As the Citizens of a Country Can Only, Risk Their Lives, to Make Their Living

On the recent loss of the actor, Godfrey Kao, on how people are, overworked, slaving their lives away, without paying enough attention to their needs to take the breaks away, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the autumn of 2009, as my wife and I traveled to Japan by ourselves, we were, walking out of the Narita Airport, wanting to find a cab to take us to the center of the city, a man in his thirties asked us, “Are you looking for a ride?  I’ll take however much the bus fares cost to take you into the city too.  So I’d, asked him, “How much does a bus ticket per person cost?”, he’d replied, “a thousand yen per person”.  We’d, agreed at the moment, to take his cab, and as we got in, we’d found, that there were, two other passengers inside waiting too.

The driver asked us where we’re from?  We’d replied, Kaohsiung.  He’d told us, that his hometown was, Kaohsiung too, that he’d, originally, owned and operated a drink shop in the night markets.  Seeing how he was, from our hometown, I’d asked him, “How did you come to Japan, are you, married?”  He’d told me, that back in high school, he’d, made the wish of, marrying a Japanese woman, my classmates laughed at me, “What makes you think you’re, able to?”, that just, fueled, to my determination.

As he graduated high school, and served up his service terms, he’d, applied to the short-term night division department of a university in Japan, in his spare time, he’d, worked his ass off at two, three restaurants.  As he graduated, he married a woman from his night school classes, they now have two kids.

I’d asked him, “Do you speak Chinese or Taiwanese with your children?”  He’d told me, “they’re not really, familiar with me”.  I go out to work at six in the morn, the kids are still, in bed asleep, and I don’t return until two in the morn.  I don’t have the opportunity to speak to them, I work for twenty hours per day, around the year.  My dad once told me, “you can earn money 365 days a year, if you don’t take Sundays off, you can earn 52 days more than a lot of others who don’t work on the weekends.”

He made a lot of money.  As I’d heard, I was reminded of the overly used phrase, “You want to win, you work hard for it!”  but, life is so very, busy, putting aside the family, as well as one’s own health, is that, really, winning out of life?  We must, take care of our bodies, to find the time to rest up.  He’d smiled and told me, “thanks!”

The star, Godfrey Gao died in China on set on the 27th, it’d, made the public feel sad.  The paper told, that his death was caused by overworking, staying up through the nights, and, doing high-intensity exercises.  In Taiwan, there are, countless number of people who’d, lost their lives due to working too hard.  The Bible mentioned, “if you earned the whole world, but end up, losing your own life, what’s the point?”  These words, serve as even more of a reminder, to all the candidates, in the upcoming election.

And so, this, is on how the actor, Gao had died, and, the situation is happening all around right now, because people shifted the focuses of their lives to making the big bucks, without realizing, that in order, to make a whole lot of money, you’d, had to, sacrifice, a ton of more important things, such as your own health, time spent with the family, and in the very end, it still, wouldn’t, work out, evenly, because, having too much money, that you can’t even spend, because you’re, DEAD, doesn’t do anything for any of us!


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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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