The Reintroduction Back to His Family of Origin, the Young Boy Died, Just After Two Months of Being Returned Back, to Live with His Family of Origin

Holes in the systems, left, UNPATCHED up!  Another kid who’d, D-I-E-D, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A young boy in Taichung who’s just five days until he turns three, was suspected of being, abused to death.  The social workers stated, that there were injuries old and new on the young child’s body, the parents claimed he’d fallen, bumped around a lot; but, there were, a lot of, doubts, that’s why the child services is suing the parents.

The office manager of the Domestic Violence Prevention Center in Taichung, Hou said, that the social workers intervened into this particular case back in 2016, they’d found that the infant boy was not yet a month old, and the parents were, divorced, the mother and son were homeless, at the end of the year, the social services helped placed the child, and by September of this year, the boy was, returned home to his families.

Hou stated, that the young boy has a six-year-old older sister, a four-year-old older brother, and they showed no signs of abuse.  As the boy was placed, the mother returned back to live with his divorced father again the family of four lives in a rental place in the city of Taichung, the father works as a decorating construction worker, but without a set income, the family was listed as low-income by the social services.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Center pointed out, that based off of the rules, each child will receive $2,695 N.T.s per month, the three children totaled up to $8,085 N.T.s in educational assistance fees, for the past four years, the child’s father had no records of physical abuse or domestic violence.

The social workers stated, that the young boy who’d died is only slowly, “reintroduced” back to his family of origin, he’d left the foster home just this September.  As the case got out in the open in November, the social workers found an assortment of bruises on him, the child’s father said that it was from after he’d bathed his three young children on Sunday night, he’d fed the fruits, and he’d performed CPR on the youngest as he choked on it, and the burn marks on his youngest was from the heat of the blowdryer.

Yeah, uh, who the FUCK you kiddin’, huh?  Clearly, this young child WAS, ABUSED to death, and that, is just one of the cases that showed the LACKINGS in the system, and this child was too young, not even three yet, and, returned back to his parents’ cares, and, he’d, ended up, MURDERED, and so, apparently, there’s just not something wrong with the family, but the SYSTEMS too, isn’t there?  Uh-huh!

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