The Preventative Measures Taken in Bullying in School, But the Bullying Happening in the Society…No Solutions

On how the Korean artist, Sulli Cho had committed suicide, from being, cyberbullied, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Korean star, Sulli Cho was suspected of not being able to take the cyberbullying anymore she’d, committed suicide, which sparked up the discussion of cyberbullying. From my work of preventing bullying in the schools for a long time, there are a lot of the schools who’d, invited to give lectures on the matter of cyberbullying and law, hoping, to use the explanations of the law, to end cyberbullying and bullying in school. I’d turned these down, for no other reason, but the schools are, reaching in the wrong directions. Because on bullying prevention, the first key was the teachers’ understanding of what constitutes as bullying, not to make threats to the students using the law.

instead of this…查看來源圖片cartoon found online

Digging deeper, you’d find, that bullying, in a byproduct of how the society operated. It’s backed up by human nature, as well as the values of societies, the units of education’s wanting to prevent it by using the law, it’s only on the surfaces, to find out the cause behind cyberbullying, would be the key, to solving these problems.

The reasons of bullying are separated into four categories, and we need to view the cases as individuals, to find out the cause of why bullying was occurring, to find the right antidote; or before these four reasons started forming, through effective counseling, therapy, or correction, to break up the case scenarios of where bullying may occur, to prevent bullying. Whether it be in the society, in the workforce, or in school, only when we’d identified these four key values, will we be able to, come up with an effective plan.

First, the clusters of problematic behaviors, the bully usually have a multitude of behavior problems, and the attacks are normally, multivariate, and repeating, and the reason may be that in infancy or childhood, they’d, lacked the right kind of parental guidance, or having defective personality traits. And so, early intervention of these bullying behaviors through counseling would be necessary.

Secondly, it’s a false sense of friendship, believing that the individual getting along well off with one’s own peers, there would be, a reduced chance of being bullied; but, when someone runs with a wrong crowd, then, the rate of bullying, increases, sharply. And so, teaching the students to manage their interpersonal relationships, and to stay away from bad company is the key.

Third, the status quo of individuals in the groups, believing, that the bully through bullying, is trying to achieve that sense of respect, sense of higher status quo, this is especially seen during puberty. So, how the schools are controlling the environment, to prevent the students from getting into conflict with one another, became, the primary focus of education.

Forth, resource control, whoever gets to the goal the fastest, the one who gains control over the resources, who will have a higher status in the group. And, the measure of resource control can be coercion or by friendly means, or both, especially for the bullies that are, popular, they will use this mean, to bully those who are below their status quo even harder, to magnify their control of the resources and their own popularities.

And, looking at the many cyberbullying cases now, it’s primarily, the first kind (the lone wolf, or from problematic behaviors), and the fourth (gaining popularity online, and attacked those who are not as popular). From the school’s angle on how to prevent these, first, we should start with the identifying the individuals at risk, and the environmental, and, find ways that can correct the individuals’ behaviors, along with the environment at school, that, is how we can, prevent bullying in the school campuses.

it’d become like this…查看來源圖片photo found online

As for how to prevent the societal cyberbullying in Taiwan, from how the online forum is currently going, there’s, NO hope, or maybe, the line of, if you want to fall, god can’t help you! Would be more accurate as a description.

And so, this, is how bullying is happening, children just don’t BEAT the CRAP out of each other or single someone out of the group anymore these days, they’re, using the cyber methods, of talking TRASH, of spreading gossips, to drive their targets to commit suicide, and, this is not an easily identified crime, because, anybody can be participating in the act of cyberbullying someone else, with, or without even knowing it.

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