The Man in Charge of the Village Sexually Molested a Woman Serving Her Voluntary Services for Her Probation

Taking advantage of a woman serving in labor in exchange for not serving any time in prison! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman in Changwha, was sentenced for forging a valued stock, started doing community service for her probation, several days after she’d worked, she’d accused the man in charge of the village who was supervising, Chen for being improper towards her. The police and D.A. took Chen in, and confirmed that he’d, kissed, and fondled the woman, charged him with obstruction of sexual freedom, asked the courts to have him taken into custody, but the local district court mandated him pay a $200,000N.T bond, and gave him house arrest.

This twenty-eight-year-old woman accused, that as she’d started doing voluntary services this month, as her workday ended on the 17th, the man in charge of the local village used the excuse of wanting to help her relieve her sore muscles, took her to the workers’ shack, and started, fondling her, she’d not recorded the incident, and didn’t dare to go to the police. On the 20th, the man in charge of the village called her to do something else, she’d, recorded him, then, reported the incident to the police.

Based off of the recording, the woman called, “NO! I’m working! What if the workers from the courts came over?” and kept saying, “I don’t like it, it’s not, comfortable at all………”, the man said, “it’s okay, come on! I thought you’d, enjoy it………” until the woman stated, “it hurts, it’s so uncomfortable”, did the man tell her to go and trim the trees.

The D.A.’s office took the man in charge of the local village into custody on the 21st of this month, he’d denied having been improper, said she’d libeled against him. He said that there were over two hundred who’d worked under him for voluntary services, and none had complained, suspected that the woman felt too tired of working that was why she’d made these false accusations.

But, the D.A. took the communications app of the man in charge of the local village, found that he’d, deleted some of the dialogues already, and asked the courts to have him taken into custody. The judge believed that the victim collected ample evidence, that the defendant tried to erase his tracks, mandated him on a bail of $200,000N.T., and set him up in house arrest.

The local D.A.’s office pointed out, the local land offices assigned Chen to be the supervisor of the voluntary services, and the duties included cleaning up the environment, he was assigned to 216 cases, and already completed 119, that he’d been accurate in supervising, there wasn’t any person who worked under him who’d, reported him being improper, but to prevent similar things from happening, they will enforce the visits from the department of corrections regularly from now on.

And so, because she’s doing time, community services, therefore, you thought it was okay, for you, to make a pass at her, after all, women serving their times are like, free WHORES, right? Well, you thought wrong, because women aren’t as easily victimized as you losers may think, and this man deserve a harsh sentence, for what he’d done.

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