On His Seventh Time Driving While Intoxicated, He’d Run Over & Killed a Sixteen-Year-Old Adolescent Female

A repeated LAW-BREAKER who should’ve gotten HIS license REVOKED but wasn’t, and now, someone had, D-I-E-D! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fourteen-year-old adolescent male, Long two evenings ago, rode his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, Liu out, and rammed into a lightpole, Liu flew off his motorcycle, and was hit by Dai, who was driving his car, she’d died after being rushed to the hospitals. Dai evaded the scene of the accident, was caught by the police with an active arrest warrant, Dai’s BAC read 0.73, but in the past fifteen years, he’d had a record of six arrests due to drunk driving, and the police was in disbelief, that he’d driven, a seventh time drunk, the officers all shook their heads and commented, “This, is AWFUL!”

the before, photo from online…查看來源圖片

Dai (age 45), claimed to the police, that two nights ago after he got drunk in Guanxi, drove his forty-four year old younger brother to Longtan, Taoyuan to buy something but on the way, he’d gotten into an accident; he knew he’d hit someone, but because he was plastered, and didn’t want to get caught by the police, that, was why he just, ran off.

The police pointed out, that at 9:15 in the evenings two nights ago, at the turn on the Guanxi pass toward north, an adolescent without a license rode Liu’s uncle’s motorcycle, and rammed into the light poles, the motorcycle was totaled, Liu flew off the motorcycle, and not long thereafter, she was, run over by a white compact from behind, she was rushed to the Military General Hospital in Taoyuan to be resuscitated, was pronounced dead at 1:30 in the morning yesterday. Long suffered serious laceration on the soles of his feet, and multiple abrasions, is still being treated at the hospitals.

查看來源圖片this would be, the “after” photo…from online…

The police checked the surveillance along the way, and arrested Dai early morning yesterday, and found, that he was, a repeated drunk driver, that in fifteen years since he passed his driver’s test, he already had six records of drunk driving, and had gotten into several car crashes, but this seventh time, had caused the death of a teenage girl, they’d charged him with public endangerment, and manslaughter.

And, had this man been BANNED from driving after the first time he was caught driving drunk, then, this teenager probably wouldn’t have died, but, the teens were at fault too, the male was operating a scooter without a license, and the result of this repeated drunk driver was that it’d, killed this teenage girl.

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The Worth of the Military Servicemen’s Freedom: $3,000N.T.s

A VERY L-O-W opinion on the servicemen in this country from someone who’d, disgruntled, perhaps??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Some government officials disclosed, that the floor of the retirement funds received by servicemen may be two to three thousand dollars N.T. higher compared to the retired teachers or government office workers. Originally, they’d said, that because of the differences in job requirements for the servicemen, the government should take better care of them, but during the University Sports Competitions,, the military shamed the Taiwanese in front of the world, and, based off of the way that the DDP worked, all the mistakes that were made in the realms of revising the retirement pensions of the military was all Lai-Xi Lee’s fault.

Besides, from the ancient warring times, when had our national armed services actually, gone to war? All the servicemen are good for, were for the sakes of cleaning up the residences voluntarily after the typhoons; and, the government employees needed to pass through series of exams, in order to get hired, while the servicemen only needed to sign up for the enlist, how can they be awarded such high salaries, and have so much benefits?

The servicemen claimed they were in the military basis 24/7, but what are they doing? Jumping jacks, running laps, and other exercises, we don’t see the labors who had a college degree only earning $22,000N.T. annually, and servicemen, aren’t you being, overpaid? Living off, too easy? Turns out, the freedoms of the servicemen were only worth, $3,000N.T.s!

And so, this is, just a person’s opinions of the servicemen in this country, surely, there’s, NO need for these servicemen when everything’s going well, but, as the natural disasters strike, they’re the first ones on scene, and, this individual believed, that they get paid too much, for doing so very little, because t military services were only employed, during times of emergency, and, if you look down on the servicemen in your own country, what does that make you, huh???

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By the Lake

Lessons of life, taught, by mother nature, observe, and learn something!!! Translated…

In England’s center, not too far from home, in the campus of the university, there was, a lake, by the lake, there were some trees, very picturesque. The reflections from the lake was always enticing, it’d made people wondered what’s real, what’s fantasy. Everybody needs a lake that’s one’s own, to reflect in peace, to see oneself.

I’d gone to the lakes, in search of a herd of ducks every summer, like it was, a mecca for me. That day, I didn’t get to see the flock of ducks, but instead, I’d, bumped into a flock of geese, and among them was one that could stand for a long time on its one leg.

what’s going through its mind, I wonder…not my photo…

I’d observed it from afar for a very long time, in the end, I’d decided, to go up and say “hi” to it, and, it must’ve, misconstrued my intentions, saw me as an invader, it’d, tilted its neck toward me, clearly, defending HIS territory. But in the process, it’d continued, to stand on its one leg, such, a stubborn goose it is.

At precisely the same time, I’d bumped into an Asian girl, strolling alone by the lake, I’d nodded and acknowledged her, guessed, that she was probably from China, here, for the summer activities offered by the university. At the beginning, she’d told me she was Japanese, that she was visiting with a group from college to learn English. We’d chatted in English, after she’d learned that I was from Taiwan, she’d started speaking to me in Chinese. I was shocked at how fluent she was in Chinese, she’d disclosed, that her father was from China, that her mother was of Japanese descent, born in China, that she’d gone back to Japan at age twenty-seven.

查看來源圖片what, is its, next move, do you know???  Not my photograph…

I’d invited her and her classmates to come to my house, she’d told me, that she’d never told any of her Japanese classmates of her Chinese origin, because during her elementary years, she’d witnessed a classmate who was bullied, because his parents were from China; and her father pretended to be Japanese, and the whole family just, went along with it.

Some assumptions came to me, perhaps, because of how her elementary classmate was bullied, and it wasn’t her Chinese origin, but this young lady had, been mistaken, felt that she was, discriminated against because of her descent. If this was so then, a misunderstanding in childhood, can haunt you for the rest of your lives. And if, back then, she’d stood up for her classmate from China, she may have, gotten bullied along with the classmate too, or, would she be able to, help BREAK the stereotypes of her Japanese classmates? And I’d also known, that these second-guesses won’t do any good, toward racisms, there’s always, a ton of silence, and helplessness.

I’d, looked at this young woman with big eyes before me, quietly told her story, although, there’s, that hint of shyness about her, but I’d felt, that she was, very brave too.

I couldn’t help but get distracted, and glanced over at the goose standing on just one leg I just saw, it’d still stood there, with its, one leg, but looking into the distance, with great confidence. I knew, that the reason why he’d stood like so wasn’t due to some stubbornness, but because of a biological need, that it’d, needed to stand like so. There are ways that other living organisms survived by, it’s the same way, with all interpersonal relationships as well.

One this day, I saw this goose, along with this female college student, these two unrelated living beings I’d encountered, had reminded me of the same things.

So, this just showed, how much you can, take from nature, nature has a way, of teaching us lessons that we need to learn, in very subtle ways, like how this individual encountered the goose, along with this young woman in her college years.

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As the National Governments Placed the Bans on Words that Can’t be Used…

Whatever the F*** (see, I’m still censoring myself here!!!) happened to the RIGHT of FREE SPEECH? Or, did that “clause” get tossed OUT from that centuries-old document too, huh???

As the national governments placed the bans on words that can’t be used, you KNOW what this means, right??? That people would not have a wide vast variety of words they get to SELECT from when expressing themselves, which means that, they’re, basically, MUTED, SILENCED by the governments!

censorshi 的圖片結果not my political comic…

This goes against EVERYTHING we’d been taught from when we were young children, doesn’t it? And, weren’t we taught, to stand UP for what we believe in, what’s right? And, with the limited words we can express our freedom of THOUGHTS in, we might as well tape all our mouths shut.

And no, we’re still NOT talking about living in a COMMUNIST country here still, we’re talkin’ ‘bout what’s going on in the U.S., feel free, to REPORT me to the AUTHORITIES (whoever THOSE ASSHOLES may be!), I’d like to see those M***ER F***ERS (maxed out???) try and take my U.S. passport from me, c’mon, I DARE ya!!!

censorshi 的圖片結果currently going on in the U.S. right now…comic from online…

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Being Called Ugly, Vega Chamder Tsai Talked About How She Was Able to Turn Her Being Bullied to Something that Helped Her Grow

Sharing the experiences of her being bullied, to help make the students more aware, to help put an end to bullying, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The actress, Vega Chamder Tsai was invited to Keelung All-Girls’ High School, and disclosed to the audience, that she was physically bullied by her classmates when she was still in school, they’d pulled her hair, and called her “pig”, and as she passed through the hallways, everybody who was their shouted, “you’re so ugly!” as she got off school, behind the cameras, she’d told, of how awful her life had been “before sixteen”.

The Keelung All-Girls’ High School worried that the students may come across troubles as they weather through their teenage years, and the counselor at school thumbed across Vega Chamder Tsai’s book, “Murder of the Sweet Girl”, she’d felt that her words rang true, invited her to share her own experiences with the students. Tsai told, that this was the very first time she was invited to a school to lecture, she felt very honored.

She’d told, that she started acting when she was only five, that there was only three channels on T.V., and the show she’d taken a role in had thirty-percent viewers to begin with, that almost all the families would see her when they turned on their televisions, she’s also in a lot of the commercials back then too.

Being envied by most as a “child star”, Vega Chamder Tsai disclosed, that her schooling career was so miserable, and all the students in the audience were so surprised and asked her why, “how is that even possible?”. She’d told them, she was a child actress, and that although she was very well-behaved on set, loved by everybody on set, but in the schools, she’d become, the head target, and everybody would gossip about her.

“Nobody was willing to be my friend”, she’d told, that she’d always eaten her lunches alone, and the classmates would pull on her hair at nap time, and called her bad names too; even as the school lets out, they wouldn’t let her off, as she passed the hallways, the other students called her to a halt, and, as she’d turned her head around, everybody shouted, “You’re UGLY!”, it’d made her feel so bad.

Vega Chamder Tsai told, that back then, she’d hated that she had to be around those people, hated everything, wanted to murder her own images as a “sweet little girl” on screen, and wanted to be someone who’s liked by others in real-life.

She’d turned her own dark thoughts into a source of her creativity, and on the birthday card she’d written to a guy she’d liked, she’d drawn a cake, with a knife, and red all over it, she’d made fun of herself, “I was, rather unique, wasn’t I?”, all the students in the audience burst out laughing.

Vega Chamder Tsai told, that as she’d told of her experience of being bullied, she’d felt elated, she wanted the students to live out their own lives, just like she had too, turning everything bad in her past, into everything that’s, made her into who she is today.

And so, this, is the journey of this woman’s becoming, she was bullied, because she was a child star, and that must’ve been very difficult, being “different” from the rest of her classmates, and, they’d made it worse for her, but she’d still worked hard, to overcome, and she’s now, turned her experiences of being bullied into something positive, and used the experiences in her childhood years, to help others.

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He Was on the Run Eighteen Years for Rape, He’d Solicited Sex and His DNA was Matched with a Cold Case

After you’d escaped prosecution for eighteen years, you still got caught, so what does that show all of you out there??? Oh yeah, NO good deeds go unpunished! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Eighteen years ago, Chen from Hsinbei City committed a sexual assault, although the police had his DNA, but because he’d never committed any crimes like that before, he’d also had the gloves on when he raped, there wasn’t a fingerprint left, he’d escaped prosecution for eighteen years; last June, he was taken into the police station for solicitations, that was when the police matched his prints to the crimes from eighteen years ago, he was charged with rape yesterday by the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office.

In January of 1999, Chen was suspected of tailing a woman home, and dragged her to a construction site and raped her. Back then, the police and detective were able to recover traces of his DNA in her panties and vagina, but as they’d input the records into their database, there wasn’t a match, plus he was wearing gloves, so, the investigations came up empty.

Last June, Chen looked for hookers online, and they’d agreed on “$2,000N.T.s per hour”, but in the process, things went south, afterwards, Chen and the woman got into a physical altercation, and the woman accused Chen of raping her later.

Although Chen wasn’t indicted on the accusation of rape by the call girl, but because his D.N.A. was tested, it’d made this case from eighteen years ago come out into the open. Although he’d denied the allegations, the victim couldn’t make a positive identification, due to the lighting, but because there was a DNA match from the sample taken from the victim’s body, he was prosecuted, right before the statutory expiration.

This would be, the justice that came EIGHTEEN years late, but at least, hey, it came, didn’t it? Because this loser went back to his old habits, soliciting sex from a hooker, that, is why he got caught for a crime he’d committed eighteen years ago, which showed, that no matter what, nobody’s going to escape, because sooner or later, whatever it is you’d done that’s bad, will catch up to you, and, you will get SCREWED over!!!

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Don’t Mass-Produce Criminals Who Are Naïve

We really need to teach students on the matters of love, to prevent the tragedies of love becoming murder here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the incident of the female college student getting hacked, a lot of people started looking into how they’d reacted, attempted to try to find out where the seed for murder got planted, who wronged whom more. But, all of those “haunted mansions”, weren’t built overnight, they’re not naturally born or made that way either.

The education in Taiwan overtly focused on the elevating of the grade levels, from the elementary to the high school years, the health classes were “borrowed” by the examinations, that, was a common memory we all shared. We’d chewed on the texts of those age old poets, rote memorized their entire lives’ doings, and, highlighted the twists and turns in their lives, and, wrote down the notes; we’d spent more hours on the Pythagorian theorem, lost ourselves, in the labyrinths of numbers and symbols, hoping we’d gotten that correct answer.

But, is that what the students wanted, what they’d, needed?

The time for teaching how to handle that curiosity we’d developed toward the members of the opposite sex got borrowed away, but, all of the troubles that are related to this realm, didn’t just, go away. Like that line from Jurassic Park, “Life will find a way.”

If the schools don’t start treating the students as people who have feelings, if the families dodged the discussion on sex, if the society doesn’t provide us with the right knowledge on sex ed, the students normally find alternative ways to get the information. Some students would search online, and find out exactly, what SEX is all about, some would read the romantic comic strips, to learn about how to show someone that they loved them, while others may model after the soaps, to learn to establish relationships with someone. And, when the students didn’t get the right kinds of information, and mistook the scripts for what’s real, they wouldn’t know that a million text messages wouldn’t get you that teary-eyed hug when the two of you finally meet, or that when a female said NO, it actually meant no. So, the psychos continue to stalk, to show affection, and the party that was constantly rejected felt defeated, and the party that rejects kept feeling scared, being harassed constantly to the point of breaking.

A lawmaker ushered the amendment on “Preventive Measures Against Stalkers”, but, so what if the laws are passed? As we keep on making those highly educated, but low intelligent in human interactions psychos, the “haunted mansions”, the “stalkers”, after the amendments of the laws, it’ll only create more criminals who are way too naïve.

And so, setting up those laws to prevent stalkers are merely, treating the problems on the surfaces, but because the education here, is still too focused on the academia, that, is why there’s, this lacking in relating to each other in socialization for the younger generations of people now.

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