused to eat her food, that was what made him abuse her, to justify his behaviors of physical abuse, he’d shown anti-social personality characteristics, and he’d not, introspected, that before he’d repent for real, over what he’d done, it would be, next to impossible, to reform him.

The Collectivist Courts believed, that his actions met the severity of the crimes, if he wasn’t separated from the rest of society for good, as he gets set free in the future, he will, murder other people, using the same measures, especially the younger and defenseless children. And so, although, a life sentence may not fit the severity of his crime, and so, the death sentence was, given. Chuang’s mother, Chuang-Liu (age 53) still didn’t believe what she’d done, helping her son with murder was wrong, but, her level of involvement, only gets her a life-sentence.

The verdict pointed out, that in October of 2017, the young child’s mother was jailed because of drug charges, and Chuang and his mother, Chuang-Liu were asked, by her, to take care of her young child, and originally, the month that followed the child was supposed to get sent to her grandmothers in Kaohsiung, but, they’d beaten her to bruising, the mother and son, in order to cover up for what they’d done, they’d told her mother, that they were, willing to look after her on their own, but, they’d never taken good care of the young child at all.

During the time of the child’s mother’s prison terms, Chuang had multiple times, beaten the child up with his bare hands, towels, and steel bats, the child got abused to covered up in contusions and bruises, suffered a right femur fracture, with the bones, piercing through her skin, to the point of she’d become, barely breathing, and yet, Chuang still, refused to get her hospitalized.

Chuang’s mother, Chuang-Liu also worried, that after they were found, for abusing the child, her son who had an active arrest warrant will get arrested, and so, she’d, helped him cover up, as the social worker visited, she’d made up reasons to cover for him. Until November 22nd, in 2017, after the young girl was, abused to death, the mother and son finally, left the girl’s body at the hospital.

And if you ask me, these two adults BOTH deserved the DEATH sentence, they’d, ABUSED a child to DEATH, and, the mother of this man, is JUST as guilty, for COVERING up, not reporting the abuse to authority.

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