He’d Taken His Children to Commit Suicide, They Died, He Survived, the Father Asked for Twenty-Years in Prison by the D.A.

Because you had a fight with your wife, and she’d, left you, so you decided, that killing your children, the committing suicide, was the way to get her back, only, you didn’t D-I-E, while you’d, murdered your own young, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the couple Huang had an argument, Huang’s wife threatened to divorce, then left angrily, went back to her parents’ to stay, Huang took the opportunity of his own five and six-year-old children were asleep, started burning charcoal to commit suicide; the siblings died, after Huang’s life was spared, he was, in deep remorse, the Tainan D.A.’s office charged him with murder, called him out for taking his own children’s lives, asked the judge to give him twenty years.  Yesterday, Huang was sent to the Tainan District Courts, the judge mandated that he stays in custody.

The D.A. said, that because of the marriage on the rocks, Huang thought about committing suicide, but as a father, he should be protective of his own young, and should carry a positive attitude when life gets tough, to try to solve the problems in a better way.  The young children’s lives are just starting, they don’t want to die, and his taking his children’s lives, stripping them of their own lives, that it shouldn’t be, tolerated, and that was why, the D.A. was asking the courts for twenty years.

The D.A. stated, that Huang (age 29) had a fight with his wife on June 25th, his wife said she wanted to divorce, then left the house went to her own parents to stay.  Late that evening, Huang too, the time of his children sleeping, he’d burned charcoal at his residence, planned to kill his children, and commit suicide.

The super of the building smelled the coal burning the following morning, reported it, the fire department broke in, but only managed to save Huang, while the two children died.

Huang claimed, because he couldn’t stand how his wife wanted to divorce him, he couldn’t see a way out, that was why he’d planned to take his own children with him too, and now, he’d felt, strong remorse.  The D.A. charged him on intentionally murdering children under age twelve, and asked the courts, to give him half of the designated jail term, asked for twenty years for him.

So, these young children don’t deserve to die, but, because their father got emotional after he fought his wife, he’d, attempted suicide, taking his own two young children with him, only that he didn’t die, while the two young lives got lost…another SELFISH parent here!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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