Helping the Younger Generations See the Hopes, that, is the Prospect We Need to Have

On the empty promises the current president here, is making to the voters, and how the candidate for the next election is working hard, to fulfill his promises to his voters, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

My daughter’s foreign exchange classmate said, “Going to Japan as a foreign exchange student is the turning point of my life.”

Many years ago as my daughter entered into her second year in high school, she was selected by the Rotary Club to Belgium as a foreign exchange student for a year, that was also, the turning point, of HER life. That year, she’d, set up her foundation for her second language, French, gotten a broader world perspective, became, more independent, and cultivated her fearlessness in facing the challenges in her life.

As the mayor, Han called out how he was setting aside the funding for the government for the programs, sending the excellent college and graduate students abroad to study for a year, I’d, hoorayed. This program is usually, hosted by the private sectors, if the government can help set this up, then, it surely, can offer the help to the students who are from lesser backgrounds, to help them become, worldly, and can, use what they learn, to help the country even more.

As my daughter went to Belgium as a foreign exchange, there’s a student from my class who’d told me, “Teacher, my father doesn’t DARE send me to a foreign country to study.” But, just like how my daughter did it, she’s, all alone, in a strange place, she had her share of hard times, but, thankfully, the host family took good care of her. As the year-long foreign exchange program was about to be over, they’d toured many countries, it’d, opened up her perspectives, and she’d, returned here to start on her second year in high school, her English teacher said she’d, increased her English abilities greatly, and, it’d, helped her as she’d entered into college, and, started working.

It’s no easy thing, being a foreign exchange student, you need to be able to, weather through the trials, be independent, carry the language abilities, and being all alone in a foreign world is, lonely, plus, the differences in culture, in food, you’d, needed to, adjust and adapt yourselves to. As the birthrate declined here in Taiwan, most of the children are growing up, under the watchfulness of their parents, and, they’d, gotten to living the life of ease, and, loved those, smaller blessings of life, there are, many who didn’t, dare venture out, away from home. There was the only son of my best friend who was sent abroad to the U.S., and in just a few short months, he’d, cried that he wanted to come home, but after his mother gave him an ultimatum, he’d, tossed the thought of heading home.

The Zhongxing University prides itself on educating many of the great people here, and, the money can’t be spared on education, and, you couldn’t, allow your offspring to live in poverty. Han’s surprising claims of education, is a good policy for those youths who weren’t, born with a silver spoon, compared to the current government’s plans, it’s, the plan that will work, in helping the next generations be better.

And so, this, is from a parent’s experiences, in watching how her daughter and her daughter’s friend’s experiences of studying abroad as foreign exchange students, and, it is important, for the parents, to provide their young, with the various experiences that will, help broaden their, horizons, to help them gain a broader view of the world, and like the current government right now, all the president cared about is, giving the small measurements of happiness to the citizens living and working here, with NO visions of the future whatsoever!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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