The A.I.D.S. Case Manager Busted for Dealing Drugs

And you WORK in the hospital too???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, who’s a case worker for A.I.D.S. patients, Chiu in the United Hospital Systems in Taipei was suspected of dealing drugs, the police and district attorney arrested him as he was returning back from his trip abroad at the airport, after the Taipei D.A.’s Offices interrogated him, he was charged with breaking the laws of substance abuse and dealing drugs, and the D.A. asked the courts to take him into custody, the judge mandated that he needed a bail of $100,000N.T.

Based off of understanding, the 43-year-old Chiu worked as a case working for A.I.D.S. patients in the United Hospital’s Kunming Branch, he’s also, a case worker of addicts.  Last month, he was a representative for the hospital to the A.I.D.S. prevention conference, he’d returned to Taiwan on the evening of October 31st, as he entered the customs, he was, immediately arrested by the airport police and the police department of Songshan.  The police later found several paraphernalia and more than 200 grams of amphetamine at his residence in Wanhua.

Based off of understanding, as Chiu was taken in, he’d, denied having sold the substances, only admitted to abusing the substances, and providing them to his friends to use, and claimed that he’d allowed his friends to have drug parties at his place.  Chiu described, that his home was like a hotel, he’d rented it out often to his friends, then, his friends called on others, to have their drug parties.  The police suspected, that Chiu not only sold to unknown individuals, they’re not ruling out his selling the substances to his cases, they took his urine sample, and continued chasing the sources of the substances he had on him.

The Songshan police substation last month busted Lee for drug dealing, and they chased the leads, found that it was Chiu who’d sold the drugs to a middleman, then, the middleman sold off the substances to Lee.

The head of the Kunming Hospital, Yen stated, that currently, they’d, terminated the position of Chiu at the hospital, that on Monday, they will have an evaluation, and that he was sorry, for what Chiu was doing.

Yen stated, that in the past few weeks, he’d noticed the abnormalities in behaviors in Chiu, that he’d often seemed out of it a lot, he often seemed out of it, and the center asked him if he’d been using the drugs, he’d denied it, and, they’d originally planned to formally confront him after his conference abroad, and after Chiu was arrested, the police are getting to the bottom of what’s happened, and the hospital will work hand-in-hand with the police in investigation.

The police after interrogating Chiu, charged him with substance possession and abuse, the district attorney at the Taipei D.A.s office asked the courts to have him taken into custody, but the courts didn’t see a need, and set his bail at $100,000N.T. yesterday afternoon.

This, is really bad, I mean, you WORKED as a case worker for the hospital, and you should KNOW the effects of these illegal substances on your systems, and, maybe it’s because you worked in close vicinities with these drugs, that made them, easier for you to access that you’d started, dealing, who knows, but you should’ve KNOWN better, and now, you got caught!

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