The Private Preschool Was Found, for the SIXTH Time, for Taking in MORE Students Than They Were Supposed, Mandated to Stop Operating for a Whole Year

The government had given this early childhood education center opportunities to change and it still, didn’t! This preschool not just, broke the law, it’d also, endangered the lives of many children too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The private preschool in Luzhou, Zhong Guan Preschool had gotten ambushed SIX times by the Hsinbei Department of Education in the past six years, and found to have taken in double the number of students that they were originally supposed to, the government mandated the preschool to stop operating for a whole year starting on December 9th of this year, and fined the facility $170,000N.T.s; the Zhong Guan Preschool didn’t have anything else to say to the press, only that they will be assisting all their students to find a new school.

The school, since June of 2016, had been found to take in forty-six MORE students than they were supposed to, and they’d, illegally expanded the preschool’s operations, and the teacher-student ratio wasn’t to the standards, in June of 2017, they’d taken in an excess of thirty-five more students, in May of 2018, they were checked again, and found to have taken sixteen extra students into the programs, back then, the government reduced the total number of students they could enroll by ten-percent (originally, there were 28 students, with three less then); in July of 2018, the government’s found that the school took in another extra fifty-six students, and mandated that the school stops its operations for six months.

The Collective Public Safety Agency went to the school with the Department of Education, the Fire Department, and other government agencies, and found that the school had taken in a total of over fifty extra students, that it’d, exceeded the limit of twenty-eight that was legal.

The Department of Education stated, that in the past three years, they’d sent the workers to check, found that the preschool had multiple times broken the rules, including having more students than they were supposed to take in, expanding their space illegally, and took in the elementary age students for the afterschool care programs, that they’d not registered with the government thirty days after a new instructor had been hired to work as they were, supposed to, and other major offense, which greatly, impacted the safety and welfare of the students and the child care education workers too.

The Department of Education decided, that the school be put out of business for a whole year, and pay a fine of $170,000N.T. total, the Department of Education told, that they’d already, docketed the space of the preschool, plus they will be sending people to check unannounced, and that if the school still kept taking in the students, then, they will be, shutting the school down for good.

And so, this, is not just dangerous, because when there are that many extra kids in the class, what IF, some sort of an emergency happens (like say, a fire???), this is NOT just unsafe, it’s also, not right, and simply because, this preschool wanted, to make even MORE money than they already had!

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