A Six-Year-Old Child Was Found, Famished Like a Skeleton, with Old & New Injuries on His Body, Abused to Death, His Maternal Grandmother Taken into Custody

The accidental trip and fall, caused this young child to CRACK his head, and the paramedics found that something else worse had happened to this young boy at home, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A six-year-old boy from Luzhou, Hsinbei City, bumped his head in the bath two days ago, he’d started bleeding hard, rushed to the hospital, but he still died; the paramedics found his body to be covered up in scars that seemed to have been from abuse, worried that the case wasn’t just, an accident, they’d, notified the authorities.  The D.A. and police examined the body, they saw that the young child was covered in injuries old and new, and he was, famished, like a skeleton too, weighed no more than thirty-three pounds.

After the autopsy, the police immediately put the cuffs onto the maternal grandmother, Wei, who was taking care of him at the hospital, charged her with murder, sent her to the Hsinbei D.A.’s office.  The D.A. believed that Wei had, abused a young child to death, asked the court to have her taken into custody, which the courts allowed for.

The 63-year-old maternal grandmother claimed, that two evenings ago, after she was done bathing her young grandson, she left the bathrooms for a short while to turn off the water heater, she’d suspected that he got naughty, climbed onto the toilet, that was why he’d fallen, and cracked his head.  She’d cried out, “I did NOT hit my grandson!”

As the police and D.A. examined the body, they’d found the boy to be very short, unlike how six-year-olds should be, and he’d weighed less than fifteen kilograms, suspected that he suffered from malnutrition long term; other than the new lacerations from his bumping his head, he was, covered with multiple burns and contusions all over his body, there were, the red and green bruises, and swellings covering his backside, there were the wounds that were starting to, ulcer too.

The office manager of the Domestic Violence Prevention Unit of the Hsinbei Social Services Department, Hsu stated, that two nights they received the call, that the young boy who was abused had no records of being mentally or physically handicapped, nor domestic violence priors, normally, he was taken care of my his grandmother in Luzhou, and his mother in Kaohsiung, but as the mother received the call from Social Services, she’d told them she wasn’t willing to come to Taipei to see him.

The neighbors told, that the young boy had been transferred to and from Luzhou and Kaohsiung regularly, “his mother couldn’t have not known about it (his being abused).”

The preliminary investigations of the Hsinbei Social Services showed, that the child’s family is not well-to-do, that they’d filed for assistance as a low-income household from the government, and there were the deliveries made to the house from the food banks.  And because the young boy has a seven-year-old older sister, the social services had taken her into protective custody now, at the preliminary examinations, the little girl showed no signs of being abused, only her knees were red and with bruises.  She’d told the social services, that she’d tripped and fallen, that her grandmother never hit her, but she’d not told the officials if her grandmother was, physically abusing her younger brother or not.

And so, this resulted in the death of a young child, and, it is, NEGLECT, at the least, because the child was starved he was six years old, and weighed less than thirty-three pound, and that, is NOT the weight of a normal six year old!  So, something definitely, had happened here, and I’m thinking, that it’s both, abuse, AND neglect, and this child’s life was, L-O-S-T!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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