She Hacked Her Ex-Husband and Her Daughter a Total of 36 Times, the Indonesian Woman Found Guilty of Murder and Sentenced to 28 Years

This is still, a built up over the years, because a woman, just don’t, CRACK suddenly!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Indonesian woman, Wang who lives in Changwha believed that her husband’s side of the family looked down on her, she’d waited until her ex-husband, her daughter were asleep, she’d, hacked them both to death, the Changwha District Court found her guilty of murder, sentenced her to twenty-eight years of prison, and stripped her of her government position for ten years.

The verdict pointed out, that Wang (age 40) married Wu who was a year senior back in 2002, because she’d wanted to mail money back home to Indonesia, she’d gone to the motel her husband’s family owned to work, but she suspected that Wu was having an affair, and started arguing with him endlessly, they’d been divorced three times, but are still living together.

Afterwards Wang started having more conflicts with her ex-husband, Wu on work, on the education of their daughter, the living habits, and how she wasn’t, getting along with her in-laws, she felt that his side of the family had discriminated against her, in November of last year, she bought a fruit knife, stashed it in a drawer of the third floor bedroom, and withdrawn all the money from her accounts, and after she had a fight with Wu in December, she’d picked up that knife she’d stashed away, and stabbed Wu repeatedly.  As Wu woke, he’d wanted to run to the second floor to get his parents to help him, Wang chased after him, and stabbed him a total of nineteen times on the back.

After Wang stabbed her husband to death, she’d thought about how her fifteen-year-old daughter didn’t follow her instructions, and loved her father more, she’d gone to her daughter’s room, and STABBED her own daughter in her sleep seventeen times to death.

As Wu’s parents saw what had happened to their son, their granddaughter, they still couldn’t forgive Wang to this day, hoped that the courts could give her the death sentence, otherwise, they will all be fearing for their lives and live in fear.

The judge considered, how although Wang was cruel in her actions, but she’d known Wu for no more than a week, and married him, that they’d not realized, how much hard work was needed, for the marriages of two people from different countries, and, found her to have borderline personality tendencies, and that she had psychological problems that weren’t, treated, which caused their relationship to cycle viciously, in the end, it couldn’t get turned back around.  And the courts took into considerations that Wang turned herself in and on the murder of her ex, she was given fifteen years and received another twenty for knowingly murdering an underage minor, that she will be serving at least a total of twenty-eight years in prison.

And so, this is still, ALL a built up, and this woman didn’t move OUT of her ex-husband’s home after she was divorced, and had she moved out after the divorce, then, this might not have ended like this, and, imagine how much hatred there must have been for her to go stab-crazy!!!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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