The Clothes Manufacturer Switched Tracks, in Just Six Months, He Managed to Scam the Elderly in the Community $1.5 Million N.T.s

You should’ve STUCK with what you were, originally doing, because that would be, a LEGITIMATE, business, but, you were, tempted, and now, you are, gonna, FALL, H-A-R-D!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The original clothes manufacturer for the shopping strip of Wufengpu, Hsu, six months back, because of the downturn in economy, he’d, found a brand new “business”, joined up with a scam artist ring, recruited the younger generations, and used the methods of “false officers of the law” to scam those who are in their midlife or elderly years, in six short months, he’d managed, to get at least $15 million N.T.s.  Recently, the police took Hsu and the drivers, and other positions, a total of fifty-eight individuals into custody, and after interrogations, they were all booked for fraud, money laundering, organized crimes, and other charges.

The police investigated, that the sixty-two-year-old man, Hsu originally manufactured clothing for a living, but six months ago, the business wasn’t doing well enough, he’d, used the connections he’d established in his original line of work, and invested the money and started in the scamming business; in order to evade arrest, he’d found his hiding places in Guangzhou, China, and set up the operations units there, and, used the younger generations who don’t have a clue, to scam the people in Taiwan.

Hsu used the claims of “easy work”, “wages by cash” to entice the members of the younger generations to get involved, and, there were even, underage children, and if the members of his ring refused to work as drivers, they can get more of their friends involved, to get the commissions that way too.

Based off of understanding, the scam ring targeted victims between ages sixty and seventy, and falsified themselves as members of law enforcement, claimed that the victims’ accounts were involved in money laundering, and drugs, that the victims had to give up their ATM card or cash to be watched over by the government; as the money was scammed, then, they would get collected, and, laundered through the underground banking systems.  In no more than six months of operations, this scam ring has at close to sixty members, and managed to scam at least $15 million N.T.s, and used the underground banking systems for the wire transfers to launder the money, the police estimated that there are, at least thirty victims for now.

A driver of about twenty years of age, Chen, after getting caught, he’d told the police, that he’d lacked the spending cash, and joined into the ring, became a driver, and this was only his third time working; the very first time he did it, he saw that his victim was, elderly, and, hinted to the victim, that he is working for a scam ring, but the victim already believed the lies, and still insisted on paying him the money that he had in cash.

For the past few months, the police collected the evidence, and recently, they’d, managed to catch ALL the drivers working in China, and found the rooms of operations in Da-An and Zhongshan districts here in Taiwan, and, they’d ambushed at the Taoyuan Airport this September, and, arrested the head of this scam ring, Hsu who was visiting his families at home, and, all fifty-eight of the involved members of this ring are charged with fraud, organized crimes, and money laundering, sent to the district attorney’s office.

And so, because your original business wasn’t doing so well, you’d, started up a brand new business, in SCAMMING, and what’s worse is that you got those innocent younger generations to be your fall guys, because they’re all way too inexperienced, way too god damn RETARDED, and now you got caught, and you DESERVED all the jail time you’re going to get, and hopefully, the judge will give this LOSER the HEAVIEST sentence possible for fraud, money laundering, and scamming!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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