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My Father’s Moringa Caramels

illustration from Showing the love, with the sweets, the memories the son carried now, of his own, father who worked hard, gave everything he had, to the family, translated… The issues of whether or not Moringa Caramels are made … Continue reading

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These Bright-Colored Memories…

These bright-colored memories, why don’t they just, fade to gray already, huh?  I’m just, so FUCKING (and your point being???) sick AND tired, of watching them replay in my mind, they’d, plagued me for too long, played on, repeated, like … Continue reading

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Waiting Out, by the Curbside, for You…

The confessions of, a PREDATOR! I’m, waiting out, by the curbside, for you, ‘cuz how I was able to, graze your boobs, and, it’d, felt amazing, to hold those, plump, juicy, round, not to mention, HUGE T-I-T-S with my fingers!  … Continue reading

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Tortured, by These Nightmares…

Tortured, by these nightmares, what can I do?  Is there, some sort of an exorcism that I can, undergo, to get rid of them?  They’d been, plaguing me since, god knows how long ago already!!! Tortured, by these nightmares, they’re, … Continue reading

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Meeting the Iron Lady in Thailand on a Trip

The connections with someone on a trip that extended to this day, translated… In the summer, many years ago, I’d won a raffle, to Thailand, free of charge, and got acquainted with Liu who was in the same tour group, … Continue reading

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Never Ending Nights…

This is, what will be, falling before YOU in life from here on out, never ending nights, and, you KNOW how all those monsters only comes out from the closets at night, right??? Yeah, uh-huh. Never ending nights, that is, … Continue reading

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Two Separate Mindsets in Dementia, from the Caretakers’ Journal

The characters of these two elderly women’s personalities were, flipped, upside down by dementia, translated… When my mother-in-law was eighty-three, she was diagnosed as having vascular dementia, and my husband and I took over the caretaking of her, she’d, changed … Continue reading

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