Lost His Home at Age Fourteen…Can’t Put Up with How Their Relationship Wasn’t Set, He’d, Murdered His Own Girlfriend

His family background WAS what made him into a murderer, and this time, NUTURE, won over nature!!!  Receiving ONLY thirteen years for murder here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nineteen-year-old Ji-Chian Chang didn’t have a good family to grow up in, in high school he fell in love with a woman, Tseng, twenty years his senior, this March, because he was displeased at how Tseng stayed out all night for two days, he’d strangled her with his bare hands, then, attempted to kill himself with a craft knife but was unsuccessful.  The Shihlin District Court found him guilty of murder, sentenced him to thirteen years in prison.  This can be appealed.

Chang admitted to murder, and during the time he was in custody, he wrote in his diary, “I regret everything I’d done, I’m sorry, but even if I can’t take it, I will, keep on, working, keep traveling down this road to redemption.”

Five years ago, Chang’s father got sent to prison, his mother sent to a nursing home, his older sister, placed by the Social Services, at age fourteen, because of his own introverted temperament, he’d, selected to, live on his own, back then, the officer, Lin from Danshui substation was taking care of Chang’s father’s case, worried that Chang may get involved with the wrong crowds, had often gone to visit him, to bond with him, Chang later moved into “Uncle Lin’s” home, until after high school, then, he’d, moved in with his own girlfriend.

After he’d committed murder he’d attempted suicide, was saved, as the officer, Lin who took him in back then learned, he’d rushed to the hospital to visit him, and he’d, helped pay for Chang’s bail.  After yesterday in court, hearing the verdict, Lin told, that he hoped that after serving the time in prison, Chang can return back to his life, live off of himself.

The apprentice in carpentry, Chang and Tseng, the 24-hour super convenience store worker, were high school classmates, but they were, twenty years apart, they’d been dating for two years, cohabiting for one.  Chang suspected that Tseng was also seeing her coworker, Huang, and she’d not returned home for two days, at eight in the morn on March 24th of this year, after Tseng returned home, Chang pressed hard on her whereabouts, and, he’d felt she was giving him the run-around, he’d strangled Tseng to death, as she turned her back to him, and changed her clothes.

At nine at night in the evening, Chang texted his coworkers, “I’m going now, I’m sorry”, to say goodbye to his coworkers, and lay in bed with Tseng, and slashed his own neck with the craft knife. That very night, Tseng’s being absent from work caused the coworkers to worry, and they’d gone to her house, Tseng was already dead, and, Chang’s life was, spared.

The Collectivist Court considered, that Chang became emotionally unstable because of the romance, and he had the tendency to choose death to not cope with his problems, plus during his teenage years, his family was turned upside down, he’d not had a good sort of attachment, during the time he was dating and cohabiting with his girlfriend, he’d put everything into the relationships with her, and he couldn’t accept that his girlfriend was, flirting with another man, felt cheated on, and it was in a jealous rage he’d, committed murder, that it wasn’t, premeditated.

The Collectivist Court considered, that Chang used such strong measures to kill his girlfriend, that it was hard to determine that he had any remorse, and because of his economics, he couldn’t, pay for the damages he’d caused to the victim’s loved ones, sentenced him to thirteen years.  And, on the charge of using his girlfriend’s ATM card and stealing $40,000N.T.s, he was sentenced to fifty-five days in prison, and he can pay a fine to skip out of that.

So, here, are the F-A-C-T-S of this case: the guy murdered his girlfriend, quite brutally, but, because he didn’t come from a complete family, didn’t have the stable sort of attachments he’d needed to grow up healthy in, that was why he escaped the DEATH penalty, for MURDERING his girlfriend, and, this is how immature this love is, because this guy had never been loved by his families, that was why, he mistook the way he’d felt for his girlfriend, the obsessiveness over her, how he got jealous of her, seeing another man from work, and, ended up, murdering her so brutally, but heck, considering how he didn’t come from a good enough family, the judge gave him only thirteen years!

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