The Mother & Daughter Found with Their Throats Slit Open, the Father was at Home at the Time

He had a fight with his wife, then, left for his business trip, came home to find his wife, and daughter, BOTH dead!  This is, tragic.  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Couple Argued, She’d Moved into Her Daughter’s Room, the Police Not Ruling Out the Mother Murdered Her Daughter Then Committed Suicide, But Found No Signs of Struggle at the Scene, Making Inquiries on What Could Have Happened to the Father Through the Night

The woman, Chen and her high school age daughter were found, dead, with both their necks slit in their residence.  Her Husband, Lee stated, that after they had an altercation on the 17th, his wife moved into their daughter’s room and locked the doors, he’d gone to knock, but nobody answered, it wasn’t until yesterday as he’d received a call from his daughter’s school, that she’d not shown up for two days, he’d rushed home, and found both his wife and daughter, dead.  The police found there to be so many suspicions in the case, they’re interrogating Lee through the night to clarify what had happened.

Based off of understanding, there were no signs of struggle where the mother and daughter died, the D.A. and police had suspected that Chen had first, drugged her daughter, murdered her, then, committed suicide, but no note was found, and, slitting the neck is an extremely cruel measure to murdering someone, and, if it were a suicide, how come there weren’t any struggles, cries, or signs of calling for help?  This is, what the police is trying to clarify.  Because the coroner’s believed that the mother and daughter died two days ago in the early morning hours, so why was it that Lee who was at home then, not know that his wife and daughter had died?  It all needs further investigation.  The D.A. will conduct an autopsy on both mother and daughter to clarify the cause of death.

The police and D.A. investigated, Chen (age 47) and Lee her husband who’s an investor of an electronics parts company, their high school daughter (age 17) moved to their current residence fifteen years ago, the couple had treatment records in the psychiatry department, they’d often argued on the household economics too.

Yesterday morn, as Lee went up to Taipei for a business call, he’d received a call from her daughter’s school, saying that she’d not shown up for two days, he’d felt something wasn’t wrong, rushed home to Kaohsiung, found his daughter’s bedroom locked, called the locksmith, he couldn’t open it, Lee broke down the door, found his wife and daughter both on the bed, with blood all over the places, he’d immediately notified the police.

The police found, that Chen and her daughter were on the bed, one was on her back, the other one, faced up, with blood all over, there were clear knife wounds on their necks, they’d been dead for hours.  The police found a bloody knife and an air gun in the room, but no note, only found the medication the psychiatrists prescribed to them.

Lee told the police, that they’d started arguing over household matter on the 17th, his wife got angered, moved into their daughter’s room, and locked the door from inside, she’d stopped talking to him like she would, it wasn’t until he went off to work, did she come out of the room.  On the evening of the 18th, he saw his wife, but they’d not, interacted.

He said, that two days ago before he left the house, he’d gone to knock on his daughter’s bedroom door, but nobody answered, he thought that his wife was giving him the silent treatment like she would before, didn’t mind it too much; because he had a business call with a coworker up in Taipei, he’d left at five in the morning yesterday, and shortly afterwards, he’d received the call, and rushed back home.

The school told, that two days ago, they’d found the daughter not shown up at school, they’d first called Chen, but, nobody picked up, yesterday morn, they’d called Lee, that was when Lee felt that something wasn’t right, he’d rushed home on the high-speed railroads, and as he arrived, he’d found his wife and daughter dead.

The school told, Lee’s daughter was an excellent student, top three of her school, got along very well with her teachers and fellow classmates, they’d not expected this accident to have happened.

And so, this looked like a murder suicide, the woman felt angered by her husband, and, killed their child, and then, herself, to make him regret it for life, and, this man will probably, carry the guilt for his wife and daughter’s death for the rest of his life too, and, the fight that the husband and wife had on the seventeenth, may just be, that final straw!

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