The Boy’s Taking His Steps

How much heart and patience, goes into, helping this special needs child, to finally, be able to, walk, the hard work of the teachers, and this young boy both, translated…

I’d noticed him, because he’s, always, the first one out.  Unlike the other children in the first grade, hopping around, bouncing up and down, that tiny framed little boy, was carried out by a male teacher, from up the stairs slowly, the teacher handed the boy to his grandfather, as the grandfather took over, he’d, first placed his grandson into the baby seat on the back first, then, got the backpack from the male instructor.

Because it’s time of school being over, the front gates of the school became, jam packed with the parents, but, as soon as the grandfather arrived, the parents, they’d, parted ways, like the Red Sea for Moses, making an aisle.  The grandfather who’s not that tall, led his own young grandson, without enough muscle strengths in his legs, whose knees stopped, working, slowly, walked, into the car.

This day, as I was there, picking my daughter up from school, the scene that’s, occurred repetitiously, changed.

a child like this, making the strides…photo from online


As the teacher led the boy out by the hand, the child hung on to the railings of the staircase, with his backpack on his back, step by step, headed down, the teacher signaled the grandfather to keep waiting for him at the bottom of the steps, although he’d, walked, quite slowly, the boy still, successfully, made it, to the bottom of the steps, and, was led away, by his, grandfather.  At this time, the boy lifted his head up slowly, waved goodbye to the male instructor, and turned toward the female teacher, said goodbye to her, with his eyes.  The teacher who acted as the crossing guard outside the school, perhaps she felt, moved, she’d, extended her hand, patted his head.  The grandfather, like he’d, always done, led the boy out, but, the boy became, more steadied than before, had the extra energy, to wave goodbye, to another elderly woman who’s, waiting for her grandchild.

Seeing this, it’d, made me cry.  From how he’d, stumbled a lot, to finally, walking steadily, and can, carry his, own backpack too, greeting his, adult counterparts.  This, seemingly ordinary act, was from the hard work of the boy, his special education instructor, and the families working with him daily to finally achieve.  Seeing how the young boy made such a huge improvement, as a mother of two, I was, moved to beyond words, I wanted to tell that young boy loudly, “you child, ARE, AMAZING!”

And so, this showed, how there’s, a lot of hard work, that’s, necessary, for these special needs children to finally get to the level of the other kids in the class, but, this boy worked, relentlessly, on his skills, that most people take for granted, and, because of his school instructors’ and his families’ patience and love, he was, finally, able, to walk down the steps, proudly.

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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