The Janitor Who’d Molested then Murdered the Graduate Student Received a Life-Sentence

How this LOSER attempted to, weasel his way out, from receiving a harsher sentence for MURDERING someone, and, he’d, failed, MISERABLY at it!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The janitor from Chenggong University, Lin was accused of forcibly molesting a female graduate student, and after she attempted to fight back, he’d, strangled her to death, the district attorney charged him with forced sexual molestations, murder, and indicted him, asked the courts for the death penalty; he’d denied having intentionally murdered the victim, and at the trial, he had, apologized to the families, the Tainan District Court, although believed, that his actions had, caused irreparable damages, and, he’d, changed his statements repeatedly, and blamed it on the woman he’d, murdered at times, that there’s, NO sign of remorse in him, but he was still given, the life sentence, and stripped of his government position, this can still be appealed.

The head secretary of Chenggong University, Lee stated, that the school will keep offering the family of the victim economic and psychological supports they needed, hoping, to help them get over the loss.  He’d stated, since the case, the school officials started seriously considering the safety on campus, and that as they hired the workers, they’d, needed a thorough background checks, by January next year, the school will be setting up the systems of surveillance, the help bells, along with the fire alarm alerts, and other internet connected systems of safety.

Lin was accused of pulling the female graduate student to molest her last year on October 28th, she attempted to fight back, and hollered out for help, he was angered, and, stuffed the rag into her mouth, then, strangled her to death.  The D.A. found evidence of his saliva on the deceased woman’s thorax, and after they checked the DNA, it was confirmed, that it’d, belonged to Lin.

Lin claimed, that because he had eye problems, he couldn’t see well, that he couldn’t decipher what the woman’s expressions were, that he couldn’t, let go of her in time, that was how he’d, accidentally, strangled her to death, that it was, manslaughter, and he’d, started molesting her after she was, already dead, that he’d, not intended, to murder her.  But the Collectivist Court considered the statement given by Lin, along with the autopsy results of the coroner’s office, along with the saliva, the DNA Lin left on the woman’s body, believed, that she was, sexually molested, before she was, murdered by him.

The Collectivist Courts compared the surveillance footages of the photos of the two of them in the elevators together, believed, that his claims of inviting the woman wasn’t true.  He’d first, shoved that rag into the woman’s mouth, then, strangled her neck for ten to twenty minutes, which clearly showed, that his intentions of, murdering her.

The Collectivist Courts pointed out, that although Lin had eye problems, he could still work as a janitor, and can take care of himself in daily living, that after he’d murdered the woman, he’d, ridden off on his scooter to, that he couldn’t, use the fact that he had eye problems, as a claim of manslaughter in his murdering of the graduate student.

And so, this LOSER’s attempts to WEASEL did NOT work, I mean, he HAD, murdered the victim in COLD blood, simply because she refused to have sex with him, and, he’d, desecrated her body, and in court, he’d, told the judge that it was, manslaughter, that he’d, never intended to murder the woman, but the judge found that to be, false, and so, he’ll be serving a life sentence, for his murdering the woman, and he will be, tortured, until the moment he’d, swallowed, his FINAL breath.

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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