He Took His Wife & Daughter to a Wedding Banquet, Got into a Crash, His Wife Died, His Daughter in Critical Condition

A car crash, with fatalities, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsieh took his wife and young daughter, drove up north for a wedding banquet, as he was on the Changwha section, there was a car crash, his wife died from severe injuries, and his not-yet-a-year-old daughter is in critical condition from subdural hematoma, four were injured.  Hsieh disregarded how he was also, injured on the head, he’d cried, “We’re on our way to a wedding banquet, and also, to celebrate my wife’s birthday, how can it end like this?”

Based off of understanding, the 28-year-old Hsieh and his wife, Peng were classmates of the nursing department in their college days, they both worked as nurses in Tainan after graduation.  They were in love for a long time before finally getting married, just last year, and right after the Chinese New Year this year they had a daughter together.

The family of three left their home happily yesterday, they planned to head to Taipei to attend a wedding of their classmate from college then return home to Changwha to visit, and they’d gotten into this car crash on the way, the couple became separated by life and death now, while the eight-months-old young daughter is still fighting for her life in the hospital.  At the hospital, Hsieh couldn’t cope with how his family suddenly, broke up.

Hsieh’s mother told, that her daughter-in-law celebrated her birthday just last week, the family of three intended to come back to Changwha after the wedding, and they planned to give her daughter-in-law a belated birthday celebration yesterday, she couldn’t imagine that they were involved in a fatal car crash.  As she was notified, she’d, immediately, rushed over to the hospital, the accident happened too suddenly, she couldn’t, accept it.

The Third Police Squad of the Freeway pointed out, at 10:20 in the morning yesterday, the northbound on Freeway 1 at the Xizhou County sections in Changwha had a series of car crashing, causing one dead five injuries.  Hsieh was giving a ride to the 28-year-old woman, Pan, and the twenty-year-old woman, Liang, they were, both injured, but thankfully, their injuries, weren’t, fatal; the 57-year-old woman whose car that Hsieh had crashed into, only sustained an injury on her lower back, but it wasn’t, serious.

The preliminary investigations found, that there was huge traffic flow northbound, Hsiao’s car was in the inside lanes, as she found the traffic up ahead was congested, she’d, slammed on the brakes, but it was too late, she’d HIT the car before hers.  As a compact driver from behind her saw her slammed on the brakes, he’d, followed suit, slammed on the brakes, and then, Hsieh’s white sedan couldn’t stop in time, and slammed into the car, and Hsieh’s vehicle was hit by the pickup that was speeding forward, the two cars rolled to the shoulders after hitting each other, Peng who’s on the passenger side, after two impacts, was in a coma.  The police will examine the evidence closely, to find out exactly what had happened, and who’s responsible in this case.

Hsieh also sustained a head injury, he held back the pains, while watching his wife get carried on the stretchers, walked out of his car with his daughter in a coma, alighted the ambulance to the Changwha Hospital of the Department of Health and Sanitations.  After the medical staff did all they could for Hsieh’s wife, she’d still died, and, his young daughter was, transferred, to the Christian Hospital of Changwha, she’s still in a coma.

And so, this, is probably caused by speeding on the freeways, which proved, just how dangerous the roads can be, and this family of three were on their way home from a wedding banquet, they weren’t, the cause of this accident, but, they ended up, as the casualties, and this accident, broke the families up.

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