In the Midst of His Divorce Battle in Court, He’d, Taken His Own Ten-Months-Old Son, Burned Charcoal & Committed Suicide

The TRAGIC death, of that young baby who’d not done a single thing wrong, but got caught in the crossfires of his parents’, divorce battles, tragedy struck, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

His Notebook Mentioned How He was Having a Hard Time Getting Along with His Wife, that He Wanted to Kill Himself, in May He’d, Called the Social Workers for Help, Believed that He & His Wife Differed in How to Raise Their Young

The man in his forties, Jiang yesterday morning, was found DEAD at his parents’ home in Hsinbei City, his own young ten-months-old son also died; Jiang’s notebook disclosed how he wasn’t, getting along with his own wife, the families of the man also told the police that he was in the midst of a divorce battle with his wife, that he’d, felt depressed lately; the district attorney and the police suspected that he’d, committed suicide with his own young because of this, they’re still, investigating the matter.

The manager of the Domestic Violence Prevention Center, Hsu said, that in May, Jiang had called the hotline to ask for assistance, stated that in March, his wife cut off his own son’s hair, that they have various views on how to raise him; after they were separated, he was discussing the matter of divorce with her, the infant was left in the care of his own grandparents, the social workers, after evaluation, believed that the child was, looked after, and yet, came the news of the father and son’s deaths yesterday.

Based off of understanding, the deceased didn’t have a stable job, and worked odds and ends to make the household economics meet, didn’t have a stable source of income.  Beginning at the start of this year, the couple argued a lot on the economics; recently, they’d, agreed to divorce, a month ago, Jiang took his own son from his place in Shulin, Hsinbei City, moved back in with his parents in Tucheng, he was, emotionally unstable.

Two days ago, Jiang took his own son out, but didn’t take his cell phone with him, his mother had called up the Social Services; then, she’d, discovered that her son took her grandson back to their ancestral home, at around eight in the morn, the infant’s aunt went to visit them, but, nobody came to answer the door, she’d, immediately called up the police.  The police and firefighters busted through the door, and found the father and the son lying on the bed in the bedroom, they’d, clearly been, dead already, there was a basin of charcoal next to the bed.

Jiang’s mother told the police that her son told her that he wanted to kill himself, she’d asked the rest of the families to pay more attention to him; two days ago, her son looked, quite stable, and so, the last thing she thought was possible was, he would, taken his own ten-months-old infant to commit suicide.  Jiang’s mother became so distraught she couldn’t, give a statement at the police station.  The families told, that in his notebook, he’d written on how he wasn’t getting along with his own wife, how it’d, upset him, and they’d, suspected that that, was the cause of his suicide.

Hsu stated, that the Social Service Department will help counsel the family, and giving them the assistance they are in need of, to help the family cope with the losses in their lives.

And so, this man killed himself, and his own young son, because he wasn’t, getting along well enough with his own wife, and that’s just irresponsible, to take the life of a young child because, you’re having problems with your own wife, that’s, cowardly!

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All I have to say, I've already said it, and, let's just say, that I'm someone who's ENDURED through a TON of losses in my life, and I still made it to the very top of MY game here, TADA!!!
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