The Teacher Who Was Awarded Excellence Markings Raped, in Twenty Years, There’d Been Twenty-Six Victims

We have here, a SENIOR, PREDATORY, TEACHER, the predator, disguised as a highly-respected, member of the community, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The elementary school instructor who’d been awarded the “Experienced Teacher of Excellence Award”, Chang was suspected of sexually assaulting the students for over twenty years, after the Tainan Department of Education looked into the matter, he was fired, and, he will never be hired as a school instructor again for life, the city government also found, that he was improper in punishing his students, and gave him a major reprimand.  The known victims were from two schools, and numbered to twenty-six, the police and district attorney searched Chang’s residence; the instructor objected the findings the police had discovered, and, already filed a complaint against the police department.

like this, “dressed up” as something you’re, N-O-T查看來源圖片mied into the “herd”, and if you don’t look carefully, you won’t, recognize…photo from online

The Humanist Education Foundation hosted a press conference, said that the elementary school instructor from Tainan, Chang had been enthusiastic in putting in the extra time at the offices, acted as the photographer at the various functions, and would treat his students to food, drinks, made the photographs into DVDs for the parents for keepsake, he’d received trust of a lot of the parents; he was even, invited to other schools to share the techniques of his photography skills, and there were teachers who’d commended him as “the beautiful in the realm of education.”

The foundation pointed out, that at the end of March, Chang was busted for sexually assaulting a female student for over two years, they’d chased the leads for three whole months, found another, ten more victims, and the span of the crimes lasted up to twenty years, and the incidents happened in two separate schools, and the school knew of it eighteen years ago, but never reported it, nor fired him.

The principal of the school stated, that as he’d received a call from the parents on March 26th, he’d, immediately reported, and started up the investigations, and currently, the total number of the victims were at twenty-six, twelve were from a school the Chang taught at from before.

And so, this PERDATOR was undetected, for TWENTY FUCKING years, and he was voted as an “exemplary educator” too, which still showed, how those predators can mask themselves up so very well, and, how dangerous it’d become, for the children at school, because you NEVER know, if there’s, a PREDATOR in the midst………

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