The Infections of the Afterbirth Care Home in Clusters, the Workers Delayed on Reporting it

The cross-infections, because of how infants are in close contact with one another, and when one gets sick, the sickness spreads, quite quickly! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The He-Xing Afterbirth Center had the Cluster Infections of Respiratory Syncytial Virus, the Disease Control Center of the Health & Welfare Sanitations Department stated yesterday, that there are, ten newborns who are now, admitted in the hospital for it, the afterbirth care home seemed to have delayed reporting the incident of cross-infection on time, the Taipei’s Sanitations Department is currently investigating the matter. The Center for Disease Control stated that based off of the laws, when cross-infections happen, the organizations should notify the local authorities immediately, and delaying the reporting can get the facilities fined from $10,000N.T. to $150,000N.T.s.

The head of CDC, Lo stated, that the afterbirth care center had its first case of infection on September 24th, a second, on the 26th, four more on the 29th, two cases on October 1st, two cases on the second, and the fourth, there had been, ten cases that were, already known. On the seventh, someone from the public e-mailed the sighting of the cases to CDC, the CDC and the Sanitations Department checked it out on the eighty, and, the facility reported on the clusters of infections by the ninth.

Lo stated, that based off of the “guidelines for afterbirth care center infections control” as the facilities find there may be infections, they should immediately, report to the local authorities. And when on September 29th, four cases popped up, the workers should suspect that it’s contagious, and reported it, especially when the newborns’ immune systems aren’t developed completely, when infected with RSV, it can cause pneumonia, bronchitis, and respiratory failure, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The COO of the company, Lin stated, that on September 24th, he’d noted how some of the babies are drooling at the noses, but there’s no fever, the facility had given the treatments to the infants, and by October 5th, they’d found that there were babies whose symptoms worsened, they’d started the scans, confirmed that the infants had RSV, and they’d, reported this by the seventh.

The Department of Health Sanitations of Taipei stated, that as they were notified by the CDC, they’d, immediately sent the investigators on the eighth to check it out, and the workers of the facilities explained how they’d misread the symptoms as allergies, that’s why they’d, delayed on reporting it, the department will be interviewing the workers, and if it’d been found, that the workers had, hidden the truths, then, the facilities, and the employees will all be, fined.

And so, maybe, this afterbirth care center is afraid of having its reputations ruined, or that the workers, just aren’t educated enough of the diseases, that’s why they’d, reported the clusters of infections late, and this, is awful, because the new moms are entrusting the lives, the wellbeing of their newborn children into the hands of these facilities, and, if the facilities, for the sake of not getting their reputations ruined, and failed to report something as serious as this, then, children are the ones who’ll be, hurt!

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