Who Can Pick Up the Phones for Me

This is the family’s hardships, of handling the issues surrounding long-term care, and the government can’t do SHIT! Translated…

My father ran to and from between Keelung and Taipei recently.

The news stories on how much people are putting in, to long-term care, along with the discussions among my friends of their own experiences, are as deeply felt and understood as recently. Several years ago, since my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, the relatives living in the south all had their work, their families, their lives, and, my father who lives up north started, shouldering up the responsibilities for caring for her. When my aunt was still healthy, going to visit her once every week seemed no big deal, but actually, it’d, taken away the time my father had after his busy day of work; whether it’s having to ride for over an our to the remote residence that my father had done, or how my mother needed to wake up early on the weekends to make the healing soups for my aunt, it’d, taken a lot of free time from both of them.

Six months ago, the oncologist gave my aunt a pessimistic prognosis, and told her to check into the hospital immediately, and those scene that we only saw on TV started playing repeatedly every day. Every day, as my father got off work early, he’d needed to rush to Keelung by his scooter, and, he’d gone to the hospitals, to check for needed items, and if the doctors, or nurses had anything more to say; as he’d returned home, he had an endless number of calls he needed to make, and to check every two weeks to see if there are other beds available, at alternative hospitals or not, and where to place my aunt’s cats, along with my aunt’s living will and such…………

Getting sick, it’s never just about the individual.

Watching how my father lost his weight, that “your aunt got angry, said why did we need to transfer her out of the hospital she finally got used to staying in, and she wouldn’t, listen to the rules as I’d explained it to her”, the helplessness, kept circling around. It certainly wouldn’t be right, to get angry at a patient, and yet, that sense of upset can’t be swallowed down easily either, and yet, most of the worries got, swallowed down hard; what I read up on became, a reality, coming into play in my own life, and this, is not just, the tragic songs of midlife anymore.

A phone call can agitate my father now, the light ring of the messages can’t be ignored, the insurances, the caretakers for hire, all came……and this is still, just from taking care of ONE person! But the strains from all of it, in just fifteen days, if there are elders who are ill for a long time, or underage children, how much more the burdens? And, that sense of helplessness from wanting to help, but not knowing how, it’d, tried the physical and mental health of the caretakers.

As for many years from now, who’s, going to, help me take those calls, that I can’t, even handle myself?

And so, this, is still from the observer’s point of view, this individual watches her parents get tried, in taking care of her ailing aunt, and, she felt the helplessness, the hardships that her parents is weathering through, and, there’s, NOTHING that she can do, because as we grow older, we’re, bound to become, weaker, and, there’s just, NOT a complete system of long-term care set up yet…

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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