Money is Not the Only Thing Necessary, to Raise and Have Children

The most important value there is, I suppose…from the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the very cold front of the year hit, those motorists, wrapped themselves up in thick coats, I saw an older gentleman shaking his head continually as I waited for the lights, I’d followed his gaze, saw a young mother, riding three young children.  As the green light came on, she’d, stepped down on her gas pedal, then, rammed ahead.  Toward the mother’s behavior, my head shook, even harder than the older man’s, I wanted to ride up closer, to tell her, to not ride as fast, these children, are the leaders of the futures, god forbid, something were to, happen to them.

Before the next red light, I finally, caught up with her, she was, pulling the coat over the younger daughter who looked younger than two, and put the gloves on her hand, the two young boys who are, slim, with their stiffened hands, pulled on their mother’s coat carefully, one of them looked like he was in the first year of kindergarten, the other, in first grade, maybe.  It’s, already past eight, the little boy is, considered, late.  And, the mother may have made the miscalculations of time, and she’s, trying, to make up for it.

Before I was able to speak, the green light came on, she’d, left me in the dust again.  But, as the weather is this cold, this is not an isolated incident, they must’ve, gone to school like this a lot, and I couldn’t help, but sighed again; toss aside the rules of traffic, allowing her three young children to not be in helmets, gambling on their lives in the complex traffic conditions, she’s, unfitting as their, mother.

I thought all the way, and changed my thoughts: if there were, safer ways, or someone to help her out, would she still need to do, what she was, doing?  Besides, there would be, rarely, any mother who would be, willing to, have three children currently, and shouldn’t there be, a stronger support system available to her?

As the fight for office is ongoing, the beef’s served up, I can’t, help but make the pleas, for our increasingly declining birthrate, other than giving the money for the births, shouldn’t there be other policies, so these young mothers don’t have to worry?  To raise a child up, money is not the only thing they need, we need a better policy for childcare, good and safe environment for the children to grow up in, a good atmosphere in the society, a better outlook for the future, so the younger generations are, willing, to have their young, so Taiwan would, have the hopes.

But, in the lackings of all of the above, that’s why, the birthrate is, on the steady decline, I mean, I wouldn’t WANT to, raise my own young (if I were to have her!!!), in this sort of a FUCKING world that we currently live in, would you???  I mean, I get, that children are the leaders of tomorrow, but, if you can’t even MAKE sure, that these children grow UP to be old enough, to lead us tomorrow, then, what would be the god DAMN point, for having children???

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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