A Retired Police Officer, Returned Back to His Old Jurisdiction, Started, Pimping Out Women from China

Someone who worked for the law, now, broken the law, for a few, extra dollars, imagine that!!!  A HUGE transition from working as a cop, to a pimp here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Retired Criminal Investigator, Pan Was Suspected of Working with the Human Trafficking Group from China, and Set Up the Ladies to Come Here, Using the Claims of Medical Treatments or Tourism, to Sell for Sex in the Area He Worked in, the Jiaoxi Hot Spring Areas; the D.A.’s Office after Tracking the Matter for a While, Arrested Pan, and His Female Friend, Wu, and Accidentally, Caught Chen, Who Works, for Another Human Trafficking Ring, the D.A. Asked the Courts for All Three to Be Taken into Custody, Which the Courts Granted.

Based off of understanding, Pan worked as the investigator of the Luodong and Jiaoxi Police Substation, and he knew the local prostitution houses, in March of 2015, after he’d served his full twenty-five years in the police forces and filed for retirement; the Yilan D.A.’s Office had set up the investigations on the matter, to see if other law officials are, related in this case.

At the start of the year, the Yilan D.A.’s Office received a report, pointed out, that there are the hot spring’s owners who worked with the human trafficking rings, to get the women to come over from China to sell for sex, that the head of the operations, is a retired police officer, Pan, that he may have been taking kickbacks.

The D.A. collected the evidences, and found, that Pan worked with the woman, Wu, and in charge of connecting with the illegal rings from China, after confirming the identifications of the women coming to Taiwan, the ladies were, handed over, to Wu, and she’d, set them up to come here, using claims of medical treatment or touring on their own for the filing of the paperwork.

After the ladies from China arrived, they were put up in a rental place in Jiaoxi, then, the ring used the code of “teas for delivery”, and started getting their “business” using the communication apps; and, the johns were mostly people that they knew, the women were lifted by the drivers to the hot springs hotels, or to the residential homes to work, and they charged $2,300 N.T. to $2,500N.T. per thirty minutes, and the prostitutes get paid from between $1,200N.T. to $1,300N.T each time), the rest of the earnings were split up among the hotels and the human trafficking ring.

The D.A. and investigators drew in the baits from online, and, started searching the fourteen locations locally, and found two rings, confiscated the laptops, the books, and the ledgers of the women working, condoms, N.T.s, RMBs, and currencies used in Hong Kong totaling up to $30,000, arrested Pan, the sergeant, Wu, and Chen, and the courts mandated them being taken into custody.

So, this, is how this former officer turned to illegal means to make more money, because, the pimps gave him an offer of a whole lot more money than his retirement paid him, I’m thinkin’?  And, this man used to be a part of the police forces, and now, for a little bit of extra cash, he’d, broken the laws, the laws which he had been, sworn, to uphold.

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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