Stated, “You’re CRAZY”, the Charges Dropped in the First Trial, and in the Second, He Was Mandated to Pay a Fine

In the HEAT of the moment, in the arguments, and he got S-U-E-D!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu from Tainan, for some unknown reasons, had an argument with his neighbor, Deng, and afterwards, blurted out, “you’re crazy”, “Don’t come outside, you’ll only be embarrassing yourself”, he was sued for public humiliation; the first trial believed that Hsu’s insults only offended the man he was talking to, that he’d not, broken any laws, found him not guilty; but the Tainan High Subsidiary Courts believed, that these two sentences he’d used, was insulting, fined him $10,000N.T., this can be appealed on.

Two years ago on June 25th at around ten in the morn, Hsu had an argument at the courtyard of his home with Deng, he’d insulted Deng by saying, “You’re PSYCHO” in Taiwanese.  Two years ago, at around five in the evening, on December 9th, Hsu had another argument with Deng in the courtyard again, and cussed at him, “Don’t come out, you’re, embarrassing yourself” in Taiwanese.

like this???查看來源圖片photo found online

Deng believed that these two times that Hsu had insulted him, constituted as “public humiliation”, called the cops, and pressed charges; Hsu admitted to saying these two insulting things to him, but denied having publicly humiliated his neighbor, that it was because Deng told him to NOT cough in public, that’s why he’d blurted out, “You are psycho!”, he’d only said these things, in his own defense.

The Tainan D.A.’s Offices prosecuted Hsu on public humiliations, but the judge of the Tainan District Court believed, that Hsu’s calling Deng a bad name wasn’t severe enough, to break the laws, that there’s, NO solid evidence of his crimes, found Hsu not guilty.  The district attorneys were displeased, filed for an appeal.

The judge of the High Subsidiary Courts in Tainan reviewed over the surveillance footages, and confirmed, that Hsu called Deng a “psycho” in their arguments, the judge believed, that “psycho” meant referring to someone as mentally ill, and that “you’re embarrassing yourself”, both were, insults people can use on each other.

The judge believed, that Hsu had cussed Deng out twice in the public areas of the courtyard of their community, it’d, constituted as public insult; even if Deng was displeased at how Hsu was coughing, Hsu had not done anything else to attacked him, or breached any of his rights, that Hsu couldn’t, defend his own character, and insulted the character of Deng.

And so, this, is how that went down, and, I’m sure, that there, must’ve been, previous times, when this man had, done something in public that made the man who’d called him a bad name angry, and, this final outburst, was only, that last straw.

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