The Infant Girl Was Covered in Physical Injuries from Head to Toe, Her Mother’s Cohabiting Partner Arrested

BEATEN to critical condition, by her mother’s, COHABITING partner here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A young infant who’d just turned one a little while ago, two nights ago, went into a coma due to subdural hematoma, she was rushed to the Kaohsiung Medical School Hospital to be emergency resuscitated on.  The doctors suspected that the infant girl had been abused long-term, reported to the police and the Department of Social Services.  Because there were injuries old and new covering up the infant girl’s body, the police believed that Chang is a primary suspect, in the depth of the night last night, they sent him to the Kaohsiung D.A.s office, after the D.A.’s office interrogated him, they’d taken him into custody.

The police also interrogated the infant girl’s birthmother, Chou, but Chou and Chang both denied the abuse, claimed that the infant had fallen on her own, and that was how the injuries happened.  The police were doubtful about their testimonies, Chou was listed as a witness temporarily, and after the police interrogated her, they’d, sent her home.

a child seriously injured by abuse…查看來源圖片photo from online

Based off of understanding, because there were hematomas inside the infant girl’s brains, causing the pressures to get high, the medical department of Kaohsiung Medical University performed the first emergency surgery to clear out the clots, and the infant is still in a coma, they performed a second surgery on her yesterday, hoping to reduce the pressures on her brain, but the infant is still in critical condition, these three days will be key, in how she’ll end up.

The police found, that the birthmother was only twenty years old, although she was married, six months ago, she’d left with her own infant daughter, moved to Kaohsiung from Miaoli, placed her daughter at a relative’s family, and on the eighth of this month, she’d moved in with Chang with her own infant daughter.

Two evenings ago, Chang rushed to the E.R. of Kaohsiung Medical School Hospital, Chou came in shortly thereafter, the doctors checked the infant, found her to be in a comatose due to subdural hematoma, she’s in critical condition, there were bruises, covering up her limbs, as well as her torso, pinch marks too, the physicians suspected she’d been, abused.

The police were notified, and collected the evidence, called Chou and Chang in, although Chang denied the abuse accusations, but he couldn’t tell the police how the infant was injured.  At the preliminary interrogations, the police found, that Chou left home two days ago,, she wasn’t home up until her daughter was taken into the hospital, during this time, the infant was in Chang’s care, and so, Chang was believed to be a primary suspect.

The manager of the Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention Department  the Social Services Department in Kaohsiung, Lee stated, that there were new and old injuries covering up the young infant’s entire body, she’d undergone two surgeries so far, they hoped that she’ll, make it.

In recent years, the public became more aware of issues in child abuse, there were about 4,000 cases reported on child abuse, mostly were how the parents were getting loud, and physically disciplining their own young, the severe injuries causing death, the major cases are not huge in numbers.

And so, this, is what’s happened, because your cohabiting partner got tired of your daughter’s cries, he’d, BEATEN her to a coma, and you’re not entirely faultless, because you should’ve watched over your own young, but you were out, doing god knows what, that’s how your own young is in a comatose right now.  You’re, negligent, at least!


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