Learning Process Programs, the Students Fought Hard, to Get Involved into the Camps

The alters of requirements of admissions into colleges, is what’s, caused this, “phenomenon”, on learning, with a total LACKING in consideration of what benefits, the students, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The personal college application process of the academic semester of 2019, the schools are, going to replace the former methods of evaluation, and use “Learning Processes” as a determinant, taking it into consideration, on admitting the applicants on the second stages of the application process.

The paper reported that the high school principal told, that the universities are zooming in on the processes when they review over the learning processes reports of the students’ high school careers, instead of the grades they’d made; that the students needed to, start discovering their fields of interests starting in their first year of high school, to find the goals in their lives, to set up a value system to which, one will handle the things that comes one’s way.

查看來源圖片a “map” of what needs to be done as the application process continues, found off of the internet

I wanted to know, do these high school principals, really understand the principles behind the high school level “learning process progresses”?  Do they see how in the summers and the winters, the students from their schools are, fighting over, to get themselves, involved into the major specific camps in the winter and summer breaks?

Take for instance, the engineer majors, if in the first and second years of high school in the summers and winters, the students didn’t get into the major related camps, he may be noted by the colleges he applied to, as not being, passionate enough about engineering.  By the same token, for students who want to go for their veterinary medicine degrees, they’d not only needed to take the related courses, on the holidays and weekends, they best involve themselves into the animal rescues, animal protection activities, and during the summer and winter vacations, they had best sign on for the veterinarian camps by the various universities too, so they can, show that they have, an immense interest in the field.

All of the described, are what’s, trending now in the college application process, the same is, reflected on the learning processes of the high school level.  The principals are telling the students to discover their own interest profiles, that it’s okay, if they change their field of interests, and this will, cause the students to be in great danger as the college application processes happens.

And, I want to ask all of you, experts, who promote these various interest profiles, when, did you decide to do what you’re, currently involved in?  In order to find what one’s interest in, the personal abilities, the interest profiles, as well as the trends of the society, the environment, the occupational outlook, all of these, must be, taken into, considerations, by forcing those high school level students who are, still not yet certain where their interests lie, is it, reasonable, or wise?

Now, take a look, at how the undergraduate programs all around, where the freshmen and sophomore, are supposed to take the common studies curricula, hoping to give the students the space, to find their own areas of interests, to reduce their falling short of applying what they’d learned in real life later.

Giving the students the opportunities, and the space to “explore their options”, but, using the grading system as a form of evaluation, is this not, the biggest, blind spot, of those who are, trying to, push forth with the reforms of, education right now?

So, in theory, the system works, but, not in application, or reality, because, you’re, asking these high school students, to select their own fields of studies, and what if, they thought they’re, interested in something, because they know nothing about the field, and after they got into that specific track of studies, they’d, realized, hey, this is not what I want to do, well, too late, kid, you’re, already, on that TRACK, and you had, best, finish your bachelors, so you have it to show, on your résumés, for the very first job you will be getting, right after graduating from the universities.

And this is a case, where the ideals, are moving, a hell of a lot, faster than the reality of things, and, reality’s, having a really hard time, catching up!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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