She’d Abused Her Young Stepson to Death, Grabbed Her Stepdaughter, Soaked Her in Hot Water, Gained Another Two Years Eight Months

She’d Abused Her Young Stepson to Death, Grabbed Her Stepdaughter, Soaked Her in Hot Water, Gained Another Two Years Eight Months

Repeated ABUSER, and yet, NOBODY does, ANYTHING!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Lu three years ago, killed her boyfriend’s three-year-old young son, found guilty of negligent death sentenced to twelve years six months; the district attorneys found out, that she’d even, abused her boyfriend’s four-year-old daughter as well, she’d grabbed the child’s arms, soaked them in hot water, causing burns, the High Courts of Taiwan gave her another two years eight months for severe physical assault, this can be appealed.

Liu (age 32) cohabited with her boyfriend for years on end, the boyfriend took the cases of fixing machineries for a living, the family had applied for low-income assistance, the family receives $37,000N.T. each month from assistance; Liu was in charge of taking care of her own two sons, there were the four-year-old, and three-year-old sister and younger brother pair that her boyfriend had with his ex.

In 2016, it was found, that Liu had beaten up the children who weren’t hers with the handles of the shower, causing the children to have multiple bruises on them, on February 13th of the same year, she’d, forced the young girl’s right hand into burning hot water, disregarded how the child had, struggled hard, causing the girl to suffer from multiple burns on her.

The following day, Liu and her boyfriend, took her two sons out for Valentine’s meal, leaving the children who weren’t hers all alone at home, starving; as Liu returned home, she’d blamed the young boy for not eating fast enough, pushed the boy down, causing him to hit his head and child died from the fall.

During the trial, Liu admitted that she’d never lain a hand on her own children, that she’d, only hit her boyfriend’s daughter just once, and the burns were caused by how the child had, defecated all over herself in her sleep she’d used the showerhead to clean her off, but the water wasn’t stable, she’d not paid heed to the temperatures, that was how the girl had the burns.

But, based off of the doctors, the bruises on the young girl weren’t made in a day, the brownish yellow ones were from two, three days ago, the bloody red ones were the new ones, the young girl was covered up in old and new physical injuries, covering up her body.  The individual who’d examined the young girl found, that there were, severe burns on the young girls arms and thighs, and under normal circumstances, as the child touched the hot water, she’d, taken her hand back, and the inside of her elbows showed the “zebra skin” type injuries, which clearly showed, that her hand was, pushed into the water that was heated up.

The High Courts believed, that Liu showed a bad attitude, never gotten the forgiveness from the children’s birthmother, on the first trial, the courts sentenced her to two years eight months, that the sentence didn’t break the rule of ratio, tossed back Liu’s appeal.

And this would be, a modern day case of an EVIL stepmother, just because they weren’t yours, you still don’t’ have the right, to ABUSE them, and the children are way too young, to FIGHT back, that just showed, how awful stepmothers can be at times, because they only CARED for their own young, but NOT their boyfriends or husbands children from another relationship or marriage!

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