Allowing the Loss, to Sink in Slowly

a trailer of the movie, from Youtube…

Lessons in saying goodbye, what death teaches us, translated…

There are always, the lessons of goodbye we need to master in our lives, but how to let go, to allow those losses, to become a part of life, it’s a continuing lesson for both children and adults. The Taiwanese director, Bon An, the winner of the Hong Kong’s Oscar, Paw Hee Ching, and Zi-Shuen Wu worked together on the film, “Shen-Shen”, showing how a little boy without his parents, lived with an elderly woman who was marching toward death, how they’d struck up a friendship, because their lives had, intersected.

Shen-Shen’s older brother, Zhuang-Zhuang died, and, that huge bedroom they’d once shared together became, filled with loneliness, his mother who works at a super convenience mart decided to move them both away, but Shen-Shen couldn’t understand why they were leaving, and the busy mother didn’t even have the time, sort through his older brother’s things. Shen-Shen told his classmates, that the comics in his older brother’s room would move around, that it must be his older brother’s spirits, back to visit; he’d also checked out the new comics for his older brother at the shop, to write the notes to carry on in conversations with him, perhaps, it’s the only way he knows how, to mourn for his older brother’s death.

One day, he’d found an online broadcast of a woman from his older brother’s cell phone—it was Lily’s grandmother, who was diagnosed with cancer, and given three more months, but she’d felt displeased, that her life was, about to end, she’d chosen not to get treated, nor did she check herself into the terminal ward, but instead, she’d driven the cabs, and shoot down footages of her life day in and day out, and accidentally, became a huge hit online. Shen-Shen had an immense interest toward this elderly woman whom his older brother cared a whole lot about, and so, he’d, made his way into her life stealthily. The two who’d gotten connected accidentally, started healing each other’s broken hearts.

Being Young, Shen-Shen was still in the mist about what death really meant, perhaps, he’s at an age when he knew what death is, but, still hadn’t any clue, of how to soothe his own broken heart from the loss of his older brother. A lot of people are like him, questioned: why is life so easily lost? Why is it, that someone who was still laughing and joking the day before, we don’t see them anymore? Toward death, Lily’s grandmother was prepared, she’d chosen, to walk with her head held high, tall, and proud, refused to spend her final days in a sick bed, leaving all her regrets behind.

The movie didn’t use a lecture to tell the audience “what is death”, but instead, used the series of scenes, to show how someone lives, as death approaches, other than the terminally ill elderly woman and the little boy who’d lost his brother, the reactions of the family members are very, life-like. Shen-Shen’s mother, just like a lot of adults who didn’t know how to handle death, chose to use work, to help them avoid the pains, to divert their own attentions, but not realizing, that there’s, a child close by, who’s, just as confused, and helpless as she.

By the same token, Grandma Lily had a daughter who’d busied herself about her career, this daughter blamed her mother for being too independent, and too stubborn, couldn’t understand why she refused to get hospitalized or get treated, keeping her on eggshells, as she’d busied through her own days. And yet, she’d felt heartache over her mother’s illness, not wanting her to die, and, in the limited amount of time that’s left, perhaps, being with each other, learning how to, say “I love you”, is the, most important thing of all.

And, all of these sentiments may not vanish easily, but, the sorrows shall, slowly, fall away, we must all believe, that those who’d, bid us their farewells, are about, to embark on another journey in their lives. “Shen-Shen” didn’t have the overly emotional scenes, it’s not a lesson of life and death that made you cry your eyes out, but, it will, make you cherish the hand that you’re, holding tightly to when you walk out of the hospital, to say those words we don’t normally feel comfortable saying to those that we love, “I love you”.

And so, the pains and the sorrows from the loss will, eventually subside, it’s just, that there’s NO set time for healing, because it’s different for everyone, and, the time it takes to heal may also differ, because of the relationships you have with the person who’d passed away, but, eventually, you will heal, and move on, after you’d, grieved for whoever it was you’d lost, properly, and fully, and then, you’ll, think about the person, and, feel no sadness and no sorrows, or losses either, then, you’d completely, and fully, learned your lessons about leaving.

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He’d Used the Korean Pop Stars to Get the Fans to Invest, and Managed to Scam Them a Total of $130 Million N.T.s

Taking advantage of people who are the group’s fans! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Alan Entertainment International used the name of the Korean Pop Stars Such as BIG BANG and TWICE’s name, said they were having concerts here, to get the female fan bases to invest, but, they’d scammed $130 million N.T.s, and not yet hosted one single event, the police estimated that there are, at least over a hundred people who were, scammed. The D.A. and police split up into twelve small teams to interrogate and arrest the lecturers, and those who worked in the sales department, and the case is being prosecuted as fraud and laws against banking.

The investigators pointed out, that the man in charge of the company, Chuang had fled the country last September (his international arrest warrant already issued), had been suspected of hosting the shows with the performances by well-known singers, along with signing and greet-and-meet, to get the money. And because he set NO minimum for the investment baseline, he’d taken the investors’ money in $30,000 to $50,000N.T. increments, and claimed that the interest the investors will be getting will be as high as sixty-percent, and there were, a lot of people who were fooled, and, someone had lost over ten million dollars in it.

The company posted the photo of the band member, Sun’s photo on FB, and claimed, that “this case for the group, is the major events of our team, The Allen Enterprises! and claimed that they were working in correspondence with the Taiwanese rap group 9-1-1, that they’re going to host a cross-the-seas tour with the Lingxing Cruise Lines, but the investigators found, that they’d not had one show.

The investigators suspected, that the group other than using FB to spread out the news, they’d also hosted free movie showings to attract the public to attend the events, and using the free movie screenings as a way of getting the investors; based off of understanding, it wasn’t the person in charge, Chuang’s first time of being accused of illegally laundering money, there was an agent company that claimed that they’d had no partnerships with Chuang, and Chuang took them to court.

The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Offices sent the investigators to search and interrogate the speaker, Ding, the three sales agents, Hu, Lo, and Tsai, as well as the accountant, Shen to clarify things.

And, this, is how people easily fall to the scams, because it sounded like EASY money, but there IS no EASY money, you GET what you paid for, and you work for every single LAST dollar you will ever get, why can’t people understand that? You can’t get paid, without working hard for what you want, and yet, because these scam artists’ lips were so sweet, so convincing, that, is why there are still, so many god DAMN victims who still fall to the tricks, and this still WON’T be the very LAST and FINAL case either!!!











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The American Woman Remembered the Love Her Taiwanese Nanny Had for Three Years of Her Childhood Fifty Years Later

Remembering the kindness that her nanny had, shown her, and kept it in her heart all these years, and finally, she’d come back, to find her nanny from when she was only a baby, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixty-one year-old American woman, “Linda” over fifty years ago, followed her father’s work of consulting for the American armed services to Taiwan, because she was only seven, eight years old, her father hired a Taiwanese nanny, Yueh-Jiao Chen to take care of her, and three years later, he’d moved the family back to the States again.

After Linda went back to the U.S. she’d lost contact with Yueh-Jiao Chen, but, for over fifty years, she’d never forgotten how much love that the woman took, to look after her, awhile ago, she’d had three baby photos to come find her, and, with the help from the police, she’d finally, gotten her wish, and saw this “older sister” after half a century’s time.

Now, Chen is already a seventy-seven year-old grandmother, and, as the police called her up, she was, thrilled, she thought it was, the scam artists, she couldn’t believe, that the little girl from over fifty years ago still remembered her; as Linda saw Chen, she’d continually thanked her for her caretaking, for filling up her childhood with all the good memories.

Linda和陳月嬌女士相見後,警政署安排她們參觀警察史蹟館。圖/警政署提供the photo taken in front of the police museums, from…

The police department said, that on February 12th, Linda came to Taiwan to tour with her children, she’s departing today; on the 13th, she and her children showed up at the police station, asked for help, told them that the purpose of her trip this time, was to find the nanny who looked after her over fifty years ago, and showed them three photos, along with the only letter that Chen had sent to them.

The police tracked down Chen using her old address, they’d met up at the police station on the 15th. Linda said, that as she returned back to the U.S. her parents had sent letters by the year to maintain connection with Chen, but because Chen may not have been fluent in English, she’d only written them back once, then, they’d, lost contact. The two of them were both accompanied by their own children, and reunited in the police station.

Chen smiled and said to Linda, she can’t believe, that the little girl back then, is already, a mother of two now.美籍女子Linda拿3張50年多前的合照,來台尋找當年照顧她的台籍婦人陳月嬌。圖...the photos of the Taiwanese woman and the American children she’d, taken care of, from the archives, from

And so, their connections didn’t get lost, just because the years had flown by, or that, they’re, older, all because, this American woman felt grateful, of the care that’s been, provided by her Taiwanese caretaker from when she was, a young child.











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“Here to Borrow More Money”, a Man Went to Visit His Newly Wedded Wife, and Was Beaten to Death by Her Uncle and His Two Friends

A brawl that got someone killed, and it all started, with disputes in money, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fifty-three year-old Yang two days ago went to Yilan to find his newlywedded wife, and the older brother of the woman he married thought he was there, to borrow more money again, and he was suspected of calling two of his friends, and, beaten Yang up with them; thirty minutes later, Yang felt sick, and was rushed to the hospital and then, died. Yang’s wife’s older brother and his two other friends claimed, that they’d only, pulled his arms, denied having beaten him, and they were, all charged with assault to death, after the D.A. interrogated them, they were taken into custody, and the police will be conducting an autopsy to clarify the cause of death.

The police investigated, that the deceased, Yang, had just married his wife who’s twenty years younger than he no more than three months earlier, Yang worked and lived on his own in Kaohsiung, while his wife lives back home in Jiaoxi, Yilan; at around three in the afternoon on the 18th of this month, Yang went to find his wife in Yilan, and started in a verbal altercation with her forty-one year-old older brother.

Wu believed that Yang was there to ask for more money, although Yang denied it, but Wu didn’t believe him, called up his friends, the 36-year-old Chen and the 41-year-old Yo, the three of them beaten Yang up; the families saw and tried to stop them, but, the three kept beating him, from the kitchen, into the living room, all the way, to the outside of the house. In the process, Yang took the beating hard, until the neighbors called the police, Wu and the other men finally, stopped hitting him, Chen and Yo left.

Yang didn’t have visible external injuries, as the police rushed over, he could still tell them what had happened, but, thirty minutes later, he’d felt short-of-breath, stuffy in his chest; the police immediately called the ambulance, and, on the way to the hospital, he’d, died, at five in the afternoon yesterday, the emergency staff pronounced him dead.

The police asked the D.A.’s office to sign the arrest warrants for Wu’s older brother and the two other men, the three of them said they’d only gotten into verbal altercations, and denied having gotten physical with Yang. Wu said, he’d just, inquired when Yang was going to pay him back, and Yang went after the weapon, to try to kill him.

And, this is how this man was, MURDERED by her wife’s older brother and his friends, because there were, money problems involved, and, in a heated debate, things turned violent, and he became, a casualty!

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Freedom for Security, a Worthwhile Trade?

What this ADULT had, learned from the conversation with his own young daughter, translated…

All children are, philosophers, and, often, they’d, blurted out a question, which caused us all, to get stuck in our thought processes.

Yesterday, as I was feeding the fish, Happy suddenly put her head toward me, “pops, do you think the fish in the tank are happy?”

I don’t know if it was because she’d read my discussion in Zhuangzi’s Art of War, or that she’d gotten inspired by Nemo, who’s trapped inside a tank and wanted to get back into the oceans, anyway, she was, really focused, as she’d asked me the question.

I’d asked her, “Happy, do you think they’re, happy?”, without a second thought, she’d said, “Nope, because they couldn’t, swim so freely, only inside this, transparent box.”

“But, if they were swimming in the rivers or the oceans, they may get eaten by bigger fish, in the tanks, they’re, safer, and get their meals regular, and they wouldn’t go hungry,” after my explanations, she’d, agreed.

I’d continued, “Happy, if you were a fish, would you want to live inside a tank, where it’s, safe, or, would you rather be in the oceans, to swim freely?” Happy rolled her bright, round eyes, said, matter-of-factly, “Pops, of course I want to be in the oceans, it’s so boring, inside a tank, you can’t go anywhere you want to go!”

I’d played with her, “But, you might get eaten by the bigger fishes, then, you’d, die”, I’d thought I’d given her a hard problem, but, the very next second, she’d, rebutted, “But fishes die eventually, even if you live inside a fish tank, you’d, eventually, die, daddy, you’re so dumb!”

Recently, as we were rehearsing for the new script “Men & Women Falsely Married”, I’d kept wondering this question. The script was about a pair of brother and sister, with separate same-sex lovers, in order to keep the truth about their sexual orientation unknown to their families, they’d falsely married one another’s partner. Mei-Ling, who was a playwright, who’d directed the play with me, she’d added a few extra scenes, wanted to use the animals in the African deserts, the rainforests, to show the rawest desires of man, to make it like the “urban jungle” scenes, to symbolize, how after humans are socialized, they’d felt compelled to suppress their animalistic instincts, to get bound by morals. I’d especially liked one of the scenes, with the two mothers after finding out their own children were homosexuals, and had falsely married, had gotten together to go to the zoos to hang out—

Mother of Wu: “Do you think…if these animals are, blessed, or, are they, unlucky, being kept, inside the zoo?”

Mrs. Yang: “It’s hard to say, but at least, being in the zoo, it’s, a whole lot safer, compared to if they’re, running all over the streets.”

the footage from the T.V. show, from Youtube…

Mother of Wu: “But, is it worth it, trading in their freedoms, for safety?”

Then, the two moms started discussing whether or not they should just, play along with their children’s acts. If not, they’d worried that their children’s coming out will cause them to get discriminated against, is it that the society took away their courage to be who they are? Or, are they the ones, lacking courage, to face the world?? As we are criticizing the world, did we not remember, that we’re, a part of it? There’s, too many complicatedness in the adult world, that’s, blocking out who we are down in the cores, or maybe, we should, learn from the six-year-old’s innocent ways of interpreting things, or maybe…………

And so, from this parent-child discussion of things, this adult learned, that sometimes, the adults just, overcomplicates things, that things should be simpler, and yet, as adults, we added, a ton of things that are, unnecessary in our lives, making our originally simplified lives, complicated, and, we’d, lost our innocence, and can’t see the world, through a child’s perspectives, and that, is why this world is a total mess, because it’s, ruled by adults, who are so, messed up!

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Your Memories are, WRONG!

Your memories are, WRONG, they’d tell you, nobody EVER hurt you like that!

And, for a long time, you’d, questioned the validity of what you remembered, because, you were so young, and, how can you possibly, recall EVERY single LAST detail of your childhood sexual abuse by your caretaker? Or maybe, it’s, like what they said, you were, only wanting everybody’s attention, that was why, you’d, made it all up!

But, as you grow older, you’d, hated it when people touch you, even as a sign of friendly gesture, and so, you’d, started, digging, into your pasts…

And as you’d, found the bits and pieces of the broken you as a young child, you would, hear that voice: you’re, WRONG! again, and again, and again.

Your memories are WRONG!, or so they’d all hollered at you, so, if they’re wrong, then, why am I, remembering them in bits, and pieces, huh? And, why do they only come back, when I’m, all alone, locked, in that state of that once, so helpless child again? Your memories are WRONG! But, are they? Or, are you the one, who’s WRONG, to think, that your memories are, WRONG…

Your memories are WRONG! But what if, they’re, right? Then, that would mean, that I’d, weathered through, years and years, and years of, sexual, emotional/psychological, and VERBAL abuse in my childhood! Yeah, you’re, probably right, that my memories ARE wrong, because, NOBODY can possibly, live through ALL of that, and become a well-rounded adult!

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As Their Parents Aged……the Handicapped Drifted, Farther from Home

The problems in issues of social welfare, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the handicapped started living in an institution, because of their elderly parents dying, of that the families left the caretaking duties to the facilities, causing a lot of the residents to not be able to go back home to spend the holidays; seeing those who were taken home by their loved ones, those who’d stayed would, always leaned on the door frames, hoping, that their loved ones can come and pick them up too, and cried, “Why can’t I go home”, it’d made the professional caretakers in the facilities feel sad for them too.

The Tzi-Shen Jen-Ai Institute in Changwha has 132 residents, there were about 70 who didn’t go home for the new year’s; those who’d stayed in the facilities are more than half of the population. The Tzi-Ai Home in Changwah also had twenty, out of a total of 161 who didn’t get to go home.

教養院生面臨雙親老化問題,誰來接續負擔,政府須投注更多資源。 圖/陽明教養院提供phoot from online…

The manager of the executive department of Tsi-Shen Jen-Ai Home , Huang pointed out, the number of those who couldn’t go home at New Year’s are on the rise by the year, and the facility had, turned into the only source of support that the residents can rely on. She said, most of the residents all wanted to be with family, although they can’t express it in their words, but, as they watched others getting taken home by their loved ones, they would lean by the door, and hoped to see their loved ones too, and even cried, “Why can’t I go home too?”

And, based off of understanding, as the family members were asked to pay more attention, to show more care toward those residents, they’d stated, “I too, have my rights”, believed, that they can’t do anything else more for their families in care, and some of the family members had even, gone missing, and stopped paying the fees, this was also, one reason why the residents couldn’t, go home.

Huang said, that the Tzi-Shen Jen-Ai facility asked the families to do their duties in care, and had the families signed a contract, including the rules of getting the residents home by the week, by the month, by the season, and even had the two weeks per year of “family time together” set up, and, all the residents must be sent home during the time to spend with family, but, most of the times, not nearly half of the residents had, made it home.

五十三歲阿龍(右)在教養院待卅四年,從青年漸老化。 記者林敬家/攝影one of the resients, brushing his teeth, under the supervision of the staff member…photo courtesy of

And so, the families believed, that so long as we’re, paying money for the care of our loved ones, that’s, enough that we’d done, we have our own lives to live too! And that’s, just selfish, because they are your families too, and, how would you feel, if when you’re old, unable to care for yourselves, that your own families shoved you into a nursing home too, and stopped visiting you, only on the special occasions of New Year’s, or your birthdays, or, not even, huh?

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