The Highest Courts Handed Down a Severe Sentence for His Murdering His Ex-Girlfriend, a Female Youtuber, Gave Him Life in Prison

This LOSER should’ve received the DEATH PENALTY for murdering his own EX!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 17 Live Cast broadcast, Gerogie Chiu was STABBED, then STRANGLED to death by her ex-boyfriend, Liao, the first trial thought, that Liao wanted to kill himself to get the love back, but the woman told him no, that was why he’d, murdered her, found him guilty of murder, sentenced him to fifteen years in prison. The High Courts of Taiwan yesterday made a rare precedence, increased his sentences to life in prison, stripped him of his government position for life. The judge stated, that Liao, because of the breakup, had MURDERED the twenty-six-year-old woman, Chiu, that if a severe punishment wasn’t enforced, then, he couldn’t, answer to the society.

The High Courts pointed out, that the day before the murder, Liao had prepared the fruit knife, which showed that his act of murder wasn’t in the spur of the moment; plus he’d, not yet reached a settlement agreement with the families of his victim to date, mediated with them, nor made the amends yet, that every time he’d “bowed down to apologize”, it wasn’t, considered having enough remorse for his crime, and the family of the victim had asked the courts to sentence him to death. The Collectivist Courts pointed out, that murdering someone because of a breakup, this isn’t, the behaviors that younger generations of people should have, that’s why it’d, increased the sentences.

The twenty-eight year-old Liao worked as a photographer, a shoe store clerk, and in the sales department of the podcasts, as he’d committed the crimes and went on trial, he was living off of his savings, had stopped working, and stopped getting paid. Liao and Chiu were only dating for a little over three years, they broken up last February, on May 22nd, he took a fruit knife to the stairways of Chiu’s resident, and waited for her, when Chiu opened up her door, and was ready to go out, he’d, pushed her into the doorway, and stabbed her, murdered her, then, he’d, strangled her in the process. As the neighbors heard the woman screamed, they’d notified the police, when the police arrived, Liao refused to open the door, they were at a standstill, and in the end, it’d caused Chiu, to bleed to death.

The Taipei District Court believed, that Liao’s “pretending to commit suicide” to get Chiu back, that Chiu tried to break away from him, which was what angered him, to commit murder.

As the High Court held its session, Chiu’s father accused Liao for threatening to murder his daughter few months before it actually happened, as the parents, they’d, wanted their daughter, to slowly, fall out of love with Liao, and that he falls out of love with her slowly too, but, he’d taken, such extreme measures. During his trial, Liao claimed that he’d not intended to murder his ex-girlfriend, and had cried and told Chiu’s father, “I really do love your daughter, I just wanted to protect her”, he’d even kneeled, and bowed four times. Chiu’s father replied, “I shall NEVER forgive you for the rest of my life”, he’d wanted Liao to feel his own conscience, “you say it, and I can’t even bear to hear it”.

And so, this man, MURDERED his own EX-girlfriend, because he’d, broken UP with her, and this still just showed, how easily, love became, HATE, especially when there’s that possessiveness that you weren’t aware of, that you’d, misinterpreted as him being “protective” (like how a doggy MARKS his territories???), and you just didn’t see all the signs, because you were, either blinded by love, or that you just, don’t want to see the truth about him, and this caused you to get MURDERED by this L-O-S-E-R, and, getting life in prison, that’ll be, torturing, because his GUILTY conscience will NEVER, let him rest again!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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