You Couldn’t Tell that the Red Bottle with Its Contents of Loofah Lotion

Recollections, on how he grew up, translated…

On the corner of the first floor was a bottle of loofah lotion from a friend awhile ago.  In my memories, the last time that loofah lotion showed up at our home, it was, about twenty years ago, back then, my family owned and operated a tradition grocery shop.

My mother who was very careful with money knew where the money was, other than selling an assortment of groceries and breakfast foods, there were also those items made the family, wrapped up ourselves.  My over two-hundred volumes of Doraemon comics is one.  My mother took advantage of the time I was away in school, she’d wrapped up my comics in plastic wrap, and, put them out for sale for $15, and they’d cost me $35 each volume.  Waited until I got home from school, I could only manage to salvage the dozen that were, remaining.  My mother said, the books I’d read were just, gathering dust, if we sell them, we could at least, make something for them.

Loofah lotion is another.  One day, a customer grabbed a bottle of red wine, rushed to the shop angrily, complained to my mother how the wine tasted funny.

My mother who’d usually believed that being kind is a way to make more money, finally showed her stingy self which she normally showed to just me, and, started defending herself, that the wines wouldn’t have problem, as it was made by the government agencies, that there was, NO problem at all!  She’d believed, that the customer was making troubles for her on purpose.

As they were really getting into it, my father took the bottle, took a small sip, looked toward my mother, with his usually, calm tone of voice, “This was, the loofah lotion you’d made a year ago.”

Turns out, about a year ago, mother heard of the uses of loofah lotion, and started making her own, used the disinfected empty bottles, to capture the dews from the loofah she’d planted outback, and, she’d made five, six bottles total, and, placed them at a cooler corner of the shop, and planned to use them later.  And still, after the days passed, she’d, forgotten about them, and, she’d, placed them out as the red wines to sell, which was what made this mess in the first place.

My mother who was ashamed immediately apologized to the customer, but, as the owner of the shop, she’d not taken a break on making the money.  So instead, she’d, pushed forth the product she’d made herself: used externally, to reduce inflammation, making the age spots disappear, prevent pimples from surfacing.  The male customer in his sixties told my mother, “ma’am, I’m already in my sixties, how will I still have pimples?”, my mother replied, “Those age spots can be treated too!”, then, she’d, switched her tones, and started telling of the hardship she’d weathered through, to get these bottles of loofah lotion.

what the wine looked like

And finally, the customer who was originally angered, took back that bottle of loofah lotion, and bought three more bottles of real red wines.  And, my mom flashed that look of victory toward us, as if saying, “You two can learn something about sales from me!”

The bottle of loofah lotion from my friend looked clear as water, but, maybe, I was, affected by my mother, I’d started guessing at how much I can sell it for?  Then, I’d recalled, that those bottles of loofah lotion my mother made, I’d never been benefitted at all, how I’d not, treated my pimples with them.

I’d opened up this bottle carefully, used a cleaned ladle, put some into a spray bottle, then, started, spritzing at myself, like forcing myself, to fill up a segment of my own memories, letting it infiltrate into my pores, a memory of my own mother, the red wine bottles, and loofah lotion.

the bottled up loofah lotion, and, you still couldn’t tell if the contents of this was, poured inot the red wine bottles, photo from online…

So, this, is how much the writer’s mother was saving up, she’d used the bottles that weren’t being used, for some other purposes, which caused some misunderstandings in their lives, and, yet, the writer now sees this as a prominent memory of his younger years.

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The Contributions of Dementia

What, are some contributions of dementia???  Well, it makes you realize, how important your loved ones are, which may make you feel compelled, to set aside more time, to spend with your elders, with their memories, fading out.

But, mostly, people see dementia as a bad thing, you’d deteriorated more and more, and to the end, you won’t even know who you are, who your loved ones are, you won’t even be in control of your own bodies anymore (incontinence, etc., etc., etc.?), and, dementia takes away the ones that you loved.

The contributions of dementia, what, can something as bad, as debilitating as dementia has, to contribute to the world?  It makes you realize how important your loved one is, how you need to, reprioritize, how you will be, if you don’t, start, spending time with the elders in your lives.

And that, would be, the contributions of dementia has on this world, something to think over………

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Dialogue with the Iceberg Inside

This, is very important, in the process of introspection, like holding that conversation with oneself. (feel free to call me the CRAZY lady here!!!)

Why are you here?  Do you know, that your presence in my life, had impacted me too much, you’d, made me so ill-adapted to all the ordinary things that are happening all around.

most of you, is hidden beneath the waters…diagram from online…

The iceberg inside symbolized that block that keeps the blood flowing smoothly, like in circulation, and, in the body, we should ALL know by now, what sort of troubles not having a smooth blood flow can cause, right???  Heart attacks, strokes, etc., etc., etc., along with an assortment of NASTY conditions too!  And, the iceberg inside symbolized that thing that blocks you from effectively interacting with the rest of the outside world, and your self too.

The iceberg inside, how, can we, avoid, hitting it (like the TITANIC???  And, we ALL know how that story ended, don’t we???), as the iceberg is over seventy-percent submerged underwater (I think), and, we usually, don’t realize we’re, ramming RIGHT into it, until, it’s, too late, to slam on that brake on our separate ship!

The key here, is being in tune with oneself, know what makes you tick, and, disarm it, but, this process will take a very long time.  For me, it’d taken me, over twenty god DAMN years, to finally, disarm ALL those buried deep landmines that I have inside of my systems, and, it takes even harder work, because you have to be extra, extra careful, NOT to detonate one of those unexploded landmines inside of you, otherwise, you’ll, get blown to pieces!!!

not my picture…

The dialogue with the iceberg inside is simply this: hearing your body, your mind, your heart, tell you about the experiences that you may, or may not even remember, as these awful memories were often, suppressed, by your younger selves, for the sake of survival, it’s, a sort of a coping mechanism that your mind has, of helping you survive through the traumas of your younger years………but, you’re, NO longer a young child, you are, an adult now, so, you are, more than equipped, to deal with it, you just, don’t know it yet!!!

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She Lost Her Father When She Was Very Young, Being Multi-Talented, Received the Presidential Awards

Working hard in her studies, getting involved in the extracurricular activities, being dedicated to her school work, the story of how this young woman had, overcome trials in her teenage life, from the Newspapers, translated…

“Now I’m the one receiving the assistance; in the futures, I will be, giving it, to help more in need”.  The middle school student, Jia-Rou Fang who was awarded the Presidential Education Award yesterday stated, moved a lot of people.

The native student, Jia-Rou Fang from Ding-Nei Middle School in Keelung lost her father just last year, but she was brave, in facing the trials of her life, worked hard in her studies, a short while ago, she was awarded the “Presidential Education Awards”.

Fang’s mother works as a household maid to make ends meet, life for the family is quite difficult, but she was more than understanding of her mother’s trials, after school she’d watched her younger brother as he finished his homework assignments, helped made suppers.  She’s not only performing well in school, she is also involved in the school’s table tennis team, track team, as well as the arts club, being very capable, she’d won the first-place trophy for the Amis recitations competition of the city of Keelung, last year, she’d won the third place trophy for the national Amis recitation competition. 

So, this young woman’s hardworking mannerism should be something we all look up to, despite the trials of her life, losing her father, living close to poverty, she’d still, worked hard to strive for success, and, that, is very rare in today’s world as is!

This is someone, whom we can all learn a little something from, her attitude, her resilience, is truly, amazing…

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The Man Who Set a Fire to His Own Home, Killed His Own Parents and Other Members of the Family, His Older Siblings Asked the Judge to Give Him the Death Penalty

This man’s arson resulted in SIX deaths and FIVE seriously injured, and, you still don’t think that DEATH PENALTY would be right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Jen-Hsien Weng’s arson caused the death of both his parents, four other deaths and five seriously injured, his first trial, the judge gave him the death sentence; the High Subsidiary Courts called on his eldest, his second-eldest sisters, and his fourth older brother who suffered burns to testify.  With multiple burns over his head and body, Jen-Ping Weng disclosed, that as the fire started, both his parents were inside the house, he’d wanted to run in, to save them, but, the house exploded, he’d tripped and fallen and sustained injury; hearing Jen-Ping Weng’s descriptions, the older sister close by couldn’t stop wiping her tears away.

The fifty-one year-old Jen-Hsien Weng, last year on New Year’s Eve, splashed his family members with gasoline, then set them ablaze, causing six deaths five seriously injured, including his parents; after he was in custody, he’d stated, that what drove him to set the fires was because of how his parents played favorites.

The eldest sister, Li-Ju Weng told, that she’d had it hard since she was growing up too, and carrying the water, the fertilizers to the fields, is a normal routine growing up in a farming family, she is already in her sixties, and the attorney kept asking what happened to them forty years back, she couldn’t understand why the attorney was doing this.  The second eldest sister, Li-Fang Weng replied to the attorney, “What is conflict?  Living in a huge house, we’d needed to yell very loudly for everybody to hear, does that constitute as conflict?  And that gives him the right to murder, to commit arson?”

Jen-Hsien Weng’s attorney stated, that Weng had been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality, which made him embellished his achievements, believed, that he’d given to his family for a long time, and received nothing in return, the respects he felt he’d, earned from them; the eldest brother, Jen-Kun Weng shouted, “the ruling of the death penalty must be maintained!”

Jen-Kun Weng said, that his parents loved his youngest brother their whole lives, but, were burned to death on New Year’s Eve, that they never guessed that it was Jen-Hsien Weng who’d waited until everybody was gathered and set the fires.

Weng was pressed by the media, “Do you not owe your family an apology?”, he’d replied coldly, “You’re overinterpreting into this matter!”

So, this man clearly has some mental issues all right, I mean, even IF your parents were unfair, which I’m sure that they’re not, but this man being the youngest son, felt that his parents were unfair to him, while all of his other siblings all vouched that they loved him a lot, and this just showed, how this man had, murdered members of his own family so heartlessly, and cold-bloodedly, and, surely, the DEATH penalty is warranted here!

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He Had Forgotten Us, But We Will, NEVER Forget Him

On dementia, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The problem of reduced birthrate is exacerbating by the day, and, there’s, still NO solution in sight; by 2050, the elderly population will rise to over twenty-five percent of the entire population.  Dementia of the elderly years is being mentioned now, more than before; the elderly who’d been diagnosed couldn’t communicate with the outside world, added on to the burdens of caretaking for their families, as well as the society, what, would be the point of them, keeping alive?  There’s a saying: that we should implement the policy of “euthanasia”, to reduce the pains.  Birth, aging, illness, death, are something that everyone will encounter, some say, “being able to pass away with ease” is due to doing good deeds in a past life as well as in this lifetime.  We’re not in control of when life will end, nor can we have a say, in how we age.

and here, are some famous people with dementia, Reagan, photo from online…

The avid communicator, former president of the U.S., Ronald Reagan, in his final presidential term was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, he’d once stated, “I can recall the events that happened over decades clear as day, but, I’d needed to guess at, what happened just yesterday.”  After he retired from being the president, he and his wife lived in a ranch in California, close to eighty-years of age, Reagan was full of energy, would ride his horses across the ranch, very agile.  But, as his dementia progressed, he’d lost the recognition of the people around him.  In a couple more years, he could only recognize his own wife, Nancy, as Nancy talked of the past, helping him recall.  Toward the terminal stage, he’d stopped recognizing his own wife too.  Mrs. Reagan said, “Ronald is living in a different world.”  Reagan is still very healthy physically, would fish out the leaves in the pools of his own, with his bodyguard on the other side of the pools, slowly, dropping in the leaves, they’d done that for hours at a time.  Reagan died when he was ninety-three years old.

The very first female Supreme Court justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, has a reputable name in the American justice system, she’d made enormous contributions, is a good judge who’d made a ton of changes.  In 1981, President Reagan named her to the Supreme Court, and, ALL member of the House of Representatives voted for her.  Being the Supreme Court Justice is for life, and yet, O’Connor in 2005 sent in her resignation, insisted on heading back home to look after her ill husband.  John O’Connor’s Alzheimer’s was progressing by the day, she wanted to accompany by her husband’s side during this final passage of his life.

another one, Charlton Heston

As John’s condition took a turn for the worst, he’d needed around the clock care, after he was placed in assisted living, Sandra visited him there daily.  John slowly forgot Sandra, and fell in love with a female patient in the home, he’d told Sandra, that he was going to marry the other woman.  Sandra didn’t react to it very much, said, “I don’t mind at all, what makes John happy is the most important thing right now”.  She’d performed the ceremonies for her husband’s marrying again, Mr. O’Connor died back in 2009.

There was an elderly couple living in Arizona, the elderly man was physically health, but his dementia was severe, after he went out, he couldn’t find his way home.  On Mother’s Day, he’d gone out alone, and didn’t return many hours later, his wife called eh police.  The patrol car found an elderly wandering two miles away from his home, lost.  The officers gave him a lift home, the elderly man mumbled that he hadn’t gotten the flowers yet.  So the officers took him to the florist’s shop, the elderly bought a huge bouquet of flowers, and, as he was taken home, he’d smiled and handed the flowers to his wife.  The elderly woman started crying, told the officers, “For multiple decades, he’d never forgotten to bring me flowers on Mother’s Day.  His memories are almost all gone now, but I see his heart!”

Memory loss, becoming unresponsive, but, that heart of gentleness is still intact!  How awful it would be, to put down a heart like that!  Because of illness, he’d’ become helpless, forgot all of us, who are sliding on our cell phones very busily every single day; this man is so annoying, just forget him!

and the late Robin Williams, photo from online…

No, certainly not!  Don’t forget his smiles, or how kind he’d been…………

So, despite the progressions of their dementia, they still have the slightest memories of love that remained, for their wives, their families, and, because dementia affected the mind, the belief (or rather, the debate!) of euthanasia was placed on the discussion tables, but, based off of the cases the writer gave to us, we can’t just, give someone the SHOT, because he’d slowly, deteriorated away, and surely, there would be, difficulties for the primary caretakers (mostly the spouses!) from day to day, but, what’s important to these caretakers is seeing their loved ones well taken care of.

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My Good Friend, Jing, a Poem

On loss, in memoriam, of a close friend, translated…

My Good Friend, It’d Been, Many Years Since  You’d Become

An Eternal Butterfly Flying Against the Wind Currents

Quietly, Appeared, Inside My Memories

Your Heart is Pure Like the Lotus Flower

the lives that the peroosn had touched, all came, to pay their final respects…photo from online…

Accompanied by the Green Smokes

Using the Colors of the Clouds and Skies

Putting on Your Makeup of Watercolor and Calligraphy

That Blue-and-Violet Inspiration

Soaked Up the Dimmed Times

That Path of Your Heart Being So Optimistic

Who Will Know of Your Hidden Sorrows & Pains

In This Rolling World

You’d Always Kept to Your Quiet Corners

As the Wind and Sand Stopped Blowing

Kept, that Purest Form of Persistency

But, You Couldn’t, Withstand the Rash Wind and Strong Storms

As You Left Us Your Weakened Backside

Made the Entire Month of June Cried

photo from online…

And Now, Everything in the World Became Unrelated to You

Sighing on How Little Time We’d Come to Share

You’d Used Your Brushes

Painted Out the Long-Lasting Years

Looking at Your Art, I’m Reminded of You

Your Kind Heart and Open-mindedness

You’re, Still, the BEST

So, this, is memory of the poet’s close friend, and, from these words, you can tell, how much love and connection they’d shared with one another, but now, the person this poem is directed to is no longer here, and so, the poet wrote these words, as way, of smoothing over the nostalgia of missing her friend.


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