This Hard Road You’re Traveling, We’ll, Help You Through it

Finally receiving the supports he’d needed, from the members of his family, after so many years, of living with an, undiagnosed condition, translated…

Living is, So Hard

There’s, higher demands the Asians placed, on the eldest children of the families, they’re seen, as the ones who’ll be, carrying the entire household in the future, and this sort of a value had, caused a lot of the physically and mentally handicapped’s siblings to, automatically, carry the burdens of caretaking.  Sheng’s older brother, is one of these people.

Sheng is a mildly retarded individual, he always wore a soured face, but, his articulateness is, quite impressive, that is, at least, the first impressions of how the case workers at the employment center saw him.

After the case worker got to understand his case, we’d learned, that Sheng’s father died, over two decades ago, his mother worked hard, raised the three of them, sister and brothers up, but because she’d lost her husband earlier on in life, and was compounded by the pressures of work, and of life, she was, diagnosed with depression, became addicted to substances, and, constantly made suicide threats.  Toward this situation, the eldest son, chosen to shoulder up the responsibilities for taking care of his own mother, and his own, younger brother, while the older sister, when she’s able, she’d, left home, and, severed herself off from them completely.

And now, the pressures in the whole family landed on the older brother’s back, what’s worse was, the older brother later found, that his own son, has A.D.H.D., which made his burden, even heavier still.

illustration from UDN.com圖/Emily Chanjuggling life, it’s, never easy

The older brother opened up by asking how much Sheng is making in wages?  Turned out, he’d, let Sheng manage his own earnings, didn’t expect him to make the money, or to save, but hoped that he could, take care of himself, to not be a burden to the family.  But one day, he got a hold of Sheng’s phone bill, it’d, listed out the shocking amounts.  The older brother quickly tried to understand what happened, and finally found, that since Sheng was able to earn some money, he’d, started, spending listlessly again, got himself four brand new cell phones, then, given the extra phones he’d not needed, to a coworker he liked, and, not restricted the phone usages, and, gotten the phone bills hiked up too high, and, when he couldn’t manage to pay it, he’d, asked his mother to, until, it all, blew, wide open.

The eldest brother decided that he needed to get into the matter, and, although Sheng was able to, limit his own spending at the beginning, but it didn’t take him long, to return back, to his old ways again, and he’d, fought with him, and given him, a huge headache.

On the call, his older brother kept complaining about Sheng, and just, vented, he couldn’t managed to, change Sheng’s spending habits, and couldn’t, stop him from throwing things when he got angry, and their mother’s depression worsened, because of how awful they’d been, getting along, she’d often, taken overdoses of her medication to, attempt suicide; he’d, also gotten calls from his own child’s teacher, telling him, that he’d, gotten into trouble at school, again.

The compounded pressures were, crushing Sheng’s older brother, he’d even started hoping, that his own mother can, commit suicide, that Sheng can die, in an accident…………

“It’s so hard, being alive”, I’d heard these words, out of Sheng’s older brother’s lips.

The Big Difference of the Center to Help Someone Find Employment is So Huge

All of these, awful things, were handled, by the older brother alone, it’s hard to imagine, the amount of stresses placed upon him, I’d told him, “you’d needed to face all of this alone in the past, and now, you’ll, no longer be alone in battling, we’ll all be here, to support you; at least, leave Sheng’s problems, to us.”

Based off of my observations, Sheng is a very opinionated person, with his own thought, held a certain degree of expectation toward his own life, and relationships, it’s just, that he’d, formed his values from the T.V., the movies, the novels, the comics, and online, didn’t realize, that there are, a ton of things that one needs to pay close attention to in interpersonal relations.

I believe, that Sheng needed the opportunities to make some new friends, and, there were, a lot of the younger generations whom the First Welfare Occupational Assistance Center like him, and so, the center had, set up a social function, every Wednesday evening, there is, a gathering of the younger generations with steady job, who’d come over to hang out to meet some new friends after work, to expand their, social circles.

Other than having Sheng get involved in the social functions, I’d found, that he would get emotional from time to time too, but, in the busy workforce, nobody can slow down or stop to hear him out, and so, I’d, transferred Sheng to my coworker working in the “stability of work” department; and, as the coworker found that Sheng needed an outlet, he’d, allowed him to pour his heart out, and when Sheng became, more emotional, he’d also, set him up with a therapist, and, based off Sheng’s needs, he’d, assigned the courses of interpersonal relationships, friendships and romance, financial management, adaptation to the workforce, and other courses for Sheng to take.

It’d been a decade now, now Sheng is, able-bodied at his work post, lived with friends in a community home, with only a cell phone, but no debts.

His older brother called the center up to show is gratitude toward us, “Thank you, I can finally, breathe now, and, when I become more capable in the future, I’d, like to, help your foundation out too.”

That was when I’d, discovered, turns out, helping the handicapped to find employment opportunities, can not just help turn the individuals’ lives around, but also, help out their, families as well, to gain a brand new lease on life!

And so, this, is a social welfare program, that helps those in need, acquire the skillsets they need, to stand on their own, the foundation offered the job training courses, also, the socialization courses, the functions, it all helps the clients become, more adept in their own lives, so they don’t, become a burden to their own, families and loved ones.

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