The Infant Male Died from Asphyxiation During His Nap, the Nanny Charged with Manslaughter

This is W-H-Y, you should make sure that your infant children sleep on their backs!!!  And because of this nanny’s carelessness, this young boy died, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the fourteenth, there was an eight-months-old male infant, because of the nanny’s negligence, he’d died of asphyxia after being given his bottle and put to nap.  The infant’s families are in great distress, and could not forgive the nanny, intended, to get justice for their young, after the police interrogated the infant’s caretaker, they took her into custody on manslaughter charges.

Based off of understanding, both parents of this infant male worked full-time, about two months ago, the mother of the infant took her son to the nanny with the reputation, Ting (age 40) to care.

Ting the nanny claimed to the infant’s family, that at noon that day, after she’d, fed the infant, she’d, placed him down into the crib to rest, but, a short while later, when she’d gone to check on him, the infant was faced down on the bed, not moving.  Although she’d, immediately turned him over, but he’d stopped breathing already, she’d, rushed him to the hospital, but he’d still, died.

查看來源圖片a huge cause for sudden infant death, infants sleeping on their stomachs, because they may not have enough muscle strengths to turn themselves over, photo found online

The families of the infant boy suspected that the nanny was negligent, that they couldn’t accept that a healthy active infant, given to the nanny to look after, and came back home a dead body; the grandmother of the infant as she’d rushed to the hospital after hearing of her young grandson’s death, she became overly emotional, and almost fainted.  The parents of the infant boy stated, that they will, get justice for their infant who’d died in the nanny’s care.

And so, this, is another, unfortunate case, where the nanny wasn’t watching this young infant closely enough, and the thing about it is, when you’re caring for an infant that young, you should stay close to her/him, watch over her/him every minute, to prevent these deaths of young infant children, but due to this nanny’s carelessness, a young infant had, died.

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