The Single Father Smothered His Eight-Months Old Daughter to Death, Received Three Years Sentence, He’d Not Wanted Her to Live as Severely Paralyzed

Because he’s, the sole care provider, for his young, paralyzed daughter, because she was paralyzed, because of a nanny’s negligence, therefore, he had, the RIGHT, to MURDER his own young???  Uh, where the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!) is the L-A-W on protecting the lives of children here, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Man, Chen, After His Divorce, Took Care of the Baby Alone, He’d, Murdered Her, Because He Was Strained Emotionally & Physically, “it’s a Sort of Pressure Which No Normal Person Can Imagine”, the Judge Gave the Man a Reduced Sentence Due to the Circumstances.

After Chen’s Divorce from His Wife, He Took Care of His Own Eight-Months-Old Daughter Alone, Because of Negligence on the Nanny’s Part, His Daughter Became Paralyzed, Chen Due to Being Strained Physically & Mentally, Worried that Nobody Will Look After His Own Young, at the Start of the Year, He’d, Dosed Her First, then, Smothered Her, then, Attempted Suicide, But Was Saved; the Collectivist Court in Hsinchu Believed, that Chen Murdered His Daughter out of Love, that Although He’d Committed a Crime, but, the Caretaker’s Burdens are, Unimaginable for Those Outside, used the Penal Code for Leniency for the Situational, Sentenced Him to Three Years.

The verdict pointed out, the 33-year-old Chen was left to raise his own eight-months old daughter, because he had to work, he’d, left her in the care of the nanny, Chen, last year in August, the daughter fell asleep on her chest at the nanny’s home, and suffocated, although her life was saved, it’d caused her paralyzed, and started having epilepsy, the nanny paid $200,000N.T., and Chen stopped suing her, the D.A. dropped the charges against the nanny.

Afterwards, Chen took his daughter home and started caring for her around the clock, but, seeing how his daughter wasn’t, getting better, he’d taken care of her long-term, became stressed out, and worried that no one would be there to take care of her when she grew older, and not wanted his own young to suffer, the anti-epileptic medicines to her through the feeding tubes on January 12th, causing her to fall into a coma, then, covered up her mouth and nose until she’d, stopped breathing, then, he’d, called the police afterwards, and lied to them how his daughter died of asphyxia from sleeping on her belly.

As the D.A. wrote out the death certificate, he’d not shown any objection to the cause of death, which made the D.A. suspicious, and they’d, decided to autopsy the child three days later, as they’d believed, that the child couldn’t have, flipped on her stomach, being severely paralyzed already.  On the day of the autopsy, Chen didn’t want the autopsy to be done to his won daughter, he’d used LINE, and confessed to his own younger brother what he’d done, then, sent him his last note, and used a knife on himself, but he was, saved.

At the trial, Chen admitted to murdering his own child in court, and said he was willing, to take the punishment handed to him.

The judges of the Collectivist Court believed, that Chen should have watched out for his daughter’s right of life, but instead, he’d, stripped her of her right to live, but, took into considerations that his daughter was paralyzed, he being the primary caretaker, that he was under unimaginable amounts of pressures that the outside world couldn’t, imagine, that it was different from when someone killed for money, or out of malice, they’d considered letting him off easy, and the birthmother of the infant girl also, begged on his behalf too, the Collectivist Court used the Penal Code 59, and, gave him a reduced sentence, sentenced him to three years for intentionally murdering a child as an adult.

And so, this father, he CRACKED, because the burdens of caring for his own young paralyzed daughter became too great, or that he didn’t want to see her suffer anymore, either way, he had still, MURDERED his own young, but the courts considered how he was caring for her alone, how he was, under great duress, that the decision to MURDER his own young must’ve come really hard to him, that’s why, he’d, only, received THREE short years for murdering his own paralyzed young child.

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