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Bidding You Farewell from the Mines

Death, in a small mining town, translated… Awhile ago, I was remodeling the house, the electrician and the concrete master asked for a leave of absence to attend a funeral, the man who’d died, was the electrician.  As I’d heard, … Continue reading

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The Child Star, Charged with Murder as He Became an Adult

Well, the SPOTLIGHT, it didn’t, last long, did it???  I guess, N-O-T!  How a child star turned into, a murderer, from the Front Page Sections, translated… Wang had Roles in The Lovers of Dolphin Bay, and The Forest of Green … Continue reading

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He Hadn’t Seen His Ex-Girlfriend for Six Months…She’d Set Herself Ablaze in Front of Him

Hoping, to make her ex feel guilty???  Well, she’d, lost her own life in the process, and, was it, worth it???  I don’t know, you tell me!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated… The Guanying Mountain in Wugu, Hsinbei … Continue reading

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Allowing the Children to Be Themselves Again

The Morning Crew’s here, again!!!  On how the system of education here, is MURDERING children right now, translated… As I penned this article down, I’d, actually felt, quite sorrowful, so helpless too, other than because my friend, Xing, who wrote … Continue reading

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Shadows on the Swings

There were shadows, shadows that came, to our playground that, hogged up the swings, they just, got on them, and, refused, to get off, and we’d, done all that we could, to get them, to get off, so we can, … Continue reading

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A French Citizen Smuggled the Illegal Substances and Was Sentenced to Death in Indonesia

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His Four-Year-Daughter Tipped Over a Bowl of Mung Bean Soup, He Lost Control, & Brutally Beaten His Wife & Daughter Up

A LOSER who became ABUSIVE toward his wife and child here, from the Front Page Sections, translated… Two years ago, Wang, because his four-year-old daughter accidentally tipped over a bowl of mung bean soup, he’d gotten so furious he’d, smacked … Continue reading

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