The Infant Girl Was, Abandoned Inside the Workers’ Shack, She Was Born, Less than a Month Ago

The BAD behaviors of another, UNWED mother, I suppose, another case of, CHILD ENDANGERMENT…from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A newborn infant girl two days ago, in the early morning hours, was found, abandoned, inside a workers’ shack by the mountain highways by a pineapple farm, the county government already placed her in emergency care; the police and fire department suspected that she was abandoned, shortly after she was born, they’re currently trying to find her birthparents and their, whereabouts.

The fire department in Pingdong at around seven on the 6th received a call from a farmer who headed out to work on the pineapple farms, that there was a premature birth inside the workers’ shack, that there was an infant left behind there, the local fire station rescuers rushed over and found, that the infant was left on the floor of the workers’ shack, without any visible physical injuries, with her vital signs stable; the umbilical cord already fell off, they believed she was not yet a month old.

like this???photo found online

The infant was dressed, looked like she was only a few days old, there’s no sign of blood, the paramedics believed her to have been, abandoned, after they’d made sure she was warm enough, they took her to the Christian Hospital in Pingdong for a physical.

The police and fire department suspected, that the infant girl may have been abandoned in the workers’ shack the previous evening, the location of the workers’ shack is considered very remote, other than the farmers who worked, there are also sightings of stray dogs, the officer told the press in private, that thankfully the farmer found this infant early, otherwise, it would be unimaginable, what might have happen to her.

And so, this, is another case of child endangerment, the abandonment of a newborn infant, I mean, WHY the FUCK would you abandon your own young, you should’ve, TERMINATED your pregnancies, IF you weren’t, willing to, take the responsibilities, for caring for a child!

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