They Got into an Altercation After Drinking, the Nineteen-Year-Old Woman Found Dead the Following Day

Death happened still, from drug abuse, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nineteen-year-old woman, Liao a few days ago, got drunk and started an argument with her cohabiting boyfriend, Yang, the following day, she was found dead in bed, and because there were bruising on her body and her face, the families suspected foul play. And, Yang claimed that they got physical with each other, but the coroners didn’t find any fatal physical injuries on Liao’s body; and because Yang told the police that Liao abused ketamine regularly, the D.A. is taking the samples of her fluids to see if her death is related to drugs and alcohol.

At around noon on the fifteenth of this month, the Miaoli Fire Department Call Center received a call, and, as they rushed Liao, who didn’t have any vital signs to the hospital, she’d, died, after they’d tried to resuscitate her, and the fire department notified the police, as well as the family.

The families found there were bruising on her face and covering up her body, suspected that the cause of death wasn’t simple, asked the D.A. and police to find out exactly, what killed her. The families told, that Liao was originally from Yunlin, went to learn hairstyling techniques in Taipei, and, left Taipei to work and live in Houlong, Miaoli, just three, to four months ago, and started, cohabiting with the twenty-three-year-old man, Yang whom she’d met online.

how she was, found…查看來源圖片photo from online

The D.A. and police called Yang, he’d claimed, on the late night of the fourteenth of this month, Liao was drinking at their place, she’d, suspected he was cheating on her, he couldn’t convince her otherwise, they’d started getting physical. Afterwards, Liao lost control, and rammed her head into the walls, he and their other friends pulled her back to stop her from hurting herself, left her in the room to cool down, but, at noon the following day, as he gone into the bedroom, he’d found her, to be dead.

Yang said, he performed CPR on her then, until the paramedics arrived, but as the paramedics rushed her to the hospital, she’d, still, died. He claimed, that Liao had been, abusing ketamine, and had been emotionally unstable from before, started, ramming her head into the walls, hitting the walls hard, along with other self-mutilation means, he’d always, stopped her, from injuring herself if he were there.

The D.A. conducted an autopsy two days ago, and made sure, that Liao’s physical injuries weren’t what killed her, there wasn’t, subdural hematoma found, but, the blood-alcohol concentration of her body was 1.0, and they found that she’d been abusing ketamine, drinking with Yang on the night of her death, they’d, taken her blood samples, to see if it tests positive for drugs, to find out exactly, what had, killed her. And Yang too, gave a urine sample for testing as well.

And so, this, is the CRAZY things you do, after you get high, and, there are, mixtures of illegal substances, plus alcohol in play, and, all of these mixed together, caused this woman to die, and, that just showed, how easily it is, to get involved in drugs, and how lives are, easily lost, to drug and alcohol abuse too.

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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