Before He Hacked to Murder His Own Girlfriend, He’d Looked Up the Punishment, the District Attorney Asked the Judge to Make His Sentence Even Heavier

That call he’d made, was a show of his intention to commit murder!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Tseng was displeased at how his underage girlfriend, Yang wanted to break up, he’d hacked her when they were out on the streets twenty-six times, causing two fingers severed off of her hands, she’d also had multiple deep cuts, lost a lot of blood, and was in critical condition at one time, after emergency resuscitation, her life was, spared; the Kaohsiung D.A.’s Office found, that before Tseng committed the hacking, he’d looked up the details of the sentence of committing murder, they believed that it was, premeditated, and charged him on attempted murder; and suggested to the courts, to give him a heavy sentence based off of laws that protected children and adolescents.

As Tseng went to trial, he’d asked for bail, on how he was diagnosed with a psychological condition, but the Collectivist Courts believed, that he couldn’t provide the courts with documentations of the medications, and ways he was taking, to prevent himself from such bad behaviors again, that there’s a chance that he’ll, do it repeatedly, tossed back his request, kept him in custody.

The D.A. investigated, that in April this year, Tseng started dating Yang who’s still in high school, because she’d broken up with him, and refused to go out again, he’d suspected she’d taken up with another, he’d waited outside Yang’s residence in September this year, as he saw her walking home, he’d, taken the watermelon knife he’d stashed inside his storage compartment of his scooter, rushed up to her, hacked her head, neck, hands, legs, and other areas.

Yang fell in a pool of her own blood, as she was rushed to the hospital, the hospital diagnosed her with deep lacerations on her head, beck, shoulder, and back, they’d had to amputate her fingers, open fracture on her fingers, it’d caused her to go in to shock from bleeding, the hospital had, notified the families of her conditions being dire.

The D.A. and police confiscated the watermelon knife Tseng used, and found that there was a chip in the blade, which showed how much force he’d used, in hacking the woman down.  The police also found, that before the attack, Tseng went to a certain “knife shop” to buy the knife, and there were search records online for “possible sentences for murder”, they’d not ruled out that he’d, premeditated it.

And all of this, was caused, by a BREAK up!  This still just showed, how these days, murders are, committed, too easily, because someone does NOT love you, and you’re not ready for love to be over, you’d, gone off, went crazy, on a HACKING spree, and that, is what this generation of younger people are, doing to one another, murders, at break up!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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