The Six Men at the Drug Party Where an Adolescent Girl Died Found Guilty

Because you’d provided her with the substances, and now, she’d, OD’d, you are, responsible, maybe not murder, but at least, a MANSLAUGHTER charge is, warranted here!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A seventeen-year-old girl was found dead, without her clothes on properly, next to a hotel in Taichung, suspected of drug abuse, the man who’d checked into the hotel with her from before was, nowhere to be fund.  The D.A. and the police chased the leads, and, found six men who were involved in her death.  He admitted to buying up the illegal substances for a party, and admitted to having sex with the adolescent girl with two other men, Wu and Chuang, the D.A. asked the courts to have all three men taken into custody, but the judge tossed it back.

The D.A. filed for the men to get taken into custody on that they’d caused the teenage girl to overdose then had sex with her, then, left her in the hotel room to die, they’d filed for them to get taken into custody on opportunistic rape, death by abandonment, and they’d broken the law on children and teenage protection, but the Taichung District Court believed that the D.A. didn’t have enough evidence, and tossed back the asking of the men getting taken into custody, the district attorney already filed another claim, to get the judge’s rulings nullified.

And, Lai was close by, shooting the sex tapes, he was charged, with obstruction of secret, he’s out on a $30,000N.T. bail; Chung and Hsu who were watching, were interrogated, then, released.

The police and D.A. investigated, that this seventeen-year-od girl living in Tainan was suspected to be a call girl.  On the eleventh of this month, she’d posted a photo of herself, in a tiger striped top, showing her bellybutton, and short shorts, with the fuzzy cat ears on her head, with the message of “are there any friends from Taichung who wanted to bring me outside?”

On the 13th of this month, the adolescent called up He, her friend from Taichung, stated that one of her customers took advantage of her, that very evening, He took her to his friend, Chung’s place to stay, to drink.  In the midnight hours of the fourteenth, He took the adolescent, alongside with his group of friends, to stay at a hotel in Fengyuan District, he’d spent $4,500N.T. to buy the doped coffees, and other drugs, to have a drug party in the hotel room during which time, Chuang, Wu, Chung, and Lai also entered and exited out of the hotel room.

He and the other men claimed, he, Wu, and Chuang had had sex with the teen, back then, he’d, kissed her, but she was, still aware.  Lai was next to them, filming everything, Chung and Hsu, only watched.  At 1:30 in the afternoon that day, he was the last to leave the room.  But the D.A. suspected that the girl was unconscious, before she was, raped, that’s why they’d asked for the men to get taken into custody.

The D.A. conducted an autopsy of the teen’s body and found, there to be, no visible external injuries, and they had taken sample from her pubic area, blood, and urine samples, and had her organs set to the forensics department to test, to clarify the cause of her death.  The adolescent’s mother was heartbroken, but she’d, stayed, lowkey.

The adolescent was from a single parent family, started going to a private technical high school but started skipping her classes six months ago, then, she’d used how her family was under economic strains, that she’d found a job, to drop out.  Based off of understand, she’d lied to her mother who was from Vietnam, that she’s underage, so she couldn’t get hired in the proper workplaces, and can only work in bars, and was driven to Kaohsiung, Chiayi, and other places by her agent, her mother had NO clue of what kind of company she’s kept.

And so, this young girl, she was, so easily to get sold, and, because, it’s a hell of a lot easier to make the money, selling your bodies, I mean, you don’t need ANY skills, you just have to strip down, and that was why, she was, an easy target for men, and, she’d, died, because she got, overdosed, having a drug party with the wrong men.

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