The Jealous Woman Falsely Reported Her Infant Son Missing, Screwed Everybody Over

To get BACK at her husband, for NOT paying enough attention to her, things that women are capable of!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Her Husband Didn’t Feel Like Accompany Her to the Night Markets, She’d Suspected He’d Been Cheating, Placed Her Own Infant Son with a Man She Was Friends with Online, Made the Families, the Police Look for the Infant the Whole Night, the Police Took Her into Custody After Interrogating Her

A Woman Who’d Recently Given Birth, Shih, Was Displeased How Her Husband Didn’t Want to Go to the Night Markets with Her, Two Evenings Ago, She Was Angry, Gave Her Own Infant Son Who Was Born Just Five Days Ago to a Friend She Met from Online to Look After, Then She’d Told Her Family, that Someone Took Her Son Away; the Families, Searched All Night Long with the Police, and They’d, Sorted Through the Dumpsters for Over an Hour, it wasn’t Until the Early Morning Hours of Yesterday, Did They Realize, that She’d Reported Her Infant Son Missing was a Lie, the Families Got Furious with Her, Her Behavior Turned the Police Forces Upside Down as Well.

The police told, Shih wasn’t diagnosed with post-partum depression, that she’d, broken the law, wasted the resources of the taxpayers’, and, they’d sent her to the D.A., for falsely utilizing the police forces; the infant was given to his grandparents to look after, and the police had contacted social services, to see if placement out of the home was necessary.

Based off of understanding, Shih (age 26) had been married a little over two years, she already has a two-year-old daughter, and a week ago, she’d, given birth to a son.  She’s currently doing her recovery phase after birth at the afterbirth care center.  Shortly after she’d given birth, she’d requested her husband go with her to stroll the night markets, but he didn’t want to, and two evenings ago, she’d asked him again, and he’d, turned her down again, and, her husband went to get a massage at a massage parlor right afterwards.

Shih was worried that her husband was cheating on her, she took her newborn infant son out of the recovery center, took a cab, to the massage parlor to check on her husband, and then the cabdriver told her that the massage parlor wasn’t selling sex, then, Shih asked the cabdriver to take her to the Gardens Night Markets; then, she’d called up the woman, Jeng whom she’d met online and had interacted for a little over a month to meet her, and, at a tea stand, she’d, handed her own young infant son to the other woman, and told her to hide him in her home in Hsinbei City.

Then, at around nine in the evening two nights ago, Shih lied to the committee of the night market, that she’d placed her son wrapped up in a pink towel on a table at a steak shop, and went to buy something at another stand, and when she’d returned, her son wasn’t there anymore.

The committee of the night market made multiple announcements for the child to try to find him, the members from online started, spreading the news too, and soon enough, the police were, alerted, they’d, found the cabdriver who drove Shih to the night markets, and, made sure that she had her son with her in the cab, and immediately, sent out over a dozen officers to look for the baby at the night market, they’d even, sorted through the large trash cans for the infant, and, after searching high and low, for over an hour, they still, couldn’t find her infant son.

Until six in the morning yesterday, Shih admitted to the police, that she felt displeased that her husband had refused to go stroll at the nightmarkets with her, she was trying to get back at him, and so she’d, falsely reported her son missing, and told the police the whereabouts of her own young; at noon yesterday, Jeng went to the police with the infant, and explained to them, that she’d lost a baby, that Shih was willing to let her “borrow” her son so she could fulfill her wish of being a mother, that she’d not known that Jeng had, reported her son missing falsely, the district attorney and police are going to check out their communication records, to see if Jeng was telling the truth.

And, this mother is clearly, off, because she couldn’t get enough attention from her husband, he wouldn’t want to go to the night markets to shop with her, and so, she’d, come up with this scheme, of taking her son to someone she’d met online, and, then, she’d, falsely reported her own baby missing, to get the attention, and, she got the attention all right, the NEGATIVE attention, and she’d, broken the law!!!

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