The Japanese-American Teen Started Shooting for Sixteen Seconds at His High School, Causing Two Fatalities & Four Injuries in the Southern California High School

What would make this, sweet, kind (or so the neighbors told the press) young lad crack?  Nobody knows, tragedy that struck a high school in California, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the morning of the fourteenth, at the Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, there was a shooting, resulting in at least two dead, four wounded; the wounded included the Japanese-American shooter, Nathaniel Berhow, on his sixteenth birthday, he’d, opened fire at school, and saved the final bullet for himself, he’s in critical condition currently.

The shooting happened at 7:30 in the morn, the students were headed off to their first period; the captain of L.A. County sheriff’s office stated, that after reviewing the footages, the shooter took the gun out of his backpack, after he’d shot five, he’d used the gun on himself, the entire process lasted sixteen seconds; the weapon used in the assault was a .45 semi-automatic handgun, as the police took it in, the bullet casing was, emptied out.

The police is currently searching Berhow’s computer hard drive, document and his social media accounts, hoping to understand the motive of his shooting; based off of the LAPD, Berhow turned sixteen on the fourteenth.

Some students told, that the shooter on the evening before the shooting posted what he was about to do on social media, “Saugus have fun at school tomorrow”; but the contents, the police said, had been, wiped by a third-party.

The shooting caused the school to fall into a state of panic, because nobody knew that Berhow had, shot himself after he’d shot others; there were students who’d testified to running scattered, screaming as they heard the gun firing off, and there were students who used things to block the shooter from entering into the classrooms.

Some of the students and teachers were trapped in the classrooms for over an hour, until the heavily armed police officers arrived, then, evacuated everybody who was there, and searched for the sixteen-year-old shooter; and after the neighbors and the police’s identification, they’d confirmed, that Berhow was among the injured who got taken to the hospital.

Berhow’s neighbor told, that he was once a boy scout, quiet, kind and gentle, the whole family is friendly, they were shocked that he would do something like this.  The community held a candlelight vigil at the local church, to memorialize the two students who were killed in the shooting.

And so, something must’ve, made this teenager crack, otherwise, he wouldn’t have, opened FIRE at school, then turned the gun on himself too, perhaps, it’s how he’d felt he was, singled out by the population, being half Japanese, we can’t tell, until there are, more facts to the case being, presented here.  But this still just showed, how as adults, you must pay more attention to the teenagers in your lives, especially parents, get into the habits of talking with your young from an early age, that way, they will be more than likely, to tell you what’s going on with them, and, tragedies such as this one can be, avoided next time it happens.

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