The Three Murders of the Mother & Her Twin Sons, the Biological Father Found to be the Culprit

Murders that stemmed, from jealous here, because this woman is a sex worker, and, her cohabiting partner was displeased about it, and they had an argument, and he’d, murdered her, along with her two infant twin sons too! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The murders of the mother, Chen, with her twin sons in the rented suite in Taichung the D.A.’s office led the coroners to conduct the autopsies, found that Chen’s throat was snapped, that the twins were bleeding from the noses and mouths, that it’d corresponded to Chen’s statements, and the law enforcement officials already took in the DNA to examine, to see if there are anything in the toxicology reports; based off of understand, the DNA of the twins matched up to the suspect, Chen’s, and it’s confirmed, that they’re father and sons.

The district attorney, Chen led the researcher of the forensic department, Hsiao to the Taichung Mortuary to conduct an autopsy, and found that Chen’s throat was snapped, which matched to the suspect’s testimonies of how he’d, strangled her to death; the twins were found to have been bleeding from the noses and mouths, which also matched Chen’s telling the police that he’d, smothered them to death.

The D.A. and police, in order to build a strong case, the officers even took the evidence in and outside of the washing machine, and tested it, it was positive for the twins’ DNA, which corresponds to how Chen told them he’d, stuffed his own twin sons into the washing machine and smothered them to death, which proved, that Chen had, stuffed his own twin sons into the machine and suffocated them to death.

The D.A. had the coroners take the blood samples from all three victims, urine, stomach contents, and the internal organs to test them to see if they were drugged before they were, murdered.

Chen the suspect is unemployed, took care of the twins at home, because his cohabiting partner, Chen worked in the sex industry, he was jealous, on the third of this month, the two of them had a verbal altercation, he’d strangled her to death, stuffed his own twin sons into the washer, put in the quilt, to smother them to death, the outside suspected, that the twins weren’t his, otherwise, how could he have, murdered his own two young sons?

And so, that’s one suspected cause for murder, or maybe, the man was just, getting back to the woman he was cohabiting with, for sleeping with a ton of men, who knows, but if these young children were indeed, this man’s own blood, then, he deserve the HARSHEST sentence for murdering his two young infant sons.

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