Allowing the Children to Be Themselves Again

The Morning Crew’s here, again!!!  On how the system of education here, is MURDERING children right now, translated…

As I penned this article down, I’d, actually felt, quite sorrowful, so helpless too, other than because my friend, Xing, who wrote everything about children’s rights, who’d, fought hard for the children’s rights had, passed away; my own children too, started having problems, with their enormous amount of homework, they started having, adjustment difficulties to the system of schooling they are, being, educated under, to the point they’d, caused their instructors the troubles, and this, made me, seriously, contemplate, on how I can, help them adapt to the frameworks of current education.

Perhaps, I’m not the only one who’s, stressed out over all of this, to the point of doubting my abilities as a parent.  The kids will always, have a separate opinion from us, they didn’t want to quiet down, to write the Chinese characters, with the phonetic spellings five times on the sheets; the four-digit multiplication problems, they don’t, want to calculate by hand, instead, used the calculators to get them their, answers; on their exams, they’d much rather, just space out, I’d asked him why?  He’d, told me, that he’d just taken an exam, just last week, and the instructor of that particular subject called me up, told me that he’d been, acting up in class too……………other than being, apologetic for my son’s behaviors, what was killing me was, realizing, that I’d, fallen short of everybody else the moment I’d, enrolled my son into the schooling systems!  But, this sort of a child full of opinions of his own, who’s, clearly on who he is, that was, exactly, WHAT we’d, trained him to be?  So, how come the moment he’d, entered into the schooling systems, he’d, bumped into, one wall, right after, another, and another, and another?

illustration from UDN.com圖/陳佳蕙

Jia-Huei Xing is gone now, I wanted to call out to Dr. Jia-Yen Lee who was side-by-side on her cause for children’s rights to be, she works with parents and children directly in her field of work more, and, maybe, we can, use her help, to help guide those lost lams who are currently, wandering between being full of confidence, and living in self-denial!


And so, this, is how a mother’s observation of how a child’s love of learning is, SLAUGHTERED by the system of education, because education here, still hadn’t, changed that much, everything’s still, test-oriented, whatever grades you’d made, that, gets to, define you, and the teaching methods in the school systems, still only tailored to the visual and the auditory learners, while the bodily-kinesthetic children get, SCREWED over by the system.

Actually, there was a mother who worked as a janitor, who’s said something to me, that made me wanted to, hit my heart very heart, “those who are rich, can send their kids abroad, while those like me, without the money, we can only, keep our young here, and medicate them!”

The woman was, articulate, laughed very easily, as she’d spoken, it’s like, her thoughts grew wings and they’re all, flying around in her mind.  An endless amount of homework, filling out the wrong slots on the answer sheets of the exams.  Can’t finish all the homework assignments for the night, having physical altercations with the fellow students in the classroom settings.

The teacher repeatedly told the parents to teach their young better, adding on to the bad grades, now, even the relatives, they’d, started, chiming in too, the parents couldn’t handle it anymore!

Although, in the interaction with the child, he’d caused me, to laugh so very hard; although, I’d, cherished, how this child had the rare characteristic of having that bright laughter, and wit; although, I’d come to know, that the Taiwanese education methods, won’t, work for a child like this, that if this kid can have the opportunities to receive his education in an alternative way, he surely would, live off, better; although…………

Through my transfer, the boy was sent to the child psychiatry department, and begin his life of being medicated.

The child found online, on how the Finnish methods of education, and how the tests were, administered there, she’d told her mother, “if I was born in Finland, I would’ve done quite well by their methods of education!”, her mother replied, “Yeah, I’m sure of it!  But this is also why, I don’t really CARE about the grades you’d made on the tests.  Because the test questions administered here, it shows, NOTHING of how capable you are, of learning!”

We need to, examine the education systems in Taiwan, that it’s, no longer, fitted to, the wide variety of children right now, nor can it, help shape the children today, into the leaders of, tomorrow.

We’re still using the rote learning methods, still stressed the repetitions of work, and between the children, you see the adults’ manipulation of placements, of grades, engaging in competition, and the classrooms are still using the top-down, authoritarian styles of classroom management.  The values of creativity, interpersonal relationships, communications, being able to adapt to things in life that are, too quick to change, ways to handle the hardships that may come in life, all of these, more important skills the students will benefit from learning later on in life are all, slashed out of the curricula.

The children now, are involved in the assortments of information from online, and reality, and, they’d become, ill-fitted to, be educated, by the original classroom methods that had, worked from before.

Every child has her/his own unique traits, and are, affected by the interactions with their separate families, plus the education methods they were taught by in the early childhood education years, all of these, will help mold the children to have a set of skills that will affect their schooling performances after formal schooling starts.

Like you and your husband, who’d, breathed the independence, of free choice like air, the children you have, with the values you’d, helped them established, naturally, will find it hard, being educated, by the regular schooling systems.

You will have a difficult time, getting your young, to comply to something as simple as “testing”.

The adults believed that grades are determinants of everything, and having the kids believe that too, that is, next to, impossible.

The adults believed that grades are very important, but how can we, get that through, to the children?

Testing, what is that?  Why can’t we just leave the answers, blank?  Why can’t we talk to the person sitting next to us when we’re taking an exam?  Why can’t we, space out, when we’re, taking an exam?

The adults needed to come up with a set of reasoning, that made the kids comply.  But, can the adults, give a reasonable explanation of why the kids need to perform all these tasks?  Or, can the adults, even, make up the rules?

Or maybe, it’s, the adults who need to, learn to think in a new way, what is, the purpose of testing from the beginning?  And, how did it bent out of shape?  Why did it become, the chips that the children are, competing with, and for?  How did we let it become the standards, of telling how our children are either good or bad?

All of these, egocentric, independently thinking children, they’re like, the prophets for us, adults, reminding us, to think about how those, matter-of-fact rules are, actually, against the rights of their lives, as human beings.

But, the children still had to, learn in the current education systems in Taiwan, the education systems in Taiwan can be changed, immediately, so, how do they, survive through it?

There are, an assortment of un-mainstream schools that are, outside the systems, for the families with the resources, they can, place their young in these schools.

But for the families that don’t have as much resources, I would suggest, that as the parents look at the schools, they should find the schools with smaller classes, smaller schools, schools that stresses less on the academics.

Working with the teachers, that way, these children will have more opportunities to involve themselves with school activities.

In class, allow the child to use an assortment of markers, stationeries, even doodling, whenever he has something he knows how to do, allow him, to come up on the podium, to show it to the rest of the class, keeping the child engaged in the classroom setting.  Between the classes, encourage the child to go out to run on the tracks, and don’t EVER take away the breaks from children with these sorts of, qualities!  Or the child will treat the next class period like his break between the classes, and, torture the teachers for it!

After school, allowing the child to engage in the hands-on activities, or, sports or exercises, instead of sending her/him into, another school setting, to continue to write, to study.  Because the child had already, sat still for hours in regular class already, s/he needs, a change, s/he needs to, move!

After the child gets home, you don’t need to ban her/him from T.V., or playing on the tablets, but do restrict the time they use these high-tech devices, to create more interesting activities to do, and add the opportunities for parent-child interactions.

But sometimes, it would, try the parents more than it does the children.

Ramming into the jungle of school, learning by experiencing the methods of survival in school, your children will find a way that works for themselves, and get socialized.  And a note to all parents, NO matter what, do cherish the children’s nature in loving to help others, and their sense of compassion, sympathy too, DO keep their endless creativity, and their talking back to you, perhaps, these characteristics, do NOT help her/him in her/his current stage of learning, but for her/his life in the future, it will, help her/him out, greatly.

And so, this, is how out-of-focus the education system here is, everything is, grade and test oriented, like how the child mentioned from above, who’d had a hard time adapting to the way she is supposed to learn here, but, as the child researched online, and found out the Finnish methods of education, she’d believed, that the methods used would, better fit her personalities, and that, is something that you can’t teach in school, and yet, the schools here are still, too focused on the grades, despite how the government is reforming education right now, to focus more on a wide variety of other forms or, extracurricular activities…

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