The Runaway Migrant Workers’ Unregistered Births, the Department of Immigrations: Using the Basic Human Rights to Handle the Matter

This is, becoming a HUGE problem in society right now, and the Department of Immigrations had come up with a plan, that just might work, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The United Daily News report on the issues of unregistered births of the migrant workers got the government’s attention.  The Department of Immigrations stated yesterday, that in the future, other than working alongside the related units in National Security to stop the clustering of external populations, they will protect the rights of the migrant women or migrant infants while they’re in Taiwan.

The UDN Papers investigated, that the facilities that took in the migrant infants, the social workers, along with those who are familiar with the migrant worker circles all questioned the number of births of unregistered, undocumented children, believed that the actual number is higher than what the government had, posted; in the mountains of the central regions, the nuns even disclosed, that a lot of the female migrant workers had, given birth in the workers’ shacks in the mountains, and, they’d also talked on the abortions of the migrant workers, and both of these, are the “undocumented numbers” that the government had no control over.

Toward the number of unregistered, undocumented children of migrant workers being born, the Department of Immigrations stated, that the government is now, stepping in actively to deal with it, to resolve the issues of adoptions, schooling, medical treatments, along with naturalization; after the migrant workers run away, they’d started working in the construction sites, the restaurants, the private homes mostly, the Department of Immigrations will work with the related units of National Security to continue to document the foreigners, to stop the foreigners from clustering up, or engaging in illegal acts.

And, for humanitarian reasons, to secure the safety, the wellbeing of the pregnant migrant workers, and their infants, the Department of Immigrations are employing the methods of placing them in someone else’s care, or giving them money to care for themselves, instead of taking them in.

If before the migrant workers were sent out, and couldn’t find a set place to stay, the Department of Immigrations will reach out to the social welfare programs of the private sectors, to help place the mothers and their children.

The Department of Immigrations stated, that they will be amending the laws on strengthening the programs to care for the mothers and children before they were deported, to make sure the laws were followed, and that the workers’ human rights are looked after as well, to hopefully, resolve this problem.

And so, they’d, used a more humane approach, for these migrant workers who got pregnant while working here in Taiwan, and, it’s a good thing, because the children born to these migrant mothers, didn’t do anything wrong, and they should NOT be punished, because who they were born to!

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