After His Release from Prison, He’d Donated a Lump Sum to Schools & Temples, Then, Picked Back Up His “Career” as a Burglar Again

Those old habits, apparently, they, NEVER really, actually D-I-E, do they???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The infamous orchid burglar from over twenty years ago who’d committed burglary across the entire island, after his release from prison, he’d made generous donations to the schools, the temples, and was called a do-gooder by the locals, and yet, seven years ago, he was, caught, breaking into someone else’s home for over a hundred times, sent to prison again.  Recently, at age fifty-seven, he’d, picked his old business back up, gone with a friend, to burglarize the residential homes in Yunlin and Chiayi regions, two nights ago, the police shot his tires, and he was, caught.

The Chiayi police suspected that Chen and his accomplice, Chen had committed at least a dozen of breaking and entering, yesterday, they’d, charged them with burglary and obstruction of public affairs, the D.A. asked the courts to keep both men in custody, as they’re, searching on a larger scale to see if there are, even more victims.

The police department of Chiayi received the calls that there had been many breaking-and-entering cases in Yunlin and Chiayi areas, the specialty task forces were set up, they’d, filtered through the surveillance footages, and the members of the community who are under the watches of police, zoomed in on Chen, the well-known “orchid thief” from back in 1990, they’d immediately found that he and his accomplices had, gone to the local residences in Xikou, Chiayi, to commit multiple burglaries, they suspected that they were active during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday weekend, they’d, immediately sent the officers to be on the lookout at the locations.

Two evenings ago, Chen and his two accomplices showed up in their sedan close to the residents, the police believed that they’d committed their burglary already, they’d called the backup officers, followed them to the county highways, then, the squad cars got in front of and behind the suspects’ vehicle, to tell them to park on the shoulders to be checked, but, the suspects rammed the officers and the patrol cars, then, escaped, they’d tossed their loot out the window, to try to divert the officers from chasing them.

The suspects went northbound, drove at high speed, swerved on the freeways, the police chased them to the Donan Exit, and cornered the suspect’s vehicles, the officers saw that they didn’t have intentions of slowing down or stopping, they’d, immediately fired two shots at the vehicle, the bullet shot through the left tire, and the two suspects got out, with their hands on their heads.

Based off of understanding, the primary suspect, Chen during 1991, started targeting the highly priced orchids to steal, with his former elementary school classmate, and even as the alarm systems were installed by the orchid growers, and some even had the Tibetan Mastiff, they couldn’t stop the “orchid burglars”; that year, after both were caught by the police, they’d found, that the two men had burglarized over a hundred times, and managed to earn an illegal profit of over two, three billion dollars.

Chen was sentenced to four and a half years, after his release, he seemed to have turned over a new leaf, started, giving back to the community, whether it be school functions, or the winter season giving, he’d, donated generously, but, in 2011, he was found, to have burglarized the houses on the weekends while the owners of the properties were out, all across Taiwan, the locals were, quite surprised at his bad behaviors.  He’d told the officers who’d taken him in, “everybody has her/his own fate, and my fate isn’t good, I’m, destined to keep on stealing, doing some good, with the money I’d stolen, that, is all I can do, to make up for my own, bad karma.”, and then, many years later, he’d, started again, back in his old ways.

And so, this still just showed, how old habits, they NEVER die, because this man couldn’t set himself straight, even IF he’d, served some time in prison, he still hadn’t, learned his lessons yet, or maybe, it’s the systems that’s making it hard, for these released inmates, to start their lives again after their release, on a new page?  Either way, this man committed the crimes, and now, he’ll be put, BACK in the cage!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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