The Nanny Abused the Child to Paralysis, Only Received Six Years & Eight Months in Prison, the Families Displeased at the Light Sentence!

Reason for the physical abuse was???  Oh yeah, the baby was crying, out of turn, and the caretaker, lost it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of a one-year-old young girl in Taichung, Chen, was abused by her nanny to the point of almost becoming blind, the left side of her body paralyzed, and she still couldn’t eat on her own to this very day; the Taichung District Court found the nanny, Kuo guilty of physical assault, sentenced her to six years eight months.  The young child’s mother and uncle were upset, that the child was abused to paralysis, that the punishment was way too lenient, they’d decided to file for an appeal.

Kuo (age 29) shared a son with her husband, Cheng, who works as a police officer, she earned her nanny certification just this March, and started formally caring for young children this April, Chen, the young girl, and “Baby Luck”, with her own young son, Kuo took care of three children who are all, under the ages of two.

On the morning of June 21st, Kuo was alone at home, caring for the children, as she was changing the diapers for Chen who was lying in the crib, because the child refused to bend her legs, not complied with the diaper change, and her own young son was throwing his tantrum close by, Kuo smacked the infant girl’s thigh, wanted her to behave herself while she was, being changed, but the infant girl started wailing louder, louder, and louder.

Kuo couldn’t withstand two young children going crazy at the same time, she’d, lost emotional control, got angered, picked up the infant girl from the crib, started shaking the baby, then, she’d, placed the infant girl back inside the crib.

The infant girl continued crying, in the heat of her anger, Kou grabbed her by the left arm, dragged her out of the crib, slammed her hard, down on the twin mattress next to the cribs, causing her to suffer severe head trauma.

Not long thereafter, Kuo found that something wasn’t quite right with the infant girl, she’d administered C.P.R., but the infant didn’t respond, she’d then, called the police.  Rushed the baby to the E.R., where she had an open skull surgery, to this day, the infant girl is living on the feeding tubes, and can only make the single syllable sounds in speech, her left side was, paralyzed, after the medical assessments, it’d shown, that she had been severely injured, and that her brain had been, damaged to beyond repair.

And so, even IF you may received formal certification for a nanny, you may not have the patience to cope with the children that will be, going OFF around you, like in this case, and this woman she’d, lost emotional control, and took it out on an infant girl, causing her to become paralyzed, that just showed, how even IF you managed to find someone who’d been, “certified”, qualified as a professional caretaker, they may not be fitting, to care for your child.

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