The Couple Abandoned Their Young Infant, the Infant Was Chewed Up to Nothing But Bones by the Stray Dogs

Bad parents, who’d caused their own young to D-I-E, in such, a brutal, and horrible manner! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Song met a man online, they moved in together, she was pregnant, about a month ago she gave birth to an infant girl, the couple left Kaohsiung, and were listed on missing persons; the police found them in Taichung, but didn’t see their baby girl, the police pressed them hard, and that was when they’d told the police, that they’d, bagged her up in a trash bag and tossed her away. Awhile ago, the police found the bag, and broken pieces of bones inside, and will wait for the coroner’s examinations, to identify if the remains were humans or not, the case is being prosecuted on disposing of a human body.

Based off of investigation, Song (age 19) was raised by her grandmother. Last October, she met Huang online, left home, moved in with him, Song’s grandmother couldn’t find her, and in December of last year, she’d reported her missing.

This April, Song went to Xiaogang Hospital for her prenatal check up, the Social Services instilled the “Pearl Program”, and signed Song up for it, to be visited by social workers, but the social workers couldn’t get in touch with her afterwards.

By May, the social workers contacted Song’s grandmother, and that was when the department learned, that she’d been, missing, the Social Services immediately notified the police to look for Song and her boyfriend, Huang.

On November 6th, the Taichung First Precinct found them, the officers found that the Department of Social Services in Kaohsiung was also, looking for them, they’d connected Kaohsiung. The workers of the Social Services in Kaohsiung were certain that Song had been pregnant, and should’ve given birth already. The police didn’t find any traces of a baby, after pressing her and her boyfriend, they’d told the police that their child was a stillborn; the workers at the Social Services, and the police were, shocked, took them into the station, to conduct further investigations on the matter.

Huang said, that he’d rented a property from his friend so his girlfriend could stay there until birth, but on October 8th after the infant girl was born, she wasn’t breathing, nor a heartrate, they thought she was dead, he’d put the infant into a trash bag, took it to a vacant lot, then, tossed the infant’s body over the fences, then, left Kaohsiung, and came to Taichung.

Huang took the officers to where he’d disposed the infant, and the officers only discovered the torn up pieces of the trash bag, and the small pieces of fractured bones all over, they suspected that the fetus was eaten by the strays, they’d immediately called up the D.A. and coroner’s office.

But, afterwards, the officials can’t be absolutely sure, that they were, the remains of humans, and the D.A. told the coroner’s office to examine the remains further, to see if the infant was still alive when she was thrown away. After the D.A. interrogated Song and Huang, they’d placed them under house arrest at Song’s grandmother’s place, and they will take further actions against them, after the autopsy results were completed.

And so, just because you gave birth to a stillborn (or so you said you had!), that still gives you NO right, to toss away your own infant’s body like T-R-A-S-H! You should’ve gone to the hospital, and, had everything done the RIGHT way, but you didn’t, and so, you’re now, charged, with abandonment at the least!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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