The Three-Year-Old Child Died from a Contusion on the Head, the Parents Found Not-Guilty

Someone IS, at FAULT, but W-H-O???  Nobody got, CHARGED, for this young kid’s, death, because, the D.A. can’t, pinpoint the blames perfectly, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A boy, Wu, because of a bump in the head, was sent to the hospital, ten days after his release, he went into shock, and died, the district attorney’s office in Kaohsiung indicted Wu’s parents for neglect.  The district court asked the primary treating physician of the child, believed that the parents didn’t used the flexible bandages on him, and found there to be no relation of that to Wu’s death, found the parents not guilty, this can be appealed.

In June of 2014, the child is about three years old, the hospital’s assessments found him to be developmentally delayed that he’d, lacked strengths in his legs, tripped and fallen easily.  A month later, the child had head trauma, and rushed to the Changgang Hospital in Kaohsiung for resuscitation, and was diagnosed of having bone fractures, and hematoma, along with other injuries caused by the external forces, five days after he was kept in the hospitals for observations, he was discharged on July 19th, ten days later, his father found him to become lethargic, looked like he was, barely breathing, too pale, he’d rushed him to the hospital, but the child still, died.

The indictment pointed out, that as the young child was discharged from the hospital, the primary physician told the parents, to use the flexible bandages on him for a whole week, to ensure the hematoma doesn’t, expand.  As Wu was out of the hospital, his parents didn’t follow the doctor’s orders, and because they didn’t care for him properly, it’d, caused Wu to hurt his head again, causing him to bleed excessively under his scalp, he’d had light subdural hematoma then, causing him to go into shock, which in turn, caused his death, the parents were charged with negligent death.

Wu’s parents cried, “We did, look after him with care!”; the father of the child stated, that as soon as he’d found something the matter with his son, he’d, rushed him to the hospital, denied the negligent claims.

Wu’s parents said, that due to a viral infection, Wu was left immobilized, as his grandparents visited, they’d, insisted on taking him to the temples for an exorcism, the head of the temple wanted Wu to soak up in the holy water in a bucket, in the process, the child had, struggled, and, rammed his head onto the handle of the bucket, the following day, his head swelled up, the parents rushed him in, the treating doctor said that there were clots in his brain, that it will slowly go away on its own.

The D.A. charged the parents on not following the doctor’s orders for not using the flexible bandages and indicted them.  The district court judge called the physician, and the primary physician replied, that putting the pressure on only assisted in the treatment, that he’d not believed, that the parents’ not using the bandages had caused the child to die directly.

The verdict pointed out that Wu showed signs of developmental delays, he’d not been able to express himself well, that he’s, below the energy levels of children his age, that it’s debatable, if the parents could, detect their son’s conditions.

The judge used the evidence at hand, and it couldn’t prove that the parents were indeed, negligent, and the D.A.’s found that the child’s death isn’t directly linked to the parents’ behaviors, found the parents, NOT guilty, this can still be, appealed.

And so, it didn’t matter if the parents are guilty or not, a CHILD had, D-I-E-D here, and that’s, just, another life that’s, unaccounted for, and nobody’s found accountable for this young boy’s death still, because, they can’t, PINPOINT the blames, so, let’s just, file this one in too, until the next case like this one, surfaces, then, maybe, we get lucky and we’ll be able to, hold someone accountable for that next kid who’d, D-I-E-D!

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