The Man Who’d Lived Off of His Mother Taken into Custody After Murdering Her

Murder that stemmed from an argument, over??? Oh yeah, M-O-N-E-Y, a BLOOD-SUCKER here! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man in Kaohsiung, who’d lived off of his own mother for eighteen years, two mornings ago, after he’d used a pair of scissors, murdered his own mother, he was arrested by the police, taken to the district attorney’s office, the district attorney charged him with murder of his own next-of-kin, that there’s the chance he might, destroy the evidence of committing the murder, had him taken into custody, the court’s mandated it.

Based off of understanding, in the interrogations, Lee was less than compliant with the police, told them that he won’t speak until his attorney came, or that he was, invoking his right to remain silent, until he was sent to the D.A.’s office, and told that he would be, taken into custody, did he, change his attitude around, not only did he answer every single question asked, he’d also, admitted how he’d been, fighting with his mother on monetary issues, and that recently, he got into an argument with her on the matter, gotten angered, grabbed a pair of scissors, stabbed her mother in her sleep, that he’d, turned himself in after he’d, stabbed his own mother to death.

Based off of understanding, in his schooling years, Lee believed he was, singled out by his peers, and since then, he’d, stayed at home, stopped getting an education, nor had he gone out to find work to find ways to support himself, became, someone who’d, sucked his mother dry, and was scolded by his own mother, for not finding some work.

Two years ago, Lee became, displeased at how his mother was, scolding him again, started, cussing her out, Lee’s mother called the cops, filed for a restraining order against him for the very first time, the district court in Kaohsiung issued a restraining order, mandated that Lee needed to get treated in the psych ward of the hospital for six months; in the three years, Lee’s mother filed for a total of TWELVE protective orders, and, this week, she’d, sent in the request for a new one, but, before it was issued again, she’d been, murdered.

The crimes of murdering one’s own next-of-kin included one’s own parents, grandparents, and other elders, this was, originally, the most severe of the criminal charges, and, the punishment of it being “life in prison” of the “death penalty”, but, because of the limitations of the judge’s rights to rule, there was an amendment that lowered the crime into an ordinary murder charge, with the sentence being death penalty, life in prison, or felonies of over ten years in prison, but, the sentence can be increased by half, based off of the judges’ considerations of the individual circumstances of the cases.

And so, this, is yet, another, case of how a man who couldn’t, live on his own, who snapped, because his mother’s had it with him, doing NOTHING at home, not getting work, and just, living off of her, sucking her dry. This man deserved the most severe sort of punishment, for murdering his own mother, he’s able-bodied, he just, chose, NOT to work, and live off of his mother, and, when his mother had had enough, and stopped providing money for his living, he got mad, and, murdered her, and if that doesn’t deserve the harshest form of punishment available, then, there would be, NO justice served!

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