His Retrial from the High Appellate Courts’ Mandated His Psych Evaluation, and Tang Was Still Sentenced to Death for Burning Six People Alive

Unfortunately though, the INSANITY plea, didn’t WORK in YOUR favor, not this time!!!  On crime & punishment, and scapegoating, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Over five years ago, the man, Tang had an argument with another man, Weng, after he’d sued him and lost, he’d, committed arson, and killed Weng’s six relatives in a fire he’d, started.  On his first and second trials, he was sentenced to death, the Highest Courts tossed back the first two trial verdicts on how the courts didn’t mandate psych evaluation for Tang, and had the higher courts retried him, the higher courts then asked the Asian Eastern Hospital to evaluate him, and the results found Tang to be lucid, and had the abilities to control his own behaviors, and can tell right from wrong, the Collectivist Courts believed that he showed NO respect for life, that his motives for murder were malicious, still sentenced him to death.

What’s worth noting was, the Highest Courts often used the excuse of “the possibilities of being reformed” as its ways of not giving out the death sentence, and in the trial, Tang’s team of attorneys also asked the psych evaluation to be done on him, the district attorney and the families of the victims claimed that this was a pseudoscience.  The psychiatrist who had conducted the evaluation stated, that there’s, NO viable methods that met up to the scientific criteria, or techniques, that there’s NO way of predicting if he was able to be reformed, or that he would, murder again.  The first retrial believed there’s no need for further investigation into the matter, tossed back Tang’s attorney’s requests.

The fifty-three year-old Tang in 2014 got into a verbal altercation with the owner of the restaurant, “Brother Cool”, as the customer, Weng saw them engaging in the altercation, he’d intervened to stop the two individuals from arguing and fighting, but, he was sued by Tang, after Tang had lost the case, he’d, held a grudge, in the early morning of March 23rd, 2016, he’d gone to Weng’s resident, set the fires on the scooters parked there.  Weng was serving in the armed services, he’d, escaped death, but his fourteen-year-old younger female cousin, and five other relatives, they weren’t, so lucky, they’d, all died in the fire.

Tang had used the excuse of “being tortured into confession by the police” to attempt to fight, but the officers collected the evidence in the interrogation room, and found him to be lying.  The courts circled around if he could be corrected, and his psych evaluation results, and, his attorney continually requested the psych evaluations to be done, while the D.A. believed, that while Tang was in prison, he had caused a lot of unneeded troubles, which showed, that correction and resocialization wouldn’t work for him.  The first retrial believed, that Tang had planned out all the steps to commit arson carefully before he’d committed the arson, the whom he’d murdered were burned by the blazes, and the only exit was swallowed up by the blazes, and Weng had lost six of his kin, that Tang’s crimes fitted to the requirements of “the MOST SEVERE sort of crime”, if the courts only gave him life sentence and below that, it wouldn’t, be justified enough toward those whom he’d murdered in cold blood, that it wouldn’t, even out with the malice that he took, still ordered for him to be put to death.

And so, this, is how this case went, and this LOSER burned the man’s families, whom he’d lost a court case to, to death, because he was displeased at the fact, that he’d, lost the case, and while serving in prison, he’d, gotten into fights and stuff, and the man, Weng, whose families this man murdered, was only acting as a mediator in a fight at a restaurant, and so, based off all of that, this perp, deserve to D-I-E, as he showed, NO signs of possibly being, reformed!

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