Do the Night Market Vouchers Really Help Get the Public to Spend More?

The IDIOCY of this current government that we’re, being, RULED by, the president is generous, of the money of the TAXPAYERS’ hard earned dollars here, and, people still believe that they’re, blessed for being given, these, bullshitting DISCOUNTS??? How stupid can YOU be, huh??? Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the Examination Yuan had handed out five-million night market vouchers, the Department of Economics announced its plans, to give out another, five-million vouchers, and optimistically believed, that these ten million vouchers will, increase the crowd up to three million who’d, visit the night markets to spend.

what it looked like, the $50 vouchers查看來源圖片image from online

At the beginning stages, surely, we see everybody, with a voucher in hand, at the night markets, are those voucher holders, originally, frequent visitors to the night markets, or are they, those who’d, not wanted to let this, free money go to waste? The numbers had yet to be, crunched, but, we’d, been told, of a number, by the Department of Economics, that it’d, expected that this can, bring forth, the spending of $1.7 billion N.T.s.

This estimation, it’s, kind of, confusing. What’s the connection of using ten million night market vouchers to increase the tourism by three million? Are there really, the visitors, for the sake of the fifty-dollar voucher, heading over to the night markets to buy things? There’s, four vouchers per hotel room, at most, that’s, $200N.T.s, plus, there’s, the incentives given to the citizens for booking the hotels, wouldn’t this, already, help increased the people who visited the sights already?

At the same time, the night market vouchers aren’t limited to the night markets of the assigned areas, only the three regions, the north, the central and southern regions, and, it’d, not specified that it’s only, used by the individuals, at the same time, people can well return to their areas of residency, and used the vouchers there, exchanging the two-hundred dollars, for the discounts personally, and if this system will work, in increasing the populations visiting the night markets, we can’t, really see yet.

places you can use that in…查看來源圖片photo from online

The long weekend in October in coming up, this is, the last long holiday this year, and, will the vouchers, increase tourism? This can, be compared to how effective the program’s been for the Mid-Autumn long weekend, and, the government need to do an estimation of those who’d, traveled on the long holidays, then, the government can get a good idea, of how much the citizens liked visiting the various locations.

And so, the government is, still generous, on the taxpayers’ dollars, after all, we are, the ones, PAYING into this voucher program, and, people still believed that they’re, blessed, to have these, tiny 50-buck vouchers each to spend at the night markets? Are you, FUCKING retarded, or are you, just F-U-C-K-I-N-G, retarded here???




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